Friday, October 2, 2015

Upper Valley Manufacturing Week introduces students to local job opportunities

The Upper Valley Manufacturing week is Oct. 5 to Oct. 9 with workshops and educational visits planned throughout the region.


  1. That's great. Too bad the students can't find manufacturing jobs in Vermont. Maybe the schools should start teaching Chinese

    1. Vermont has over 30,000 manufacturing jobs, and business friendly NH has in excess of 68,000. "Talented" machinists and programmers typical earn $20-$28/hr after a few years experience including a competitive benefit package . The demand for such "talented" machinists with a modest experience level is staggering.

      However such rewarding work is demanding of aptitude and intolerable of those with marginal academic skills, dyslexia, and ADHD. A truth our local technical center refuses to acknowledge.

  2. Correct, good job, and good luck where ever you find a place to settle down. Hope you use the skills you are learning. This is what the usa needs. You will be the next foundation of this country.

  3. chuck gregory10/7/15, 8:32 AM

    The town planning commission is reviewing the Town Plan's chapter on economics. One proposed addition is to develop protection against the rape of Springfield businesses as was committed by Wall Street to Precision Valley and Unilever to the local investors in the Ben & Jerry's purchase.

    1. rape of Springfield businesses?????

      Odd that in each case of J&L, Fellows, and Bryant both their domestic competitors and successors have flourished without need for rape protection. However none are located in Vermont or operate with a union. Springfield is just a lousy place to do business.

    2. Chuck, don't blame Wall Street. Blame your greedy hippie socialist buddies Ben and Jerry for cashing in. Turns out, they kinda liked the capitalist system after all. Now go back to crying in your soup!

    3. chuck gregory10/8/15, 7:20 PM

      Edgar May once told me that and a few others (Bob Jones as J&L president probably was part of the group; John Follett probably was aware of this) tried to get Texton to sell them the optical comparator division so it could remain in Springfield. Textron didn't and moved it to South Caroline. "Two years later," Edgar said to me, "it went belly up."

      So, Springfield didn't have well-paid optical comparator employees, and neither did South Carolina. What are you going to say when Unilever decides to buy Black River Produce? It beat out the local investors who wanted to buy Ben & Jerry's, spending $17 billion-- yes, billion!-- that year to buy B&J and Slimfast.

      And on the other hand, when the head of Vermont Research proposed to his golfing buddy in Ohio that the latter buy the company, he consulted with the employee-owners, who agreed that the terms were good and that they consented to the sale.

      We should be able to protect local investors and workers from piracy as well as to keep jobs in Springfield. But it's a task the younger generation will focus on; we're too old to understand.

  4. Safety glasses, Keep your hands away from drill press???

    1. The machine tool is a vertical milling machine and the student is indicating the head stock to check to alinement of the head stock to the table. The Machine is not running and the head stock has to be turned by hand. No danger at this point. Ex-Bryant Machine Tool assembler / rebuilder / field service person.


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