Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shumlin: Vermont needs more state, business partnerships

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin was the featured speaker at Tuesday's annual meeting of the Springfield Regional Development Corp. at the Crown Point Country Club in Springfield.


  1. Wow! What a rousing success he has been, eh? I wonder what job he is campaigning for now.

  2. RE: "Shumlin said he was optimistic about the state's economic climate........" (key word being, optimistic.)

    Note carefully boys & girls, Scumlin very carefully chose his words to not make any claim regarding Vermont's business climate or success attracting high paying jobs. Matter of fact, Vermont leads the country in an exodus of technology employment! Pretty soon we'll all be milking goats, roasting coffee, stuffing Teddy bears and mowing lawns for wealthy flat landers, all for minimum wage and no benefits!

    Scumlin and his anti business, progressive cohorts in Montpelier are directly responsible for VT being 42nd in Best States for Business.

  3. Yeah Shummy, we're all so much better off! Let's get a polling organization to do a state wide survey and see what percent of the population here really believe that they are better off now than they were five years ago!

  4. The Machinist scores a bulls-eye!

    Shumey is another blowhard politician with a Caribbean Island getaway who pontificates about making people better off while consistently missing the mark on all counts and sowing greater misery on a formerly great state. He's full of political doublespeak and diversion. Citing a lower unemployment rate is a joke. The reason that the rate is lower is due to the exodus of workers who have become discouraged, have given up, and are no longer seriously seeking re-employment because of the state's abysmal economy that offers woeful job prospects. Like his federal counterparts, Shumey has simply removed the discouraged workers from the calculation, thus lowering the denominator and making the unemployment rate look lower than it actually is. The figures lie while the liars figure new ways to fool the public with them.

    The pronouncement of state and business partnerships is also mere "political code" designed to mask the governor's incompetence and failings. It's a shameless attempt to mislead the public into believing that the government is sincere about improving the economy, when nothing could be further from the truth. The government is only interested in using and controlling business (and the public), with the objective of taking credit for the accomplishments of business. Public-private partnerships are a farce. The so-called partnership is more a case of the government (and of course the politicians) riding on the backs of business and entangling them with all manner of regulatory, legal, and tax constraints. The business does all the heavy lifting and assumes the majority of risk as it attempts to extricate itself from the myriad of bureaucratic red tape imposed by government. Meanwhile, the politicians cheer them on and primp themselves for the photo ops to follow once business has managed to achieve a modest success by finally executing a Houdini-like escape from the entanglement of government shackles.

    Vermont would be better off with a Vermont Teddy Bear as governor than this knucklehead.

  5. Shumey is surely fantasizing about an appointment in the "Sanders administration" where he'll be able to take his 31 year old "undergraduate" girlfriend to DC and mingle with the crème de la crème of liberal 1 percenter socialites and hypocrites! Just following in the footsteps of Kunin and Dean - two more sellouts that left the state worse off while using its highest public office as a springboard to DC.

    1. @ 12:33 as someone privy to the inside track I can assure you you're correct in Shumey's one time designs DC. However, he played his cards too premature snubbing Sanders. Now, with Trump and Sanders predicted as the likely candidates, Shumey's future in politics is dubious at best. But never underestimate the liberal electorate's blind eye towards hollow accomplishments and ethics.


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