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Police log

Recent incidents, arrests, and service calls logged by the Springfield Police Department.

09-27-12 / 0301

Driving Under the Influence 2nd Offense - Refusal

Billy Joe Prive
Claremont, NH

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: Billy Joe Prive was arrested for Driving Under the Influence after officers were called to a trespassing complaint on Whitcomb Street. Billy had allegedly drove his motorcycle from Claremont to Springfield and was allegedly planning on driving back when officers made contact with him.

Prive was lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility-Hold until sober and will appear on 09/27/2012 at Windsor Criminal Court for arraignment

9/26/12 / 0817

Fugitive from Justice

Ty Clifton Fowler
Claremont, NH

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On September 26, 2012 at about 0810 hours Ty Fowler was observed walking on Main Street. Fowler had a NH extraditable warrant, and was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit.

Fowler was lodged on $100,000 bail at Southern State Correctional Facility to await arraignment on 09/27/2012.

09/27/12 / 0030


Christen R. Gelinas
Sharon, Vermont

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: Defendant was stopped for a motor vehicle violation on Route 5 and was subsequently arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Citation issued to appear at Windsor County Criminal Court on 09/27/12

08/23/2012 0030 hours

Disorderly Conduct

Maria Perez

Springfield, VT

Report of someone allegedly chasing others around with a knife. Upon arrival, officers concluded that the subjects were atleast involved in allegedge arguments involving allegations of pushing and shoving. Both females were cited for 10/16/2012 to answer to the charge of Disorderly Conduct.

Service Calls
Number    Nature                          Date             Disposition

12SF04016 Noise Disturbance          00:15:36 09/23/12        ACTIVE
          MORSE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Some type of loud noise like someone running a remote control car

12SF04017 Agency Assist              00:56:19 09/23/12        COMPLETE
          MAIN ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Male calling - female been drinking unresponsive appears to be having difficulty breathing

12SF04018 Accident Pd                04:21:47 09/23/12        ACTIVE
          Ridgewood ROAD; ER, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject backed into her vehicle last night she has other party's info

12SF04019 Agency Assist              13:00:10 09/23/12      COMPLETE
          RIDGEWOOD RD; ER, Springfield, VT  05156
Out of control Female - request an INCAP

12SF04020 Foot Patrol                13:56:47 09/23/12      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04021 Accident Pd                14:22:37 09/23/12      ACTIVE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Motor cycle sideswiped her vehicle

12SF04022 Accident Pi                15:53:15 09/23/12      COMPLETE
          Westview TERRACE, Springfield, VT  05156
Child struck by MV conscious alert leg pain parent on scene

12SF04023 Suspicious                     16:36:32 09/23/12      ACTIVE
          SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Active investigation – specific details unavailable

12SF04024 Accident Pd                    17:05:04 09/23/12      COMPLETE
          RIVER ST; Spfld Mobil, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting minor accident

12SF04025 Trespassing                    17:41:44 09/23/12   ACTIVE
          TOWN FARM RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Subject trespassing on posted property

12SF04026 Citizen Assist                 19:12:46 09/23/12   COMPLETE
          PARK ST; Apt , Springfield, VT  05156
Custodial issue involving a 5-month old

12SF04027 Robbery                        19:54:30 09/23/12   ACTIVE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Active Investigation – Specific details not available at this time

12SF04028 Noise Disturbance             20:22:06 09/23/12    COMPLETE
          PUTNAM RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Sound louder than gunshot
12SF04029 Foot Patrol                    01:49:42 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04030 Agency Assist                  10:35:54 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD;  Springfield, VT  05156
Serve paperwork at SSCF

12SF04031 Theft                          10:50:08 09/24/12      ACTIVE
          PARK ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Tool Box stolen sometime over the past few days

12SF04032 Violation Cond of Release      10:57:35 09/24/12      ARREST
          TOWN FARM RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Corrina Carr violation of conditions of release

12SF04033 Juvenile Prob                  11:09:03 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST; SPRINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, Springfield, VT  05156
Son being bullied.  This has already happened twice

12SF04034 Juvenile Prob                  11:15:51 09/24/12      ACTIVE
          SOUTH ST; SPRINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, Springfield, VT  05156
Student out of control kicked over a desk

12SF04035 Drugs                          12:17:06 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male thinks found bags heroin next to the house – items did not test positive for heroin

12SF04036 Agency Assist                  12:55:49 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD; Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04037 Burglary Alarm                 13:49:29 09/24/12      FALSE

12SF04038 Animal Noise                   14:55:50 09/24/12      COMPLETE
          BAKER HTS, Springfield, VT  05156
Dogs barking again

12SF04039 Agency Assist                  17:06:49 09/24/12  COMPLETE
          SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist a1 with a report to them that there is a subject either sleeping or dead in their vehicle.

12SF04040 Citizen Dispute                17:39:17 09/24/12  COMPLETE
          WALL ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Male in Female in a fight both screaming.

12SF04041 Theft                          19:04:53 09/24/12  ACTIVE
          BACON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject advised that he noticed that his truck was gone through over the weekend when he was away. His checkbook is missing.

12SF04042 Burglary Alarm                 00:39:52 09/25/12        FALSE

12SF04043 Foot Patrol                    01:38:19 09/25/12  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04044 Burglary Alarm                 03:44:42 09/25/12  COMPLETE

12SF04045 Sex Offense                    08:58:54 09/25/12    ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04046 Theft                          09:09:12 09/25/12  ACTIVE
          Bridge St, Springfield, VT  05156
Some time overnight an unknown subject broke into one of the vehicles. Door was pried and is now broken

12SF04047 Accident Pd                    09:49:59 09/25/12      COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 vehicless no injuries

12SF04048 Fingerprints                   12:49:47 09/25/12  COMPLETE
12SF04049 Fingerprints                   13:22:28 09/25/12  COMPLETE

12SF04050 Agency Assist                  13:40:41 09/25/12      COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Emergency Custody Order to be served

12SF04051 Fingerprints                   14:07:39 09/25/12  COMPLETE

12SF04052 Agency Assist                  14:34:02 09/25/12      COMPLETE
          WALL ST; Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04053 Citizen Dispute                15:38:55 09/25/12  COMPLETE
          SEAVERS BROOK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Subjects are screaming at each other again.

12SF04054 Vandalism                      15:43:51 09/25/12      ACTIVE
          PADDOCK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Vandalism done at Hillside.

12SF04055 Suspicious                     15:49:28 09/25/12      COMPLETE
          MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller advised that there is a car at the park and ride for a few weeks.

12SF04056 Accident Pd                    19:39:04 09/25/12   COMPLETE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject hit a deer and deer is still alive in the roadway.

12SF04057 Intoxication                   20:27:16 09/25/12  COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Advising an intoxicated or mental health subject walked into the restaurant demanding food.

12SF04058 Suspicious                     22:35:06 09/25/12   COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Automated alarm needed assistance

12SF04059 Burglary Alarm                 23:10:26 09/25/12   COMPLETE

12SF04060 Burglary Alarm                 00:24:59 09/26/12  COMPLETE

12SF04061 Agency Assist                  05:49:08 09/26/12  COMPLETE
          PARKER HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to A1

12SF04062 Wanted Person                  08:15:27 09/26/12  ARREST
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Located Ty Fowler and he took off for foot pursuit.

12SF04063 Agency Assist                  09:58:57 09/26/12  COMPLETE
          RIVER ST; DCF, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04064 Agency Assist                  10:00:14 09/26/12  COMPLETE
          RIVER ST; DCF; Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04065 911 Hangup                     11:11:29 09/26/12   COMPLETE

12SF04066 Theft                          12:15:58 09/26/12   ACTIVE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04067 Foot Patrol                    12:47:11 09/26/12      ACTIVE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04068 Citizen Assist                 16:44:55 09/26/12   COMPLETE
Signature on a home entry form due to allegations of drinking parties when homeowner is away

12SF04069 Motor Vehicle Complaint        17:50:43 09/26/12   COMPLETE
          Church STREET ns, Springfield, VT  05156
Go cart being operated by small children racing up and down the road

12SF04070 Theft                          19:31:30 09/26/12   ACTIVE
          MAIN ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Advises a guy from Claremont stole his Psych meds and he needs them

12SF04071 Threatening                    19:46:32 09/26/12    ACTIVE
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Receiving threatening messages from subj in Claremont

12SF04072 DUI                         00:31:01 09/27/12      ARREST
          CONN RIVER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
DUI on Christen Gelinas 

12SF04073 Intoxication                   02:22:42 09/27/12       ARREST
          WHITCOMB ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Advising sister's x-boyfriend Billy Prive is in the house he's drunk and has woken them all up drove his motorcycle to the residence.

12SF04074 Citizen Dispute                02:34:10 09/27/12      ACTIVE
          PARK ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Advising she'd like x-boyfriend to be removed from the residence
because he's arguing with her.

12SF04075 Foot Patrol                    04:08:41 09/27/12      ACTIVE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04076 Suspicious                     05:17:45 09/27/12       ACTIVE
          HIGHLAND RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Sounds like guys walking around outside the house

12SF04077 911 Hangup                     08:40:29 09/27/12   COMPLETE

12SF04078 Sex Offense                    09:53:33 09/27/12    ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04079 Fingerprints                   10:02:23 09/27/12  COMPLETE

12SF04080 Vin Inspection                 10:32:26 09/27/12   COMPLETE
          PADDOCK RD, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04081 Fingerprints                   10:48:44 09/27/12  COMPLETE

12SF04082 911 Hangup                     11:35:15 09/27/12  COMPLETE

12SF04083 Juvenile Prob                  12:59:29 09/27/12  COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST; SPRINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, Springfield, VT  05156
Request for assistance for a student not cooperating.

12SF04084 Foot Patrol                    14:17:28 09/27/12  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04085 Background                     14:23:05 09/27/12  ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04087 Citizen Assist                 14:41:17 09/27/12      COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04086 Illegal Burning                14:43:51 09/27/12   COMPLETE
          PUTNAM RD, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04088 DLS                            16:05:06 09/27/12  ARREST
          I 91 SB; Weigh Station, Springfield, VT  05156
Bruce Gauthier Driving while License Criminally Suspended

12SF04089 Citizen Dispute                18:05:05 09/27/12 UNCOOPERATIVE
          MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04090 Suspicious                     19:18:24 09/27/12  COMPLETE
          BREEZY HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Rec'd distraught call from daughter only last couple of seconds she was
crying he has made several calls to residence with no answer

12SF04091 Citizen Assist                 22:46:21 09/27/12      ACTIVE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Girlfriend won't let him into the apartment

12SF04092 Suspicious                     00:46:55 09/28/12      COMPLETE
          WOODLAND DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Kids cutting limbs off trees etc in neighbors yard

12SF04093 Foot Patrol                    04:09:34 09/28/12      ACTIVE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04094 Overdose                       10:20:54 09/28/12   ACTIVE
          Main St, N Springfield, VT  05150
Female called her daughter reporting she took a bunch of unknown pills

12SF04095 Welfare Check                  10:55:50 09/28/12  ACTIVE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject not answering the door RP needs a welfare check

12SF04096 Citizen Dispute                14:01:30 09/28/12   ACTIVE
          COTTAGE AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Problem at a property owned by the town. Subject not happy that the town is boarding up the property

12SF04097 Runaway Juvnile                17:07:10 09/28/12      COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD;  Springfield, VT  05156
15 yo runaway

12SF04098 Fire                           19:39:42 09/28/12  COMPLETE
          VT RT 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Employeee from Highway reporting veh on fire in back parking lot of Spfld Auto Mart unknown type vehicle don't dare get too close

12SF04099 Directed Patrol                22:09:36 09/28/12    COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04100 Citizen Dispute                22:35:06 09/28/12    COMPLETE
          PINE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject came home allegedly intoxicated smashed bedroom window

12SF04101 Burglary Alarm                 22:55:37 09/28/12      FALSE

12SF04102 Citizen Dispute          00:54:11 09/29/12        COMPLETE
          CLINTON ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Advising subject has started the paperwork with her landlord for moving
out and now she's back at the residence banging on the door and yelling she does have a small child with her

12SF04103 Restraining Odr                01:03:16 09/29/12      ACTIVE
          TOWN FARM RD; Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04104 Burglary Alarm                 05:45:01 09/29/12     COMPLETE

12SF04105 Property Damage                11:09:26 09/29/12   ACTIVE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Car backed into his vehicle last night

12SF04106 Parking Problem                14:06:30 09/29/12   ACTIVE
          FACTORY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Towed vehicle for back parking tickets owed to the town of Springfield

12SF04107 Burglary Alarm                 15:03:56 09/29/12      ACTIVE

12SF04108 Burglary Alarm                 20:46:12 09/29/12        ACTIVE

12SF04109 Citizen Dispute                20:56:12 09/29/12        ACTIVE
          MOUNT VERNON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female will not leave outside complainant’s door

12SF04110 Foot Patrol                    00:34:38 09/30/12  ACTIVE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

12SF04111 Agency Assist                  00:56:32 09/30/12  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Assisting A1 42 y/o male collapsed is breathing

12SF04112 Welfare Check                  01:25:22 09/30/12  COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD; Mcdonalds, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject in his 40's cut on the back of his head with blood he was parked in the Mcdonalds parking lot for 3.5 hours he's now left and is headed towards Main st.

12SF04113 Threatening                    11:42:08 09/30/12      COMPLETE
          BERRY RD; , Springfield, VT  05156
Receiving threatening e-mails and on Facebook

12SF04114 Assault                        16:51:16 09/30/12      ACTIVE
Reporting was just assaulted by her husband

12SF04115 Citizen Dispute                21:04:33 09/30/12  ACTIVE
          CHESTER RD; , Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant advising subject tried to hit him with a vehicle

12SF04116 Citizen Dispute                23:16:12 09/30/12      ACTIVE
          Clinton Street, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of what sounds to be active domestic coming from upstairs apartment

    Total Incidents for This Report:   101
    Total Incidents for The Month of September:    484

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  1. We are in a war to take back our communities. I guess there is no need to say we tried to tell the select board and the police about these problems years ago and they poo poo'd everyone.

    Headline in Vermont 3, 2012

    "Police arrest 9, seize drugs and cash"

    CHESTER — Authorities have arrested nine people on drug possession and distribution charges after seizing drugs and cash worth nearly $50,000 from a Chester apartment.

    Chester police and Vermont State Police on Tuesday seized $18,000 in cash, heroin with a street value of $20,000, crack cocaine worth $6,200 and OxyContin pills valued at $4,000. They say the raid followed a month long investigation.
    Nine people are being held in jail in lieu of bail and more arrests are expected. Police say a 3-year-old child found at the apartment has been turned over to child welfare authorities.


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