Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Police log

Recent arrests, incidents and service calls as logged by the Springfield Police Department.

Arrest on Warrant

May 8, 2014

Cody Greenslit
AGE: 25
Springfield, VT

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: Greenslit was processed for an arrest warrant and lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility- Springfield in lieu of $1000 bail.

June 7, 2014


James Picard
AGE: 46
N Springfield VT

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: Picard allegedly drove a vehicle while his privilege to operate a motor vehicle is criminally suspended.

Picard was issued a citation to appear in Windsor County Criminal
Court on July 29, 2014

Motor Vehicle Crash With Injury

Investigating Officer: Cpl. Morancy

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: At 2:39 pm, on Friday, June 27th, the Springfield Fire Department and Police Department were alerted to a motor vehicle crash on Spencer Hollow Road in Springfield, Vermont. The crash involved a motor vehicle versus a four wheeler.

On arrival the occupants of the vehicle were identified as Kendra Arseneault and Leighton Reed of Springfield, Vermont. The four wheeler was operated by a juvenile male.

Initial investigation revealed that the motor vehicle was traveling in a southerly direction on Spencer Hollow Road. That the four wheeler was traveling northerly on Spencer Hollow Road. It appears that the male operating the four wheeler was struck along the road and was thrown from the four wheeler into nearby bushes. The motor vehicle slid to a stop nearby.

Due to significant injuries the juvenile male who was operating the four wheeler was transported directly to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center via DART.

June 28, 2014
21:30 Hours

Michael Dube
AGE: 33
Springfield , VT

Micheal Dube was arrested on an active warrant for failing to appear for arraignment on charges of Retail Theft after numerous calls were received reporting a male subject reportedly slumped over sitting on the sidewalk just below Park Street School.

Dube was taken into custody without incident and transported to the ER for medical clearance on a BAC of .320 and was later lodged at SSCF in lieu of $500 bail on the outstanding warrant.

June 28, 2014
09:00 Hours

Martin Gonyea
AGE: 27
Springfield VT

On Saturday morning officers were called to the Main Street area for a report of a male subject reportedly throwing a knife at one of the local establishment's portable signs. Responding officers, upon further investigation, took Martin Gonyea into custody for allegedly Violating Conditions of Release and allegedly acting in a tumultuous manner thereby bringing the charge of Disorderly Conduct.

Gonyea was lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility in lieu of $1000 bail and will appear in Windsor County Criminal Court on June 30th for arraignment.

June 29, 2014
7:50 pm

Attemped Burglary
Violation of Conditons of Release
False Information to Police Officer
Simple Assault w. Bodily Fluids on a Police Officer
Simple Assault on Police Officer
Disorderly Conduct

John Johnston
AGE: 33
Springfield, Vermont

Johnston was arrested for allegedly violating his conditions of release after being found intoxicated following a report that he had allegedly vandalized someone's residence by ripping apart the victim's staircase. A witness would subsequently allege that Johnston had also attempted to forcibly enter the victim's apartment, first through a door and then through a window. Johnston also allegedly furnished false information to an officer, allegedly yelled abusive comments to a bystander in the officer's presence during his arrest, allegedly activated a police car siren in an enclosed space while being removed from a police car the station, allegedly contaminated public property with his bodily fluids, and allegedly spit on and threatened an officer while being transported to prison. Johnston had been arrested earlier in the month by the same officer for disorderly conduct and simple assault and had been released by the court back into the community on conditions.

Johnston was arraigned in Windsor County Criminal Court on 06/30/14 and lodged at SSCF on $1000 bail.

Law Incident Media Summary Report, by Date       
Case Number    Nature                   Date           Disposition

14SF02575 Dui -                          00:54:26 06/21/14 ARREST
          1 CHESTER RD; Bakers Fabrics, Springfield, VT  05156
Operator of Winnebago from Springfield Plaza

14SF02576 Citizen Dispute                04:29:04 06/21/14 ARREST
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that male subject is at the residence and now everyone is fighting female is in the back screaming she's been assaulted

14SF02577 Citizen Assist                 12:28:59 06/21/14 ACTIVE
          WESTVIEW TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Verbal argument w/baby's father wants him to leave not on the lease.

14SF02578 Fraud                          12:45:15 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of $2,000 fraud to r/p's debit card from the Windsor Cov'd Bridge Credit Union.

14SF02579 Accident Pd                    13:43:07 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          371 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
R/P's vehicle was struck on 06/18/14 at 371 Restaurant, other oper left and left a note. Other oper is not being compliant on info now.

14SF02580 Juvenile Prob                  13:55:59 06/21/14 ACTIVE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
8 yr is hurting baby by hitting it and destroyed house.

14SF02581 Information                    17:46:39 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Drug intel

14SF02582 Foot Patrol                    18:27:34 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02583 Animal Problem                 18:45:33 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          ELM TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Grey Pitbull with white paws up running loose in the neighborhood again –made contact with owner they are retrieving – ordinance citation issued

14SF02584 Accident Pd                    18:54:58 06/21/14 ACTIVE
          1 CHESTER RD; McDonalds, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 2 vehicles

14SF02585 Foot Patrol                    20:24:15 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02586 Suspicious                     21:36:52 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          VT ROUTE 106; Reservoir road, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting blue PU with subj with flashlights at the Planet Aid boxes at the intersection of 106 & Reservoir Road - concerned they may be dumping
trash there or maybe breaking into drop boxes

14SF02587 Agency Assist                  22:57:31 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          12 MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist BFPD in pursuit headed N on Rte 5 excessive speeds

14SF02588 Trespassing                    23:48:46 06/21/14 COMPLETE
          Springfield Mobil: RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting officer to make male subj leave store - Tshirt shorts backpack has been asked to leave and won't eminating odor of alcohol

14SF02589 Foot Patrol                    01:44:34 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol Main Street

14SF02590 Agency Assist                  04:22:49 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          Report of a subject walking down the interstate.

14SF02591 Citizen Assist                 07:21:47 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Receiving threats from area male subject concerning some rings

14SF02592 Suspicious                     08:08:43 06/22/14  ACTIVE
          PLEASANT VALLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
VT reg vehicle parked along side the road, windshield and side window smashed out no one with the vehicle – vehicle towed considered abandoned

14SF02593 Burglary Alarm                 10:51:05 06/22/14 COMPLETE

14SF02594 Animal Problem                 14:55:35 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Found a dog running loose in Freedom Park

14SF02595 Citizen Dispute                16:57:39 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting 3 person 10-10 one subj on the ground one person believe to have a bat subjects have now gone into #58 – Victim uncooperative

14SF02596 Missing Person                 18:46:27 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          SPENCER HOLLOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Mother via 911 reporting 2 yo disappeared from residence - no
where he may have gone - checked residence he is no where to be found – neighbor called immediately thereafter – child arrived at their residence

14SF02597 Suspicious                     21:35:49 06/22/14 COMPLETE
          PARK STREET BRIDGE; Main Street Bridge, Springfield, VT  05156
Female subj laying on the sidewalk adjacent to the Comptu falls bridge not moving - didn't even turn and look at car going by – Female gone upon arrival of officer

14SF02598 Foot Patrol                    00:25:28 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02599 Agency Assist                  07:32:58 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          GOODYEAR AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve a Subpoena for Lebanon Pd

14SF02600 Citizen Assist                 10:25:10 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          ORCHARD ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Request help getting her property – public standby

14SF02601 Noise Disturbance                10:54:35 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          Valley ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbor (female) continues to yell very loud at her kids

14SF02602 Accident Pd                    10:56:59 06/23/14  COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 no PI

14SF02603 Agency Assist                  10:58:00 06/23/14  COMPLETE
          BROCKWAY MILLS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to VSP Rockingham

14SF02604 Mv Complaint                   11:29:10 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of NH reg. vehicle driving erratically on Clinton St, complainant very upset and shaking over incident but it happened a half hour ago

14SF02605 Suspicious                     11:46:40 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          CLARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle acting strange, when approached it took off to another house. 

14SF02606 Agency Assist                  12:54:28 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          STELLAFANE RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of paperwork for Langdon NH PD

14SF02607 Suspicious                     14:17:01 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Gonyea and crew in front of Shaws harassing patrons trying to shop

14SF02608 Animal Problem                 14:18:42 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Dog keeps coming on her property, today it was being aggressive

14SF02609 Welfare Check                  15:50:18 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
8 yo out of control HCRS wants welfare check

14SF02610 Citizen Assist                 16:23:45 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Issues with ex-paramour

14SF02611 Theft                          16:47:34 06/23/14 ACTIVE
          GOODYEAR AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting theft of items from her residence from homeless subj she permitted to live with her – Case generated on June 26/27 led to recovery of stolen property and their rightful return

14SF02612 Welfare Check                  17:59:40 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting welfare check on husband,  his wife is in ER and she's worried he may try to harm himself

14SF02613 Foot Patrol                    18:38:21 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02614 Citizen Dispute                19:19:42 06/23/14 ARREST
          WALL ST; 2nd floor, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of domestic with report of window being broken 2nd floor back side of building…Actual call resulted in subject in psychiatric distress -
A1 on responding ...

14SF02616 Untimely                      20:28:40 06/23/14  COMPLETE

14SF02617 Suspicious                     21:41:38 06/23/14 COMPLETE
          TAYLOR DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting a faint light on in a residence that a realtor was at earlier today that she has never seen on before – property vacant – no unlawful trespass

14SF02618 Citizen Assist                 22:18:11 06/23/14 COMPLETE
Requesting officer drive by as he is afraid his ex-girlfriend is going to show up again...was advised he should seek an RFA to prohibit her having contact if he does not want her there and if she is that unstable and he is fearful for his child that live there  ...

14SF02619 Background                     08:45:55 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          96 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Background checks for the town clerk

14SF02620 Accident Pd                    12:27:23 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          Main St, Springfield, VT  05156
Two vehicle 10-50 no PI

14SF02621 Suspicious                     12:37:30 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ; Shaws, Springfield, VT  05156
Three male subject sitting in front of the store drinking beer on one of the benches.

14SF02622 Fingerprints                   13:10:16 06/24/14 ACTIVE
14SF02623 Fingerprints                   13:11:20 06/24/14
14SF02624 Fingerprints                   14:48:41 06/24/14

14SF02625 Agency Assist                  15:48:37 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02626 Welfare Check                  16:13:19 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Passerby advising female outside of Woolson Block in blue tank & red hair acting extremely out of it – Female was GOA

14SF02627 Foot Patrol                    19:11:13 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02628 Burglary                       19:14:29 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          WILL DEAN RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Occupant advising arrived home front door open sounds like someone up
stairs in her residence – Officers searched residence no sign of forced entry and no one was found in the residence

14SF02629 Citizen Assist                 20:52:13 06/24/14 COMPLETE
Domestic issues – seeking guidance

14SF02630 Animal Problem                 21:12:20 06/24/14 ACTIVE
          WHITE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbor’s dog bit her dog

14SF02631 Citizen Assist                 21:56:24 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Loaned his BMW out to female who has failed to return it

14SF02632 Noise Disturbance                22:32:06 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          47 SOUTH ST; Trailer  Springfield, VT  05156
Report of noise disturbance - unsure if weapons or number of

14SF02633 Noise Disturbance                22:39:22 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Calling reporting subjects sound like they are partying wants it quieted down

14SF02634 Citizen Dispute                23:07:52 06/24/14 COMPLETE
          WESTVIEW TER, Springfield, VT  05156
911 advising male kicked out of apartment earlier has returned sounds like active domestic screaming can't tell if someone is getting hurt

14SF02635 Foot Patrol                    00:37:38 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02636 Mv Complaint                   04:52:44 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Dark car pulled into the parking lot then a second car pulled in and driver of the first car got out and left in the second car

14SF02637 Animal Problem                 06:17:15 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST; Lark Ln, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbors big brown dog is loose not sure if it's friendly or not this is a fairly common occurrence. Last seen heading toward South Street from Lark Ln

14SF02638 Agency Assist                  08:37:21 06/25/14  ACTIVE
          ORCHARD ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve RFA

14SF02639 Vin Inspection                 09:20:23 06/25/14

14SF02640 Citizen Dispute                10:23:24 06/25/14
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Son and another male about to fight down on Bike Path

14SF02641 Background                     10:46:57 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          96 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vendor checks for the town clerk

14SF02642 Burglary                       11:04:04 06/25/14 ACTIVE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of her brother’s residence being burglarized sometime in last 10 days, she came to check the house and found his TV, stereo equipment and money from his bedroom gone

14SF02643 Agency Assist                  11:12:35 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reportedly male had a gun during the bike path incident and put it in VT
reg. vehicle prior to officer's arriving – Male subj made contact with officers

14SF02644 Disorderly                     11:30:04 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of Dwight Bundy being at 22 Mineral St Apt and is not suppose to be there per conditions of release and the landlord – Subj took leg bail upon knowledge that officers had been contacted – unable to locate

14SF02645 Missing Person                 11:50:14 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          2 SCHOOL NS, Springfield, VT  05156
One of the residence is missing, don't know if the family took her or what - call to Chester PD to request an officer go to check and
see if the sister had picked her up – Patient was in fact with a family member ...

14SF02646 Agency Assist                  12:18:58 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD Springfield, VT  05156
RFA for service at SSCF for Caledonia Court

14SF02647 Agency Assist                  12:20:58 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD ; Haskins, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of RFA at SSCF

14SF02648 Medical                        13:43:27 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          MEADOW DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to A1

14SF02649 Directed Patrol                14:10:02 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          ORCHARD ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of subjects driving erratically by his home and threatening his son, looking to beat him up allegedly - requesting to speak to the chief but he is in training, Officer responding to area to do patrol and check on situation and will call subject  ...

14SF02650 Suspicious                     14:24:42 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a male subject with a brown hat and long gray hair sitting on the bench outside Shaws towards the old Friendly's - following customers as they enter and leave and making patrons uncomfortable

14SF02651 Citizen Dispute                14:54:43 06/25/14 ACTIVE
          Park St, Springfield, VT  05156
Flagged officer down to report that at about 1:53 pm today that someone stolen her medication, she had called earlier and was told she needed to come to the PD to fill out a statement in regards to the incident

14SF02652 Foot Patrol                    15:23:56 06/25/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02653 Vandalism                      17:52:03 06/25/14 ACTIVE
          10 WILL DEAN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Juveniles committing property damage with sticks and rocks

14SF02654 Noise Disturbance                21:33:26 06/25/14 ARREST
          HIGH ST; Apt , Springfield, VT  05156
John Jasinski arrested for Disorderly Conduct

14SF02655 Suspicious                     01:09:06 06/26/14 ACTIVE
          2.5 Elm Hill; upstairs out back, Springfield, VT  05156
Man named John banging on his door threatening to burn his house down unsure if he has any weapons

14SF02656 Suspicious                     09:24:39 06/26/14 ACTIVE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Concern that subject caller transports for medical issues is not home or not answering door

14SF02657 Theft                          10:13:20 06/26/14 ACTIVE
          WESTVIEW TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Inspection sticker stolen off vehicle

14SF02658 Fingerprints                   10:37:34 06/26/14 ACTIVE

14SF02659 Phone Problem                  10:40:34 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST NS, Springfield, VT  05156
Receiving harassing and threatening phone calls from her ex-boyfriend and his father and sister

14SF02660 Agency Assist                  11:06:05 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          700 Charlestown Rd; SSCF, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve Warrant and Citation, request service be on Friday June 27

14SF02661 Theft                          13:23:27 06/26/14 ACTIVE
          MAPLE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a few checks stolen from his just called him to alert him to it, suspect is a male who he has hired to do odd jobs from time to time - checkbook would have been in his truck when checks were taken

14SF02662 Vin Inspection                 13:25:35 06/26/14

14SF02663 Foot Patrol                    14:17:25 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          0 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot patrol on Main St

14SF02664 Foot Patrol                    14:23:58 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          0 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot patrol on Main St

14SF02665 Agency Assist                  15:52:00 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve extended TRO on male subject, DO NOT give the defendant a pen. Explain the order and have your officer write that they did so in the proof of service box. Subject is waiting for an inpatient evaluation bed to open up so they don't know how long he will be at SSCF.

14SF02666 Accident Pd                    18:06:27 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          36 PRECISION DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Driver of a TT unit that transports for Jeld Wen was pulling in and an elderly man hit his veh - backed up and took off down County Road, no other info

14SF02667 Citizen Assist                 18:16:24 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          3 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject is not supposed to be around complainant’s son and he is outside across the street.

14SF02668 Service Of Apo                 18:46:39 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          ORCHARD ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve TRO

14SF02669 Animal Noise                   19:24:56 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          13 SOUTHRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller not wanting to give his name says nonstop barking, the dog needs to be muzzled or have a device put on it to stop barking.
Officer adv no luck finding the dog been up and down the street he doesn't hear anything  ...

14SF02670 Trespassing                    20:00:51 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          PEARL ST; Prospect St, Springfield, VT  05156
Adv a couple of people have set up camp on the property in the Gear
Works upper parking lot.  2 subjects that were there have been told if they get caught there again they will be arrested for unlawful trespass

14SF02671 Intoxication                   21:34:11 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          50 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Drunk subject in the parking lot trying to get patrons to give him a ride to Myrtle St

14SF02672 Vin Inspection                 21:40:49 06/26/14 COMPLETE

14SF02673 Suicide Attempt                23:15:30 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST; River St, Springfield, VT  05156
Female bleeding from the arms looks to be self-inflicted bleeding is
not controlled she's walking - A1 enroute

14SF02674 Citizen Dispute                23:19:04 06/26/14 COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Female heard saying don’t touch me and get off of me in the upstairs apartment – All parties were advised that the noise needed to stop.  They advised that it would. 

14SF02675 Traffic Hazard                 07:25:20 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST; South St, Springfield, VT  05156
Some sort of wire hanging at the end of Olive going onto South St dangling into the road

14SF02676 Vin Inspection                 10:39:25 06/27/14 COMPLETE

14SF02677 Theft                          11:00:59 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Adv someone broke into a locker at the office and things are missing

14SF02678 Agency Assist                  11:05:33 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, DCF  Springfield, VT  05156
At 11:45 they are taking custody of a child and would like police there at the office

14SF02679 Trespassing                    11:12:17 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Unwanted male subj at residence does not want him there

14SF02680 Animal Problem                 11:34:21 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          SEAVERS BROOK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a pitbull that is not on a leash and does not respond to voice
commands, went up on her property earlier and kid walking it called and called it and it would not go to him, she is concerned as it is a pitbull and when her dog is out it is hooked on a run - incident occurred earlier this morning ...

14SF02681 Agency Assist                  11:42:48 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist A1 with call and traffic

14SF02682 Mv Complaint                   12:50:50 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          200 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02683 Accident Pd                    13:41:14 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          95 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of car vs deer 10-50, no injuries in front of Matulonis Auto Body

14SF02684 Agency Assist                  13:49:29 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          SCHOOL NS, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02685 Suspicious                     14:36:37 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          REED ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of broken glass on back door, curtain blowing out through it, no one living there – contact made with property owner

14SF02686 Accident Pi                    14:39:55 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          SPENCER HOLLOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Car vs ATV accident

14SF02687 Found Property                 14:55:32 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Wallet found in Planet Aid box mailed to Springfield PD

14SF02688 Fraud                          15:04:16 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          BRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Checks written on closed account

14SF02689 Loitering                      15:36:51 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Felt intimidated by subjects hanging out on the corner of Main & Park Street

14SF02690 Accident Pd                    16:04:47 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          VT ROUTE 106; Vt route 10, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 VSP on scene

14SF02691 Mv Complaint                   17:22:30 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          COMMONWEALTH AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Male Subject on Dark Grey Metallic bike wearing tank top keeps riding down road doing wheelie then goes out and rides around town then comes back again doesn't know who he is  ...

14SF02692 Found Property                 17:25:59 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          10 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Mens bifold wallet with ID and cards found in roadway – returned to owner

14SF02693 Bomb Threat/Att                18:23:04 06/27/14 ACTIVE
          266 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Called from Dollar General advised received a call from a male
subj with what sounded like a middle eastern accent advising "There is an
explossive device in the store listen to my demands and everyone will be fine." The clerk hung up on the caller.  Advised she has just come on shift and was not aware of any suspicious people coming in to the store

14SF02694 Suspicious                     19:39:08 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Drug Intel

14SF02695 Dls                            20:00:20 06/27/14 ARREST
          156 WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
 Rodney Stone – DLS-C & DUI

14SF02696 Theft                          20:01:35 06/27/14 ARREST
          266 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Amber White – Alleged shoplifting from Dollar General

14SF02697 Welfare Check                  20:49:38 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Hasn’t seen downstairs neighbor since Tuesday – has critical medical issues – subj found to be in care at DHMC

14SF02698 Agency Assist                  20:54:28 06/27/14  COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
DCF assist with ECO

14SF02699 Fireworks                      21:47:23 06/27/14  COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Initial caller "Christina" reporting what she believed to be was a gunshot eminating from the South Street area and it was a really loud bang.  2nd Female called and advised that there was a flash of light and that is sounds like someone is setting off fireworks possibly in the PL of the Moose Club  ...

14SF02700 Threatening                    21:56:24 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male is drunk she asked him what was wrong he got all up in her
face screaming and threatening her she is now back in her apartment  he is
outside banging on the door

14SF02701 Citizen Assist                 22:19:51 06/27/14 COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Assisting motorist locked out of vehicle

    Total Incidents for This Report:   128

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  1. Not that the drug issues in town are bad enough it seems the calls on loose dogs are a whole other issue. What is the point of a leash law if we're depending on police (whom seem to be plenty busy as it is) to chase loose dogs? How about money that was once spent on parking enforcement downtown going to a person assigned by the Chief of Police to deal with and follow up on these loose animal issues. Just calling the police is not going to get owners to stay within the law, there needs to be follow-up. I'd feel my tax dollars would be better spent then.


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