Monday, July 7, 2014

Police log

Recent calls for service as logged by the Springfield Police Department.


14SF02702 Noise Disturbance                00:09:02 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female neighbor is playing loud music RP has attempted to ask her to turn it down she just looks at her through the door and ignores her

14SF02703 Suspicious                     01:38:23 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          SKITCHEWAUG TRL, Springfield, VT  05156
RP heard some yelling woke her up saw somebody with a flashlight last seen heading down Rt 143 toward town not sure what they're up to – Officer responded to the area – 3 young individuals were with vehicle but quickly disappeared upon officer approach – suspected underage drinking

14SF02704 Citizen Dispute                03:30:36 06/28/14 ARREST
          22 MINERAL ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Skeeter Hodge is intoxicated banging on the door of Apt he lives in adjoining Apt - he allegedly choked the female in that Apartment earlier this evening.  William Hodge was arrested and charged on allegations of assault

14SF02705 Suspicious                     09:00:57 06/28/14 ARREST
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subj in plaid shirt throwing knife at Hole in the Hill sign.
Martin Gonyea arrested for DC and VCOR

14SF02706 duplicate from 14SF02705.

14SF02707 Citizen Assist                 09:18:32 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          MERRILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of red pick up that was parked on the sidewalk then backed up not trying to hit r/p, but r/p wants an officer to address the operator and she has 3 witnesses – Vehicle was gone upon arrival of officer

14SF02708 Found Property                 09:48:42 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Found wallet containing money and i.d on the roadside by the church close to Pleasant Valley Road.  Dispatch contacted owner and property was returned

14SF02709 Suspicious                     12:28:17 06/28/14 COMPLETE
Report of erratic operation – Contact with operator made – operator advised they were running late for work and didn’t realize they were following so closely

14SF02710 Theft                          12:48:25 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Residence reportedly broken into last night – duplicate report – residence and missing items had been reported previously by another caregiver

14SF02711 Suspicious                     14:05:59 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Stating Skeeter is at her door trying to get in

14SF02712 Citizen Assist                 16:37:30 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          56 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Sons broke a window in the Dept of Labor building – contact made with building associates.  Act was unintentional.

14SF02713 Theft                          18:36:40 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          RIDGEWAY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Somone stole a Gold/bronze gazing ball from her front lawn – Picture placed on FB in hopes of generous return.

14SF02714 Fireworks                      19:37:37 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          BAKER HTS; Springfield, VT  05156
Subj setting off fireworks description of location provided – contact made with subjects off of Craigue Hill – advised of laws

14SF02715 Foot Patrol                    20:19:42 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02716 Fireworks                      20:56:49 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          ORCHARD LN; Taylor Drive, Springfield, VT  05156
Advising house at corner of Orchard Lane & Taylor drive setting off large
fireworks scaring the dogs

14SF02717 Welfare Check                  21:08:57 06/28/14 ARREST
          60 PARK ST; PARK STREET SCHOOL, Springfield, VT  05156
Female reporting male subj appears to be sleeping or intox or something sitting leaning against retain wall heading up Park St just before school head lopped off to the side – Contact made with Michael Duby who was found to have an active warrant for his arrest.

14SF02718 Fireworks                      21:38:57 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          47 SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting random Fireworks being set off in trailer park on the right going up South St hill not sure which trailer

14SF02719 Mv Complaint                   21:56:12 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          VT ROUTE 10; EB just W of town line, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting veh traveling about -10 under the speed limit drifting between the lines almost hit a car head on... Weathersfield unit made contact with the veh is out screening requesting another unit  ...

14SF02720 Mv Complaint                   22:03:31 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          MERRILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting cars are coming past her residence on Merrill Street "wide open" from the Bacon St area – monitored area for ½ hour no traffic

14SF02721 Noise Disturbance                23:55:47 06/28/14 COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST; across from Freedom Park, Springfield, VT  05156
A couple of male subjects possibly intoxicated being loud yelling back and forth all night to each other – subject found roadside advised to quiet down

14SF02722 Citizen Dispute                00:03:46 06/29/14 ACTIVE
          SOUTH ST; Brockway Mills Rd, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject having an altercation with some subjects one is in an Audi and a silver van RP has been punched in the face advised he does not need medical attention

14SF02723 Embezzlement                 09:44:19 06/29/14 ACTIVE
          VT ROUTE 106, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02724 Lost Property                  10:03:26 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          BRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
R/P lost her phone in MA and it's coming up on Phonefinder at Bridge ST. in Spfld.   Tracking mechanism for phone does not seem accurate.

14SF02725 Theft  - SEE case 2733         10:19:40 06/29/14

14SF02726 Citizen Dispute                10:49:11 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          WESTVIEW TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of male subj pounding on the door - female is not answering and
placed all of his possessions on the front porch – Subject advised to gather his belongings and move along – subject did so without incident

14SF02727 Duplicate of previous case

14SF02728 Juvenile Problem                  13:10:56 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller concerned for safety of juveniles jumping from the falls at the State Office dam area.  Juveniles had left the area upon officer’s arrival

14SF02729 Animal Problem                 13:26:48 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of Bull Mastiff in vehicle approx 45 min and is panting in the vehicle.  Vehicle gone upon officer’s arrival.

14SF02730 Juvenile Problem                  13:28:58 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
13 yr old daughter refusing to come home for 2 hrs is in Claremont w/her boyfriend.

14SF02731 Family Fight               14:16:10 06/29/14 Juvenile Arrest               
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Juvenile from earlier has become combative assaultive since she returned home.

14SF02732 Vandalism                      15:02:47 06/29/14 ACTIVE
          COMMONWEALTH AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Tires to Nissan slashed last p.m.

14SF02733 Theft                          16:51:12 06/29/14 ARREST
          MORGAN ST; Turning Point, Springfield, VT  05156
Claims $1250 was stolen from his bureau at Turning Point - Cody Greenslit arrested and charged on allegations of Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling

14SF02734 Mv Complaint                   17:20:25 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting red dodge PU operating recklessly tailgating veh in front of it
swerving back & forth in lane when at red light near McDonalds spun tires
causing them to squeal – Unable to locate vehicle

14SF02735 Parking Problem                17:50:29 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          MERRILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Now the truck is parked in the road instead of on the sidewalk and the complaint is people are standing around the truck obstructing traffic

14SF02736 Citizen Assist                 19:08:30 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          FRENCH MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Looking for standby to retrieve items from parents residence - they are intox – service provided without incident

14SF02737 Burglary                       19:46:46 06/29/14 ARREST
          2.5 main street, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that John Johnston intox smashed up staircase threatened him with a block of wood he took off running into Bank Parking Lot -
Second caller advised male subj in the PL smashing things identified as John Johnston ... Subject arrested and charges with numerous offenses

14SF02738 Juvenile Prob                  19:50:54 06/29/14 COMPLETE
14 yo daughter took leg bail possibly down over embankment to Mobil – juvenile located by officer and returned home with some mediation discussion.

14SF02739 Assault                        20:02:04 06/29/14 UNCOOPERATIVE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting she went over to her neighbors to confront them about swearing at her child the woman at the apartment she doesn't know the number or name of started going off on her and the complainant tried to restrain her and the woman's mother finally had to pull her off of her. Complainant advised to stay in her apartment and keep doors locked until officer can get there – may be delay due to activity – VSP responded to assist ...

14SF02740 Mv Complaint                   22:41:26 06/29/14 COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 cars racing on Union St back & forth last headed toward Park estimate 70 mph – neg contact with vehicles – continued to patrol the area should they return

14SF02741 Citizen Dispute                23:45:13 06/29/14 ACTIVE
          MYRTLE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Adv a fight in progress across the street - asked for the officers to stop and see him – underage male found to have BAC .110%

14SF02742 Fraud                          12:40:42 06/30/14 COMPLETE
          River St, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject attempting to close out an account that he has been removing money from. The owner of that account has passed away.  Advised to seek legal counsel for assistance with mother’s estate

14SF02743 Juvenile Prob                  13:20:16 06/30/14 ACTIVE
          100 MINERAL ST; DCF, Springfield, VT  05156
Juvenile male out of control smashing things and hitting the walls

14SF02744 Suspicious                     17:50:58 06/30/14 COMPLETE
          PARKER HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Motorcycle parked at church on Hard Scrabble 4 corner for 3 days now no one around it not sure where it came from – closer check found there was a note advising the vehicle had broken down and owner would be back to retrieve it

14SF02745 Mv Complaint                   19:24:25 06/30/14 COMPLETE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156
VT Truck operated by a male subj racing thru Riverside and Plaza – contact made with parents, and when located, operator of vehicle regarding his manners of operation

14SF02746 Noise Disturbance                20:55:29 06/30/14 COMPLETE
          PARK ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Complaining that is blasting his "---"ing  music again and it is
rattling her windows

14SF02747 Foot Patrol                    21:54:23 06/30/14 ACTIVE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02748 Accident Pd                    09:35:42 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          132 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting a two vehicle 10-50 no PI minor damage

14SF02749 Sex Offense                    09:48:02 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02750 Mv Complaint                   09:57:27 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          MERRILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject in VT veh almost hit her while she was walking on the

14SF02751 Theft                          09:58:37 07/01/14
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting an employee stole 29 Inspection stickers

14SF02752 Foot Patrol                    12:29:08 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          0 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot patrol

14SF02753 Citizen Assist                 12:30:11 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          HIGH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of hypodermic needle found at her husband’s apartment outside by shed out back – item collected and disposed of

14SF02754 Fingerprints                   12:36:01 07/01/14

14SF02755 Animal Problem                 13:26:05 07/01/14  COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of black lab mix type dog left in vehicle in plaza in front of Shaws, dog is trying to get out of car and appears in distress, car is a red Ford Focus Vt reg. – Upon arrival officer found windows were down and dog was not exhibiting any signs of stress

14SF02756 Accident Pd                    13:30:06 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor MVA plaza intersection

14SF02757 Animal Problem                 14:12:39 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a springer spaniel type dog in a red 4 door vehicle, windows all the way up, no plate number provided – unable to locate any vehicle matching same

14SF02758 Citizen Assist                 15:51:35 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          100 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Refused entry to the Edgar May to male subject as he described him as
appearing heavily under the influence of narcotics

14SF02759 Welfare Check                  16:25:48 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          DAVIS ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Was talking with female line went dead he can't make contact with
her again concerned she may have fallen - has history – subject found to be fine – phone problem

14SF02760 Welfare Check                  18:05:59 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          0 SOUTH ST; Davis Street, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of 2 small children playing in the trunk of a car... No children around car, or in car, upon officer’s arrival

14SF02761 Citizen Dispute                18:26:43 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          CIRCULAR ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting female out in front of her apartment yelling at her in
front of her kids – 2nd female called advising that 1st female struck her child in the arm with a super soaker causing a red mark

14SF02762 Phone Problem                  18:42:48 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Concerned about texting messages he is receiving from an unknown source – contact made with potential subject involved and advised to cease activity if they were involved

14SF02763 Vin Inspection                 19:14:28 07/01/14 ACTIVE

14SF02764 Mv Complaint                   19:47:49 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting PA reg veh almost struck guardrail on I91 below Exit 6 has
Proceeded into Springfield last seen pulling into Dunkin Donuts fuel island – Contact made with operator who advised was just tired and would be resting a bit

14SF02765 Mv Complaint                   20:39:36 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting older silver colored Sebring or stratus weaving in lane advised there is a Sheriff unit right behind it – negative contact with vehicle

14SF02766 Foot Patrol                    20:53:50 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          0 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol

14SF02767 Citizen Assist                 21:02:45 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          RIVER ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Claims business ripped him off that he prepaid for $9 in gas was washing his windshield and realized the pump said $38 ....had to pay the difference advised store clerk came out and threatened him

14SF02768 Vandalism                      21:48:30 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          COOLIDGE RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Arrived home to find someone has crashed into his fence or otherwise caused it damage

14SF02769 Suspicious                     22:06:02 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          MERRILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting to speak to an officer about possible fraud involving a check written to door-to-door salesman who allegedly changed the amount that the check was written for

14SF02770 Suspicious                     22:38:50 07/01/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of male appear highly intox or high in front of music store – same subject that was refused into local establishment earlier now proclaiming to be under the influence of bath salts...

14SF02771 Welfare Check                  23:05:55 07/01/14 ACTIVE
          CRESCENT ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Was breaking up with boyfriend over the phone when he started labored
breathing caller concerned he has harmed himself – unknown location – officers checked multiple locations for subject before notification made that subject was fine

14SF02772 Agency Assist                  00:21:12 07/02/14 ACTIVE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Walpole PD requesting assistance with a subject involved in a stabbing ealier today. They would like statements and a medical release form from male victim...

14SF02773 Agency Assist                  06:01:46 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          COOPER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assisting the AG's Office with a search warrant

14SF02774 Agency Assist                  09:55:18 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          700 Charlestown Rd; SSCF, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve a final RFA

14SF02775 Power Line Down                12:27:37 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          1244 SKITCHEWAUG TRL, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of live power lines down on Route 143 just past Crown Point Road

14SF02776 Mv Complaint                   13:30:05 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          Conn River Rd, Springfield, VT  05156
VT reg vehicle displaying road rage passing them at a high rate of speed. Stopping short, yelling – Reg of vehicle not on file – checked locations known to officer for veh matching description – neg contact

14SF02777 Vin Inspection                 14:43:18 07/02/14 COMPLETE

14SF02778 Power Line Down                15:10:32 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          1218 EUREKA RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of trees and wires down on Eureka Road near Weathersfield line, Spfld side, no report of fire

14SF02779 Citizen Assist                 17:06:42 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male picked someone up bleeding profusely from the head and took him to the ER - checked on the subject at the ER - it was an accident – subject advised slipped on rock wading in the river

14SF02780 Directed Patrol                17:28:36 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
At the Library

14SF02781 Citizen Assist                 19:26:59 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          WALL ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Male adv his life was threatened by another area male subject because of some form of dating issue involving other subjects

14SF02782 Sex Offense                    20:05:32 07/02/14 ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Possible sexual assault of juvenile - brought into Dartmouth Hitchcock in
Lebanon, NH

14SF02783 Foot Patrol                    20:40:43 07/02/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02784 Medical                        22:29:15 07/02/14 ACTIVE
18 y/o male not alert clammy to the touch, has a cyst that may have ruptured

14SF02785 Animal Problem                 05:34:29 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          BROCKWAY MILLS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
3 horses loose were in the road now are on the lawn not sure who they
belong to

14SF02786 Suspicious                     07:48:19 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          Summer St, Springfield, VT  05156
Stopped VT reg vehicle – consent search of same

14SF02787 Suspicious                     09:28:24 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Agency assist with Claremont

14SF02788 Accident Pd                    09:58:13 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          River St, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that a vehicle hit him from behind.  That operator wants
to leave before the police get there

14SF02789 Animal Problem                 11:06:27 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          MAYS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reported that neighbor’s dog went through his screen door and walked all over his newly painted deck – unrestrained dog ticket issued

14SF02790 Agency Assist                  12:38:10 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          700 Charlestown rd, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve a tempory RFA

14SF02791 Foot Patrol                    13:06:41 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          Main St, Springfield, VT  05156
Directed Patrol

14SF02792 Loitering                      13:17:06 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          33 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of large gathering of "loiterers" according to caller in front of Jenny Wren, she advised she just returned to work at the Bank Block from lunch and felt she could not have gone to Jenny Wren if she wanted to due to the gathering of "those loiterers."  ... Officer was already in the area on foot patrol and noted a few individuals but no large gathering

14SF02793 Foot Patrol                    15:03:37 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF02794 Theft                          15:42:09 07/03/14 ACTIVE
          30 PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 mountain bikes stolen

14SF02795 Noise Disturbance                17:10:01 07/03/14 ACTIVE
          Chester Road, Springfield, VT  05156
Green Mountain Classics cars revving and burning their tires and she is sick of it, disrupts the whole neighborhood. – Contact made with drivers and problem addressed

14SF02796 Agency Assist                  17:44:23 07/03/14 COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Would like an officer to come by to assist with a child in need

14SF02797 Vin Inspection                 17:54:00 07/03/14

14SF02800 Electric Prob                  20:56:25 07/03/14 ACTIVE
          589 BROCKWAY MILLS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Wires and trees down wires are lines are live

14SF02798 Vandalism                      21:34:29 07/03/14 ACTIVE
          MAIN ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Vandalism to his 2003 Chevy Tracker

14SF02799 Burglary Alarm                 22:12:53 07/03/14 COMPLETE

14SF02801 Accident Pd                    00:16:21 07/04/14 ACTIVE
          Missing Link Rd; Circle K Truck Stop, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller advised his truck was backed into by a TT unit there is damage to the hood nobody was injured. His truck is a white Ford E450 parked out behind the gas pumps
14SF02802 Agency Assist                  00:45:44 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          VT RT 106; Near Rt 131, Weathersfield, VT
Back up Weathersfield officer out screening a driver with an intoxicated passenger in a truck

14SF02803 Littering                      09:33:05 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Used needle on the bike path near the Park & Ride – item located and properly discarded

14SF02804 Animal Problem                 11:25:34 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          MAYS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of neighbor’s dog on his back porch and his dog won't go out as it is afraid   ...

14SF02805 Suspicious                     12:57:16 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of what just sounded like a shotgun being shot of behind number 11 Park St  - nothing heard at this time per officer in the area, spoke to subject in the area who advised they heard nor saw anything ...

14SF02806 Power Line Down                14:15:43 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          SPENCER HOLLOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a tree and wires down across the entire roadway blocking it entirely, no fire, just unable to get through -
Green Mountain Power notified of incident

14SF02807 Animal Problem                 15:01:23 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          CRAIGUE HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller adv 2 horses in the middle of the road on Craigue Hill and afraid they
will be hit or cause an accident – officer responded to the area and assisted with horse wrangling

14SF02808 Safety Hazard                  20:27:54 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting white house next to old XXXX house sending balloons up in the air on fire

14SF02809 Fireworks                      20:30:00 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          COOPER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting fireworks being set off on Cooper St

14SF02810 Fireworks                      21:23:31 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          ELLIS ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Fireworks coming off of Ellis Street area

14SF02812 Fireworks                      21:24:48 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          Pearl St; 100 River Street, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of large fireworks coming from between her house and 100 River St

14SF02811 Agency Assist                  21:27:14 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          RESERVOIR RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to Weathersfield offcier with 2 intox males setting off illegal fireworks

14SF02813 Fireworks                      21:33:41 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          242 TOWN FARM RD; mailbox area, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint of fireworks area of the mailboxes

14SF02814 Fireworks                      21:53:42 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          FAIRGROUND RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Fireworks possibly coming from Fairground Heights Rd area afraid they will catch her house on fire

14SF02815 Agency Assist                  23:35:54 07/04/14 COMPLETE
          GROVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assisting A1

14SF02816 Missing Person                 00:18:04 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          NS, Springfield, VT  05156
Juvenile in DCF custody has not come home yet she was supposed to be home at 11pm she's supposedly at the Getaway Mountain Campground in Weathersfield and they believe she's intoxicated.

14SF02817 Suspicious                     08:07:41 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Alarm sounding at Valley no smoke showing, moving boxes inside.

14SF02818 Animal Problem                 08:17:24 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Two pit bulls are outside the r/p's back door and are aggressive.

14SF02819 Cond of Release                10:56:33 07/05/14 ARREST
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
VCOR – Possession of Marijuana -  Alex Jillson Corbosiero

14SF02820 Traffic Hazard                 13:13:10 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Tree blocking Valley ST by the bridge

14SF02821 Traffic Hazard                 14:42:44 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle 10-46 by the entrance to the Plaza

14SF02822 Mv Complaint                   15:56:43 07/05/14 ACTIVE
          2 VALLEY ST; Main Street, Springfield, VT  05156
MV stop – veh not reg – Censent search

14SF02823 911 Hangup                     17:20:57 07/05/14 COMPLETE

14SF02824 Theft                          18:57:23 07/05/14 ACTIVE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting theft of twisted Ice Teas and Beer and fresh flowers from Shaws by blonde haired woman and dark haired stockier female one in a bright pink shirt left in older 4 dr veh described as navy blue in color – vehicle tracked to residence in Chester – Subjects cited for retail theft

14SF02825 Animal Problem                 19:06:52 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Initial report of a dehydrated cat - then report of door open to residence cat is outside cat is mean

14SF02826 Vandalism                      19:17:36 07/05/14 ACTIVE
          MAIN ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Advising additional vandalism has occurred to his vehicle

14SF02827 Citizen Dispute                20:12:05 07/05/14 ACTIVE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that 2 subjects came after him in the plaza chasing him he left
they pursued him up to where he had pulled off to make phone call to PD – caller advised to come directly to the PD – subjects following were intervened with on Main Street

14SF02828 Noise Disturbance                20:52:51 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          0 CEMETERY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting kids playing frisbee in the cemetery – youth had moved along before officer arrived

14SF02829 Suspicious                     21:50:39 07/05/14 COMPLETE
Reporting someone setting off Japanese Lanterns are of High School

14SF02830 Agency Assist                  22:01:31 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          CONN RIVER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Weathersfield officer in pursuit of motorcycle SB on Rte 5 coming past Wilgus state park – Springfield units responded to various avenues of possible travel – motorcycle made u-turn and returned to Weathersfield Ascutney area – Springfield Units had no contact and at not time were in pursuit of vehicle

14SF02831 Fireworks                      22:12:50 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          Middle road, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint of fireworks end of Middle Road near Brockway mills rd

14SF02832 Fireworks                      22:14:14 07/05/14 COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint of fireworks again

    Total Incidents for This Report:   131

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  1. Your pathetic. July 4th. right around the corner and can't let off a couple simple fireworks without "offending" someone. Hey, no cops showed up, and none showed after the second time I lit one off. I'll let one off again soon, and when you hear this one, remember it is just for you, because I am obnoxious like that!! Come to 47 and find out which trailer it is yourself, I dare you crumb.


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