Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welch calls for hike in federal gas tax

U.S. Rep. Peter Welch is advocating a 10-cent increase in the gasoline tax to pay for road and bridge projects including a Springfield park-and-ride facility.


  1. Mr: Welch
    Please drive off Exit 7 and you will see that Springfield already has a park and ride facility.

  2. Another useless politician. The only time we hear from his ilk is when they want to add more taxes. Go away Peter. You won't be missed!

  3. A vote for me means.....7/15/14, 12:37 PM

    Seems it use to be that the Feds just reached in your pocket to pick some change. Now they operate with a high suction vacuum cleaner. Hey Mr. Welch, how about you cut some waste and get these same projects done! A park and ride in Springfield? You know what, there is one already that seems to be working fine. How about you pour yourself a cup of coffee and try driving on....well about any street in Springfield without having it all over your own lap. So you want me to pay more for gasoline for something I'd have no use for. Amazing! Tell me again why it is we don't trust anyone in Congress?

  4. What's next, Welch? The federal government offering to bribe Springfield with a couple million dollars in road construction in exchange for the town "hosting" thousands of illegal alien children? Don't bet they're not thinking about it, because they know Springfield's vacuous leaders would never turn down a handout, no matter how small and no matter the eventually pain and suffering.

  5. awesome responses from awesome people...now if we could get these clowns out of congress!!!

  6. Hippy Liberal7/15/14, 5:09 PM

    Too many people already have too much money, it's about time the government started to get a bigger share.

  7. Easy for you to say Peter, since you can vote in your own raises, have beter health insurance then the American people have! Why do we keep electing you? Good question! Wake up people, before we are all on the system!

  8. Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right. It's funny one wants to rob you at the pump the other wants to take it from your retirement fund. Any way they can get it I guess. How about you start taking money from Shell, Exxon Mobil and the like. When is it their turn?

  9. Hey! This is Springfield. Park and Ride? How about a Park and Chill lot for the On-the-Dole crowd that vastly outnumber the worker bees? One more lot will just be another smash and grab lot for the druggies and we would have to hire five new police officers with brand new cruisers to patrol it.

    1. We need a park and ride alright. Park your worthless druggie butt onto this one way bus and ride it back to the New Jersy slums or back to whatever rock they crawled out from under. Driving through the downtown has become painful.

  10. Ambulance chasing lawyer(dime a dozen) turns pork barrel stark raving mad crooked politician in DC(dime a dozen)

  11. Why say anything at all7/16/14, 7:31 AM

    Welch says that the "potholes don't fix themselves". So for Springfield we'll use the money for a park and ride. Another idiot!

  12. Welched again.

  13. Rep. Welch is a Democrat, we expect him to request higher taxes, it's why we voted him into office.

  14. Shut your pie hole Peter.


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