Thursday, November 19, 2015

Proposed cut would eliminate Gateway program

Springfield School Superintendent Zachary McLaughlin announced this week that he was proposing the closure of the Gateway Collaborative as a cost-savings move, and the elimination of 11 jobs as a result.


  1. chuck gregory11/20/15, 9:45 AM

    "Cost saving move. . ."

    Nothing like helping out in the race to peasanthood! The kids who go to Gateway definitely need extra help. Saving money by cutting those 11 jobs is going to probably be much more expensive for us than finding the funding to give those students a chance to learn how to live well.

    Springfielders in general are not aware of the impact the rape of Precision Valley by Wall Street. Property taxes (which at present fund Gateway) went up 249% between 1982 and 1985. If we had had some way of countering Wall Street's predatory instincts, Gateway would be eminently affordable-- and for that matter, the parents of those kids would not have been in a financial situation which produced traumatized kids (I knew some of them personally).

    What does it take for us to realize that we don't have to allow financial interests to rip businesses out of our town? Why don't we take steps to develop a strategy?

  2. Don't worry, they will be sent to that other "alternative program" at Park St. that no one talks about or sent away to other programs outside of Springfield which we taxpayers will pay for. Sounds like a great strategy to me.

  3. All most of these kids need is good parenting and occasional slap up beside the head. Show them the gates at the prison, thats their gateway, learn, or that prison gate may be their other option. No Gateways I know of where I work, its either learn, get along or theres the door, see ya bye

    1. @ 5:01, your point is well made. Ineffective behavioral programs such as Gateway historically never existed in Springfield, nor do I recall any social upheavals in it's absence.

      What has transpired is a dearth of woefully incompetent, lazy teachers and administrates protected by a union. Underachievers hapless to motivate a broad spectrum of children. Such lazy and inept educators are perceived by many immature students as fools undeserving of respect and classroom attention. Educators that are unable to relate first hand experience on course material and if not in public education would most likely be working for low wage in the service industry.

      Over the years I've interviewed many SHS dropouts. The near universal response when asked why they abandoned their education is, "I was learning nothing of value, and no one could give me a compelling reason to stay." JHFC, we pay nearly 20 grand a year to school these kids and with a plethora of specialists can't convey the value of a diploma?

  4. Anon 8:29,,,,Is "interviewing" SHS dropouts a professional pursuit of yours, or just a hobby? Their "near universal" response sounds like one you can relate to.

  5. Hey folks, surprise, surprise, Chuck the philosopher prince is back and he's demonizing Wall Street for all of Springfield's misfortunes. Once again, this Democrat hack is showing that there is no limits to his biases and desire to try and mask decades of failed liberal governance in Vermont.

  6. chuck gregory11/23/15, 8:44 AM

    Well, for those who like to see their property taxes go into the atmosphere, 4:36's protection of Wall Street is just the ticket.

    As for the educational system of Springfield (and the nation, for that matter) former Springfield teacher Larry Carbonetti gave an astoundingly informative presentation at a Democratic function last August which I will be happy to share with anyone who'd like to see it. Its point is that we are letting ourselves be hornswoggled by the "experts" and by our cultural biases.


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