Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hundreds flock to regain licenses in amnesty program

David LeBarron of Springfield was one of dozens of people taking advantage of a program offered by the Windsor County state’s attorney’s office to help people with multiple tickets regain the right to drive.


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  1. Once again the lawbreakers get a slap on the wrist for continued bad behavior and your liberal Gov'nor Peter Shumlin approves. Next he will be posing with sex offenders and drug dealers.

  2. What is this teaching people? If ya don't pay just wait till the amnesty day, your payment will be less and forgotten about.
    How about this old saying "you gotta pay if you're gonna play"

  3. Is it true Scumlin will be issuing rebates on all traffic fines to registered Democrats? Time to change parties and hammer down on the dual quad, side oiler! YEE HAW!

  4. I just wonder how much other taxpayer support these free loaders are getting in welfare and other benefits? One has already maxed out the Earned Income Tax Credit for allotted children. Can't pay your fines for bad behavior but having a child on the tax payer dole is what the government is promoting. Who is paying for their medical expenses?

  5. chuck gregory12/13/15, 4:14 PM

    Considering that a single person has to make at least $9 per hour in a 40-hour-a-week job; that lots of small employers will not hire full-timers because of the added cost of mandated health insurance, etc.; and that almost all Vermonters HAVE to drive to work, a low-income worker who drives without insurance (because he/she isn't bringing home $360 a week just for self-support, never mind the rest of the family) and gets busted is, under our current system, royally screwed.

    First, there's the fine; then, there's the obligation to buy unaffordable insurance, but can't afford to quit working; and then there's the cop who remembers that particular driver and nails him/her again.

    Eventually, the evildoer is brought to the point of having to buy an extremely expensive form of insurance (which he can't afford) or go to jail; sometimes both. And these are the people who staff our stores, greet us at the registration desk, clean our rooms and our homes, mow our lawns and take care of our kids. With the machinations of the job market and the well-intentioned (but destructive to the 38% of Vermont taxpayers who are low-income workers) DLS enforcement system, we do a pretty good job of screwing them.

    1. Ah Chuck, always the twister. These people are repeating law breakers who don't think they have to pay the fines and who think it is OK to drive without a license or insurance. Instead they think it is OK to drink and drive , have families they can't afford and depend on other people's money to pay for their spawn instead of becoming responsible self-reliant productive citizens. Chuck, its philosophies like yours and others of similar ilk that brought about the complete destruction of the town of Springfield and it will soon be the entire nation. Blame the cops for arresting the perps for repeating their crimes? Duh!

    2. i would think that something would have to go thru the house,schumlin and his DA'S have cost the taxpayers in this state a lot of money we can't afford to lose

    3. chuck gregory12/14/15, 8:25 AM

      I suggest you and your spouse/partner peel off all your income to the point where you're living on $10 an hour and see if you can do a daily commute to work. Half of the workers in Springfield make less than $14 an hour; one out of three of them works for poverty wages. "Poverty" means they are very likely to be able to afford car insurance, yet these people are the ones who possible for the rest of us to be served professionally, without delay, without shortages without inconveniences and with courtesy.

      It would be nice if we exercised some Christian charity as well as civic prudence here...

    4. Chuck, these offenders made the choice to violate the law, these fines aren't handed down because they are in a different income bracket.

    5. Chuck, it's called accountability. How is it fair that someone who cannot afford to pay a ticket that THEY EARNED, and the rest of us have to pay full price?
      If you knew the speed limit and broke it, you should be held accountable like the rest of us. All this is doing is teaching people that they can get away with whatever they want, if they can't afford a ticket just say "screw it" and pay $25

    6. I've got to side with the nay-sayers on this one Chuck. These are people who, time and again, have proven they cannot drive responsibly. Regardless of their financial situation or job status, they are NOT safe drivers - and now we're putting them back on the roads, free of their past transgressions.

  6. Pay attention boy & girls, outstanding teaching opportunity here. While liberals preach equality, when subjected to to the exact same punitive measures as the general population they demand special treatment.

    Absolutely the same mindset of liberals condemning the disproportionate negro prison population and forgiveness of college loans for useless degrees. A selfish, juvenile mindset that precludes personal responsibility and respect for the rewards that follow sacrifice and hard work.


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