Thursday, December 3, 2015

Man charged in Vt. robberies misses sentencing

A warrant has been issued for a Springfield, Vt., man’s arrest after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday, the day he was scheduled to be sentenced in connection with three Vermont robberies.


  1. Another stellar job Vermont Judicial system! Thank you for keeping us all safe!

  2. It's rather comical how the Windsor County States Attorneys Office in conjunction with the Judges in this state continue to show you how they do not have your best interest at heart. There is NO reason why someone facing time is released into the community so they can commit more crimes and create more victims. I don't know about you but I am tired of these cowards. Does one think that not spending the money to house this clown is well spent, vs. having to now track him down and hope that he has not done more harm to our community? Please remember these events when you vote.

  3. They just had this guy in custody shortly after robbing the one in Springfield. He was released!?!? Unbelievable!



  5. Well, duh....what did you expect?

  6. Charlestown, NH bank robbed, it looks like and probably was Matt Martin.

  7. You can post bail after being found guilty through evidence of robbing two banks???!!! What the heck!?!?! Who is this numbskull judge, you'd think investing nearly 20 years becoming one they'd be somewhat intelligent. Actually's so unbelievable the way VT works.

  8. He will now be on the loot for money to fund his trip to Mexico. Way to go morons!

  9. As I have stated many times on this forum, until the citizens of this town WAKE UP and start pushing out the liberal progressive crowd who runs this state, this is what is going to keep on happening. Our justice system here in Vermont is not protecting local citizens and is an outright joke.

    1. @ 4:03 PM, your point is well made. However, what I find exceeding more reprehensible is our two, useless representatives, Emmons and Forguites. These individuals have been entrusted to insure Montpelier governs in Springfield's best interest. For these two under achievers to remain silent and condone a revolving door judiciary that willfully unleashes multi convicted violent felons, pedophiles, heroin dealers, armed robbers, and career criminals to prey upon our most vulnerable citizens is profoundly unacceptable!

      However Springfield's mindless, liberal electorate overwhelmingly sent these do-nothing progressives to Montpelier in the past election cycle and likely will again. So the future is clear. Anyone seeking to raise a respectable family or grow a business would be wise to relocate. And by the stats on homes for sale, vacant commercial property, and college grads not returning, the exodus is full throttle!

  10. Bob Lombard12/3/15, 5:21 PM

    The guy had three months on the street to contemplate the benefits of 18 months in jail - and decided that out of jail was better? Wonder how he could possibly come to that conclusion? Got to be one of those weird 'freedom lovers', eh?


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