Sunday, December 13, 2015

Program helps more drivers regain suspended licenses

Brenda Kennett of North Springfield just had $1,500 in traffic fines and fees reduced to $100, thanks to a program aimed at helping low-income Vermont motorists.


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  1. It is truly worth it in the state of Vermont to remain on the edge of poverty due to amount of state subsidy offered. Again we reward the lack of self responsibility and punish those you continually contribute. This program should be allowed for all state residents who have tickets, not just the chosen few who "can't afford" it.

    1. She certainly can afford that thing on her neck, (click on the picture ).

    2. Life is all about choices! She chose to spend $$ on that thing.

    3. She should have chose to pay the tickets.

    4. 12:42 I couldn't agree more! Accountability is something that is all but forgotten in the wonderful town of Springfield.
      You don't pay your electric bill the power gets shut off! You don't put gas in the car it doesn't go anywhere.

  2. the state is in debt,but we can keep giving away money,this state needs a big change soon,how about making people pay for what they want with their own money

  3. OK Brenda, this form is easy to fill out.
    Read it carefully, put you last name on the first line.....
    (Enlarge the picture to see how it is done)

    1. terd furgeson12/14/15, 9:20 AM

      Holy hell!!! That's to funny!and anon 2:20 that's the only necklace she's never lost!!!!

    2. Yeah, I noticed that too. I'm not sure someone who can't even print their own name on a form correctly is someone I want to be driving on the same roads I do.

  4. I am torn on this program. Part of me feels that the state was probably not going to get the money anyway so getting something is better than nothing, but on the other hand, what is this teaching people? Another point, could we track the data on if this program increases the number of people working?

    Perhaps they can say, we are willing to forgive a portion of the fines, if you agree to annual reporting of your employment. If you fail to report, then the fines go back on. If this gets more people working or increasing their hours or wages, I am all for it, but I want to see proof it is working.

  5. Having grown up in town, I frequently check this site to catch-up on my "old home town." I never comment. However, this sparked a strong enough feeling to do so.

    Why? Why? Why? I am so disturbed with programs such as these that "reward" bad behavior. Meanwhile, there are many honest, hard-working, responsible people who follow the rules who are struggling financially. How are those law-abiding, yet "low-income motorists" helped?

    Finances aside, do you think the offenders will worry about the consequences of speeding, driving recklessly, etc. now that they know this is an option? I doubt it. So, this makes our roads more dangerous as well.

    There are many more effective solutions to dealing with the problems cited in this article (Anonymous 9:54 had a great idea, for ex.).

    Next time I drive up to Vermont, I hope someone will stop me, thank me for driving the speed limit and hand ME a check.

  6. She, as well as all the "others", should have to take the Written Drivers Test. And if they get any more tickets in the next 5 years, all the fines they were forgiven for go back for them to pay in Full.

  7. I'm rather boring. Paid my 10 yr federal school loan without fail. Saved 2 yrs for a car. No moving violations, suspensions or arrests. Yawn. Born to a financially (and emotionally) poorfamily in Springfield.

  8. The malcontented, reprobate segment of society is exactly who Vermont's liberal government caters to while it puts the screws to the diminishing number of law abiding, productive citizens that the state has left by increasing their taxes to subsidize this nonsense. It's called taking the working man and woman for granted. Until those of us paying these ridiculous tabs get pissed off enough to in the least "light our torches, grab our pitchforks, and march on Montpelier" to throw these liberal panderers out, we can expect to continue to be exploited by them.

    It's time to march in one direction or the other - either on Montpelier or out of the state altogether.


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