Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springfield Town Election Results

Chuck Gregory and Steve Osterlund, two candidates for local office, standing outside the polls Tuesday all bundled up against the cold wind.

All the articles on the ballots passed passed in today's voting, including the town and school budgets...

In the Select Board contest, Chuck Gregory managed to garner a respectable 774 votes running against popular incumbent Stephanie Thompson who received 1,441 votes...

Democrat Primary 
Bernie Sanders: 1,366
Hillary Clinton: 211
Martin O'Malley: 3
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente: 2
Democrat Total Write-ins: 7
Democrat Total Votes: 1,592

Republican Primary
John Kasich: 695
Donald J. Trump: 423
Marco Rubio: 367
Ted Cruz: 163
Jeb Bush: 39
Rand Paul: 14
Chris Christie: 12
Carly Fiorina: 5
Rick Santorum: 3
Republican Total Write-ins: 0
Republican Total Votes: 1,759

(Unofficial results, write-in candidate votes not included.)



  1. Where are the results?

  2. could someone put the election results on. seriously?

    1. Sorry, the brief report of results published at 8:30 last night somehow got accidently deleted when adding photo at sleepy bedtime.

  3. I'm glad so many people wasted their votes on someone who was not even eligible to run for the school board,his name should of been taken of ballet

    1. they should have a re vote without his name on the ballot,i can't believe there isn't some kind of law about this

    2. chuck gregory3/5/16, 8:47 AM

      Sorry, but I'm a resident of Springfield, even though your prejudice inclines you to prefer otherwise. The question is, did your prejudice get in the way of choosing the candidate who had the better set of ideas?

    3. Chuck 7:55 am was talking about the school board. You might be a bit over sensitive because citizens became aware you do not live in Springfield. Webster's definition of residence, "habitation, quarters, apartment, home. Are YOU prejudice against someone who beat you by about 2 to one? And I would say 700 or so people believe her ideas are better. So when you are peddling back to your home in Chester Vt. Think about that.

    4. chuck gregory3/7/16, 7:21 AM

      Well, if someone's prejudice overrides her concern about having her job taken out from under her or having her business raided by Wall Street; if his prejudice overrides his concern about maximizing the potential of the Black River to revive downtown; if their prejudice overrides their desire to see Springfielders improve their neighborhood by building a beautiful park, and if their prejudice overrides their desire to see the town charter revised to cope with the demands and threats of today, then clearly he, she or they are not going to exercise clear choice.

      I doubt that many of those who voted for Stephanie Thompson were moved by such prejudice.I think it far more likely that they were quite comfortable with having her continue in office and did not think too much about the significance of my positions. After all, it's pretty hard for anyone to imagine that we actually could prevent Wall Street from sucking out of Springfield any business it wants to-- but we can. I didn't do a good job of getting that message across.

  4. 2026 Town folk voted for Chester "Chet" Alden to be 1st. Constable. I guess I have two questions one is what is this job or title? The other is what if anything would make someone ineligible for this job?

    1. My question is: Is a person with a criminal record able to run for constable or any other office? Are background checks done on persons running for office?

    2. John Dalton3/4/16, 9:37 AM

      Town Constable works primarily as a Process Server, eg. eviction notices. But the Selectboard has set aside money in the budget to use the Constable as a Town Code Enforcer, eg. trash tickets, blight citations, -- in other words to be the person who serves tickets for messy properties. The long time Constable retired, and created a vacancy last year that was filled by Bill Roberson who was appointed. Roberson chose not to run again, so Chet Alden ran unopposed.

  5. Whomever is referring to Chuck Gregory who ran for the select board.....they feel he isn't eligible because he lives in Chester....but has a home in Springfield. He may live in Springfield part-time....don't know for sure, but he apparently passed muster if the town fathers/charters allowed him to run for office.

    1. Chuck is a great guy, incredibly intelligent and spends most of his time in Springfield. He's renovating a crappy old house so he can live in it here... He's paying taxes and let's face it, obviously gives a crap about spfld if he's willing to become a selectboard member. It's our loss that he didn't win

  6. I see most of the subsidies-SEVCA,Current, Meals on Wheels, Family Center were passed at least 2/1. Does this reflect that the taxpayers in the town are outnumbered 2/1? These handouts have to stop

    1. Philip Caron3/4/16, 11:02 PM

      My father worked his whole life, raised a family, and was not in debt. In his 80's he suffered a debilitating illness and could no longer do it all. The choice became whether to put him into the Health & Rehab facility (on Medicaid) or use help to maintain him at home. The latter is far less costly to tax payers, and choosing it allowed my father to keep involved in his life. It would not have been possible without Meals on Wheels, Visiting Nurses, and the Council on Aging. I (who have also worked my whole adult life) certainly feel the burden of taxes - but I voted for the programs that assist seniors to live at home. Again, it costs less in the end.


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