Monday, June 13, 2016

Banks accused of promoting vacancy

Banks and lending institutions are to blame for most of the vacant buildings in town that are coming under scrutiny by town officials, the town's zoning officer said this week.    


  1. Bob Lombard6/13/16, 9:15 AM

    So... The banks will be found in violation of the ordinance? Um, I'm thinking the bank people can calculate which will cost them more - compliance or an attorney that's already on retainer.

  2. The town should seize these properties using emminent domain or some other legal mechanism. A town I once lived in had a program where it would give a vacant property to a person if they renovated it and lived in it for at least 5 years. Just an idea.

  3. Tear down the ghost buildings. Tear down the "projects".
    Wipe the slate clean and start new. Put people to work. Hazardous waste ? Put the people shoving it into their veins to work.

  4. Yeah, it's all the banks fault...outrageous property taxes have nothing to do with it.

  5. What is up with all the complaining about property taxes here? I've owned homes in multiple communities in seven states and have never seen them lower than here. And what do you get for those taxes in those places? In Florida, we had fire departments that let entire residential neighborhoods burn to the ground while they hosed down the strip malls. Literally. I'll pay the taxes here any day (and I do.)

    1. chuck gregory6/15/16, 8:27 PM

      What!?!?! Do you want to get stoned to death?? You talk treason, boy. This is Springfield, a town where people would rather see their homes burn down than pay property taxes.

      As your punishment, you should be sentenced to serving on one of the town committees.

    2. That's unconstitutional. (Cruel and unusual punishment.)

  6. Property taxes are expensive in Springfield... Compared to Los Angeles California which is about 1.2% of the sale price, not assessed value.

    Also, the schools are rated extremely poorly... this will have an effect on potential home buyers wanting to move to Springfield... buyers with children might pass on our town because our schools are rated so badly. I've met a few teachers and admin people and don't know why the schools are rated so badly when the people I've met, seem like intelligent and nice people. Being new in town and no children I don't know what the problems in the schools are... I just know as a former r.e. broker, families would rather live in a town with good schools.


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