Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Video: Nominee for Governor parties with local Democrats

Surprise guest at Monday's Windsor County Democrats 4th annual barbecue event was Sue Minter chosen August 9th by Democrat primary voters statewide to be their candidate for governor in the November election.

Music performed by Windsor County Senator Dick McCormack and the "Stringfield Springers" led by Steve Matush. And introducing the tambourine stylings of Sue Minter.

The music, participants and dancing seem oddly reminiscent of scenes from old Andy Griffith shows that featured the Driscol Darling hillbilly family...



  1. I can't wait to see the Republican Rappers.

  2. This is arguably the most Vermont video ever recorded, the only thing missing is a moose wandering into the shot.

  3. Conspicuously absent are any 18-50 year old working class supporters. Looks like a rally for trust fund beneficiaries, transplants and disability scammers. Forgive me for not attending, I had to work to support my family.

  4. chuck gregory8/17/16, 5:30 PM

    18 to 50-year-olds are generally doing what you were doing at this time of day. Most of us who were there were able to make it because: 1) Democrats created the Social Security program, so we don't have to work until we drop dead. 2) Democrats protected workers who were organizing and empowered them to secure not the el cheapo "defined contribution" pensions begrudged today's workers, but DEFINED BENEFITS pensions which help us eke out SS. 3) Democrats provided us with Medicare and Medicaid so we didn't (and you won't) die from curable causes after we retired. There's more, but until you decide to look into what Democrats stand for (or ought to), you'll have to make do with these few.

  5. Chuck, a few of us here know well what Democrats stand for, and it has little to do with respect for hard work and sacrifice. Democrats have had full control of Montpelier for several years now and what have we gained? If an economy so miserable and opportunity so bleak to shrink the population then you must be proud. Please, tell us what the Democrats in Montpelier have achieved that's improved the quality of life for working class Vermonters? No ambitious, young family in their right mind would consider the 44th worst state to make a living.

  6. chuck gregory8/18/16, 12:44 PM

    "Hard work and sacrifice" to Republicans almost always means somebody else puts in the sixty hours a week. When I go into a convenience store on a holiday and ask the clerk if she's getting time and a half for that day, the response is usually along the lines of, "No, and I'm just glad to have a job!"

    Forbes readers in general do not have to worry about food, clothing and shelter, which is why Forbes doesn't rank states on affordability of heating oil, clean water, child care, education and other quality of life issues. No, for their readers, it's the next level-- how to make more bucks, usually by evading taxes and OSHA, SEC and FDA regulation. I weep that we are 44th, but then I remember it's Forbes' opinion and somehow manage to pull up my socks and soldier on.

  7. Chuck, when you go to a convenience store or sandwich shop it's usually to freeload off their WIFI signal to write these posts. A service paid for by a small business entrepreneur that likely works 60 hours a week to fund a payroll and pay his oppressive, quarterly taxes. It's hard work and sacrifice like that that creates jobs and fuels an economy. Yet you would demonize him for reading a publication with financial insights to better himself and business.

    Again, please tell us, what the Democrats in Montpelier have achieved that's improved the quality of life for working class Vermonters?

    1. chuck gregory8/22/16, 12:31 PM

      5:16, businesses choose to install wi-fi, and some of them have found that when they make it availble, it attracts more customers and generates more profit. Who am I to kick against such a goad????

  8. For once, I have to agree with Chuck! Supply side economics is a Republican-created fantasy land that benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Hard work? Sacrifice? These words used to have meaning, thanks to organized labor holding businesses accountable. Now that the unions are all but gone, it's open season on workers. As much as I disagree with the modern left on nearly every social issue, the only politicians who have ever done anything for the working people were all Democrats. These "job creators" that I hear so much about have had their taxes low for 35 years now. Where are these jobs? IN CHINA!!!!!


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