Monday, October 10, 2016

Bear caught on video in Springfield residential neighborhood

This past Saturday at about 6:00 am, a trail cam recorded a good-sized black bear ambling its way through a yard in the Park Street area of town.

The resident who captured this video said this was the first such sighting he has ever heard of this close to downtown. He notified the police, and they said this was normal at this time of year, bears coming into town looking for trash and bird feeders to feed from. There had been other recent sightings of bears in town.

Seeing black bears in their natural surroundings is exciting. But when bears venture into human territory, problems can occur and bears often pay the price. 

Nuisance Bears - A Fed Bear Is A Dead Bear

People often encourage bears to come out of the forest by providing food without realizing it. When bears become used to these food sources and have frequent contact with humans they are often considered "nuisance bears." This is bad news for the bears. Relocating a nuisance bear is nearly impossible and frequently they must be destroyed.

The most common sources of food that attract bears are: pet food, bird feeders, barbecue grills, garbage, household trash containers, open dumpsters, and campsites with accessible food and food wastes.

Purposely feeding a bear is not just bad for the bear, it’s also illegal.
If you see a bear in a residential area or you encounter an aggressive bear, please contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Protecting Your Home and Property

Vermonters must take reasonable measures to protect their property from bears before lethal force can be taken. Some of these measures include: 
  • Keep chickens and honeybees secure within an electric fence or other bear-proof enclosure.
  • Never feed bears, deliberately or accidentally.
  • Feed your pets indoors.
  • Feed birds from December to March only.
  • Store trash in a secure place. Trash cans alone are not enough!
The Fish & Wildlife Department will not reimburse claimants for bear damage to livestock, fruit, or bees. Farmers will be reimbursed as long as their land is not posted against hunting.

Persons suffering bear damage should contact the nearest Vermont Fish & Wildlife office or local state game warden prior to taking any control action on their own. Fish & Wildlife personnel will recommend appropriate measures or control strategies that can lessen the problem.

It is your responsibility to avoid attracting bears. Bears are wild animals that belong in their natural habitat-- the forest.


  1. I had one come in my yard a few years ago, he sat up in my tree for about an hour. A few days ago there was another one in the yard, about 11pm. I live near Elm Hill, very residential and close to town.

  2. maybe he was looking for his catamount friend

  3. There was one the other night in our driveway up on Elm Hill

  4. I consider bears dangerous - and not very good eating. My response to their presence is based on those considerations.


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