Saturday, October 22, 2016

Windsor Senate candidates differ on guns and strikes

The seven candidates for Windsor County Senate disagreed sharply during a forum Thursday night on the need for gun background checks and teachers' and state employees' right to strike.    


  1. I find it disappointing that no one considers PREVENTION as a solution to the drug problem. When I was a kid in the 70's, there were public service ads, songs like Freddy's Dead and The Pusher, and I remember the Grand Funk radio spots warning young people of the dangers of using drugs. Where are these things now? Have popular culture and our leaders simply accepted drug addiction as an inevitable part of life? Or is it the fact that drug treatment is so profitable, and requires a steady supply of new addicts? Or maybe it's just that it is politically popular to tell young people that the consequences of stupid decisions are someone else's responsibility. Or maybe all of the above?

  2. chuck gregory10/26/16, 8:20 AM

    In some ways, drug addiction is like Satanism: People get into it when they have nothing better to do. With little prospect of improving our lives-- wages for the bottom 80% have remained flat, and for the bottom 20% they have actually declined, over the past 45 years-- and with well-paying jobs largely gone; with our educational system reconfigured to minimize costs rather than maximize potential; and with commercial TV constantly inundating us with its "I'm beautiful. You're ugly. Buy this" messages, we seek some way to escape the pit we're in. Substance abuse is a pretty convenient one.

    1. If you're so bored that you chose to shoot heroin, maybe the problem is a lack of creativity. There are other alternatives to both heroin addiction, as well as satanism. Lots of them. Millions of people live their entire lives without doing either one. I, myself, have found plenty of things to do in the 25 years since I stopped using. Go to college, raise a family, build a hot rod, learn to play guitar and join a band, to name a few. There's a great, big world out there, GET OUT THERE AND LIVE IN IT! (Unless you're just too lazy and stupid.)

    2. chuck gregory10/26/16, 5:44 PM

      11:32, every user would really benefit from getting to the place you got to. It's just that about 24% of them don't. How expensive was your habit? (One woman who turned her life around (it took about eight years) got up to $500 a day and stayed there for about a year.) What produced the change in your life? Congratulations!


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