Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emmons, Forguites win re-election

The two incumbent House representatives easily won re-election Tuesday. Voters re-elected Rep. Alice Emmons, D-Springfield, with 1,663 votes, and Rep. Bob Forguites, D-Springfield, with 1,401 votes.    


  1. The parasites have spoken.

  2. George T. McNaughton11/9/16, 11:29 AM

    My congratulations to Alice Emmons and Bob Forguites on their victory.

  3. chuck gregory11/9/16, 2:15 PM

    Anonymous, you can't complain, because you didn't vote. You're not even registered to vote.

    1. I didnt vote for you...thats for sure!

  4. Losers attract!

  5. Hi ,,

    Scott Frye here . The number from the article are false. Look to a prior posting on the REAL election results on this site.
    Alice 818 , Bob 672, Scott 612.

    It wasn't a blowout and someone need to let the Herald KNOW that.

    Didn't George notice ??

    Second: People who didn't vote AT ALL for state reps cannot complain about actions taken at the statehouse where REPS and Senators decide things that AFFECT you. That's where spending, taxing , healthcare and , education funding are decided

  6. I voted at Republican for VT elections and only 1 won. How is it that people in Springfield continue to elect these people to represent us. Look around town. I have lived here 14 years and the town has gotten worse. When I bought my first house here there were only 11 on the market, now way over 100. Our representatives are pathetic and have done nothing in Montpelier.

    1. Things were a lot better everywhere 14 years ago. Bush hadn't destroyed the economy yet. I bought in here two years ago, and although I have seen some improvements, it still has a long way to go. A community is only as good as the sum total of its people, and most people vote for what they believe is in their own interest. They are often wrong, or so self-absorbed that they ignore those around them. This can be said of both sides of the political divide. As a community, and as a country, we need to start seeing the bigger picture; and that often means abandoning ideological positions in favor of practicality. Why did the incumbents get re-elected? Because more people voted for them than their opponents. Period. Apparently they believed that doing so was in their interest. Maybe they were right, but that doesn't necessarily do anyone else any good. In a democracy the majority are SUPPOSED to decide elections (just not for President) so if the people are idiots, well, you get the idea......

  7. Even though a Republican has won the governor's job, he will be completely surrounded by liberal progressive Democrats. I'm afraid that Anonymous 5:37 PM is correct, tweedle-dee-dee and tweedle-dee-dum will continue to pursue a liberal agenda and the working man/woman in Springfield will be forgotton/ignored.

  8. Personally, I'm glad that we now have a Republican governor to put the brakes on some of the radical leftists in this state. On the other hand, when Trump and the Republicans in Congress destroy the economy like Bush did, I wonder how many conservatives will own up to it?


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