Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ideas from other towns could aid revitalization

Inspired by the successes of other Vermont downtowns, Springfield is going to steal some good ideas for the town’s new strategic plan.    


  1. RE: "......said the town needed specialized consultants to help with the effort."

    It should be painfully clear to all, those appointed to revive Springfield just don't "get-it."

    Prosperity can not exist without the wealth influx of good jobs. Good jobs don't exist because Vermont is a lousy place to do business and having arguably one of the worst school systems in the state makes for a poor labor pool.

    No amount of taxpayer funds spent on wreck centers, foolish logos, street lamps, pocket parks, paving, and consults will yield Jack $%#@. Springfield's plight didn't happen by accident or Wall Street influences. What happened here is no different than Flint, Chicopee, Newark, and Detroit. Profoundly incompetent town planers allowed low income housing and its associated blight to breed like a cancer. Now with a critical mass of parasites the community is doomed.

    Ask yourself, why would any successful entrepreneur or professional, young, couple seeking to build equity with the choice to pursue their dreams most anywhere choose this fetid, rat hole? And don't buy into the BS that it's the same everywhere. Read this,

    1. Take a trip to WRJ and St Albans. Incredible transformations taking place. Keep Hope Alive. I'm not willing to walk away from the home and town my parents put their hearts into for us. Okay, the sermon is over.

  2. Although I agree that there are way too many Section 8 slums in this town, I wouldn't give Forbes much credence; they are of the same ilk that created, and continue to profit from, these conditions. They just have more money, and own more property. Might I also add that "The Donald" started life as a slumlord, and I'd bet he reads Forbes every day.

  3. chuck gregory11/22/16, 12:42 PM

    When the inhabitants of this town call it a "rat hole," they're very likely to treat it like a rat hole (e.g., the Plywood Palace at the top of Main Street).

    If you put a crab in a basket, it will crawl out. If you put it in a basket with other crabs, if it starts to crawl out, another will pull it back in. Judging from too many comments on this blog, Springfield might be said to have a case of crabs.


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