Friday, December 2, 2016

Design consultant says Black River is ‘wow factor’

The “wow” is the series of waterfalls on the Black River in the downtown area, according to Carolyn Radisch, senior project manager for Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., the town’s downtown consultant.    


  1. RE: "the town should “engage” with the river, and bring the sense of the river into the community.”

    How much are the taxpayers being hosed for this absurd, non sense? Since most of the town leaders are too stupid to get it, perhaps it needs to be spelled out.

    What's killing this town is,
    1. A useless development agency that has failed to both secure and attract good paying, technology sector jobs.
    2. Little or no zoning that enables blight. You really need to see the eye sores on Seavers Brook Road!
    3. A failed school system that only focuses on SPEDs.
    4. Over regulation that prohibits entrepreneurs from repurposing abandoned buildings.
    5. Expansion of low income housing.
    6. Populating committees with useless, do-gooders that have no professional/commercial success at any level to draw upon.
    7. Failing to tax low income housing proportional to the town services its residents consume.
    8. Not addressing there is absolutely no social outlet for young professionals. We can't even have fireworks or a live music venue.

    Bottom line, if you have a career and bright future ahead of you, Springfield is a very poor choice to meet a partner, build equity and raise a family.

  2. The river is nice. Too bad you can't see much of it with all the crumbling buildings blocking the view, to say nothing of the crumbling blight you can see looking FROM it. "Repurposing" is not necessarily the solution for much of it, tearing these old buildings down in favor of public space to actually ENJOY the river's natural beauty would attract visitors, as well as new residents. More low income housing and services for drug addicts scares people away!

  3. Sometimes an old field, overgrown with weeds, needs to have those weeds tilled under to allow new growth. Funny, had to hire a consultant to show them the river, LOOK UP from your smart phones and SEE what a nice stretch of river exist in Down Town Springfield. True it is hard to see through all the dilapidated buildings fronting it. Tear them down, let the age of the industrial revolution go. There are many success stories of towns and cities refurbishing their river fronts. Doing so in SF will have great results for it's future. Make it nice and it will bring in nice, leave it looking like carp it will bring in carp and house rats like it is doing now. But needing to hire a consultant to see this, come on, start think for yourselves.

  4. chuck gregory12/3/16, 6:34 PM

    Have you considered running for selectboard, 7:47?


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