Thursday, January 5, 2017

Police: Woman caught with over 900 Bags of suspected heroin In western Mass.

A 41-year-old Springfield, Vermont woman is facing charges after police say they caught her with hundreds of bags of suspected heroin in Massachusetts.


  1. Click it or Ticket !!

  2. Dear Massachusetts,

    Please keep her.


  3. Bye Felicia

  4. This will only end with the administering of swift, capital punishment. There is no alternate, effective solution. None.

  5. chuck gregory1/6/17, 10:25 AM

    Swift and certain punishment did not end illegal trafficking and consumption of alcohol in Prohibition; it won't work for other substances, either.

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." --Einstein, perhaps

    1. Punishment was neither swift, nor certain, during Prohibition; there were too many cops and polititians on the take. Capital punishment for bootlegging did not exist, either. I say give it a try, dope dealers are scum who prey on the poor and innocent. Maybe if THEY started becoming casualties, instead of just their customers, they'd think twice about doing it! A war of attrition may be the only solution. Legalization of alcohol DIDN'T stop the deaths, injuries, and abuse caused by it, legalizing heroin won't stop these things, either.

    2. Philip Caron1/6/17, 2:58 PM

      Then, 11:09, alcohol and heroin should be dealt with the same way, no?

    3. No, that would be Chuck's flawed logic. Sort of like treating water and gasoline the same way, since they're both liquids. Heroin and alcohol are two completely different substances, with two completely different effects, and MUST be treated differently.

  6. chuck gregory1/6/17, 7:43 PM

    Legalizing alcohol made law enforcement a lot cheaper-- and I don't think you'll find that booze-related deaths and illnesses skyrocketed anywhere near as much as the costs of corruption, enforcement, adjudication and incarceration went down.

    Maybe we need to re-criminalize alcohol so that it's all on a level playing field.

    Seriously, if we can live with the evils of alcoholism, what's the problem with doing the same with other abused substances if it means that there will be no black market, no profit-driven homicidal violence in the commerce and no billions spent in fruitless enforcement efforts?

    1. According to The National Institute on Alcohol, booze kills 88,000 people EVERY YEAR, and is the fourth highest preventable cause of death in America. Not even mentioning assaults, domestic violence, property damage, and child abuse caused by alcohol. I, for one, could EASILY live without the evils of alcoholism; I've been doing it for 25 years. Neither one is good. I can only guess, but if legal heroin is the same as legal alcohol, then we can only expect heroin deaths to skyrocket.

  7. Chuck, we want stuff made in America, like Kentucky bourbon or Vermont weed, not China or Mexican dope.


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