Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Springfield tries to grapple with too much trash


Let’s all recycle
And it looks like people are doing just that. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation just released the first Universal Recycling Status Report, summarizing recycling, composting, and food bank donations across the state.

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  1. I could crack a joke about this, but I won't.

  2. I remember when Haley Whitcomb used to prioritize Reuse over Recycle. Now, you actually to have to pay the metal guy in CASH, with no receipt or accounting at all, if you want to take anything out of the freebie piles - the claim being that it is a "donation". Many times, have to even pay him to leave things, like a lawnmower, or a bike. Cash. No receipt. Goes right in their pocket. Been this way for years and years and years. I think anytime money is exchanged with a town employee, some sort of numbering or accounting should be done.

  3. There was a mandate that requires us to recycle, and yet there are still trash collectors here in town picking up unrecycled trash. If there is a state mandate where are these collectors taking this trash. Someone or other is apparently turning a blind eye to what these collectors are bringing in and the collector is turning a blind eye to what he is picking up. Mandate? Not worth too much

  4. Why does all the glass from the recycle center end up in a huge pile behind the town barn?

  5. Be careful what you mandate unless you have a long range plan of how to deal with the after affects. There is currently such a glut of recycle that it is worth nothing. So there's a big pile of glass behind the town barn


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