Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Elm Hill principal plans June resignation to pursue other options

Elm Hill Primary School Principal Dana Jacobson-Goodhue will be leaving the elementary school in June, after five years as principal.

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  1. This is the best news ever. This woman is horrible to boys with mental health issues.

    1. ^ If you had raised your little monster with any discipline and social skills the school could focus on educating him and you wouldn't be confusing mental health with poor behavior.

    2. Yup, coca puffs and chocolate milk, and maybe a twinky if you are a good boy, gets the mourning started.

  2. Actually anon 2:43, my son doesn't have bad behavior. He has issues with people touching him and loud noises also unexpected schedule changes. He is very much on the autism spectrum, and also has a disorder called "DMDD" as well as PTSD. A combination of mental health issues that are seen in less than 2.2% of children his age tested, world wide. I have 3 older children who have no issues at school what so ever. This principal would everyday seek out my son, come up behind him touch him, make him go down to a different classroom everyday where he can sit by himself without any other students to do his daily schedule. She would not allow him to even eat lunch with his peers because she felt he "might have an problem eating". He was having a day where he was crying a lot so she locked him outside in the schools courtyard and refused to let him back inside until he stopped crying. He was outside in May, in the rain for 2 1/2 hours before I was even notified he was upset.He was 6 YEARS OLD. DCF, and the superior court in white river served a protection order against her regarding my son, and low and behold, another parent sued Elm Hill School, and Dana Jacobson-Goodhue for child abuse and endangerment for locking her child in a padded room and stripping him of his clothes. They won a million dollar lawsuit because of it. Another boy was so frightened by her and her threats that at 7 years old ran away from her at school through the woods all the way to the Mobil station by the plaza. The police came looking for him and the child was hysterical that "Mrs. JG" was going to hurt him like she said. I know this happened because I was one of 25 staff and parents that went looking for him. What kind of person would threaten or treat a child like that? Did it occur to you that not one single school board member objected to her resignation? Because they have been looking for a reason to give her the ax for a long time. But it must just bey parenting right?

    1. Wow, this woman sounds like a real psycho. Are there any criminal charges pending? If there's even a shred of truth to what's been said, there should be!

  3. You need to check the facts before making claims that are potentially liable in nature. Your comments do not help the children of Springfield. The padded rooms that you speak of went away BEFORE Mrs JG became principal, her focus on childhood mental health is beyond reproach in the district, and there has never been legal action of the sort you mention. If you really are or were a staff person, then you are spreading misinformation because you have an axe to grind.


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