Friday, March 3, 2017

Board candidates get an earful

The candidates for the one open seat on the Springfield School Board got an earful from two dissatisfied parents during a candidates’ forum Tuesday night.    


SAPA TV Video – Wes Marshall, cameraman


  1. All the problems with the school starts from the top. Lets keep hiring people who have no idea what there doing and pretend to. It is costing tax payers a fortune.

  2. No responsible, young family in their right mind would move to Springfield and enroll their children in our failed schools. Worse yet, the community doesn't acknowledged the root issue. Springfield is a fetid wasteland of liberal politics not even worth visiting.

  3. chuck gregory3/3/17, 2:15 PM

    Parents who have to hunt for a better school for their kids are just joining the rest in the race to the bottom. In Finland, no parent has to hunt for a "better" school, because the entire country values education so highly that they make sure all schools have everything every child needs-- and Finland has the best public education system and best outcomes in the world.

    But here, we have parents who leave Springfield so their kids will be able to go to Woodstock; we have parents who won't move into Springfield even though they make their money (and a lot of them get paid quite well) because of what Anonymous has said about our system, and for lack of their taxpaying presence and their kids, our school system has to tighten its belt even further-- which reinforces the next family's need to join the race to the bottom.

  4. Chuck, as usual you just don't get it. Springfield has about the highest spending per student. If all it took was cash our schools would be a bench mark for excellence. But like Obama refusing to mouth the words, Islamic terrorist, our administrators refuse to acknowledge the root issue. Until that that is addressed, I and my extended family are all voting no on the school budget and returning board member. It is the only leverage we tax payers have.

    1. What you do not seem to understand Anonymous, is that voting NO on the school budget does not get to the root of the issue. Administration will not cut where you, and the majority of the town believes the cuts will be. Administration will cut where it actually hurts. Children's educations will actually be impacted. Admin will still sit pretty in their office with AC, while students safety and learning will be in jeopardy as they continue to cut at a disproportionate level in the younger schools. Coming to meetings, being involved, being vocal, standing up to the administration, getting on budget committees to actually see where the money is going- That will make the difference. But voting this budget down will only result in Elm Hill and Union Street having less adults, less supplies, and less chance at actually educating our children to what they deserve.

  5. So just to understand,, the current Chair of the school board doesn't know the school ratings or how poorly the elementary schools current grades are compared to the rest of the state? How can you make good decisions as a board member, never mind being the lead of the board, if you don't know the basic statistics and demographics of the schools your supposed to be representing?? Sounds like its time for a new board member!!

  6. It really isn't what we want! Superintendent Joe Silver, came to Springfield from Windsor. Why? They didn't want him. He left, school district improves! Dr Rose Ruth, comes to Springfield from Arizona, because her child is attending Dartmouth. This helicopter parent gets every thing she wants, and leaves. Then we paid out her contract! Zach, we just paid for his doctorate, was he here while going to school but we paid him. He puts in a principal at Elm Hill who isn't qualified, but we accept, she gets the license which we paid for, now she quits when she runs the school into the ground. What is the common denominator, we allow this school board, made up of wanna bed make decisions we vote down, or don't move on items we do vote yes on. Current chair, you don't know what's going on, you must go! Zach, I say should not have his contract renewed when it's up. But most of all, as a non resident, he should not be able to speak at the town meeting on Tuesday. The school board must answer any and all questions the tax payers ask. Palmer, you have my vote, you have a vested interest in the school...your children!

    1. Get your information straight....the Principal at Elm Hill was a hire by the previous Superintendent. The Union Street Principal left last year. So, the two schools with the low rankings in the Realtor ratings have or will have new Principals. Seems to me the changing of leadership could be part of a plan.

      Also, in the last couple years the Springfield School District per pupil spending has moved to the middle of the pack for the State of Vermont.


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