Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vermont considers building new $140M prison

State officials and lawmakers are interested in building a new 800-bed prison in partnership with a private company. Also under consideration is a new 100-bed unit at the Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield.    


  1. I sincerely hope this town won't be stupid enough to add more criminals to it twice in one lifetime. If you want to create jobs here build a Target, or a Costco; something people will benefit from.

  2. Another NEW PRISON in Vermont; just WHAT I NEED!

    Decades ago, I used to worked at SESCF in Windsor; now believe SESCF will close. I emailed Gov Phil Scott, suggesting as Mt Ascutney has dormant volcano, therefore excellent produce with farmer, and help for more employees job: more fruit AND vegetables at the farmer market, coops, and grocery stores in Vermont, too. Not only that, but suggestion is Brattleboro VT makes produce cans at Ferry Street, too. I did not answer Gov Scott at all. Plus, Lieut. Gov David Zimmerman have a farmer, but all deaf ears in Montpelier VT!

  3. Glad to not be a voter in Springfield, (I would have not voted for it anyway) and had voted on that Hell Hole in the Sand Pits. The government leaders that allowed it to come here in the first place can't be sleeping well at night, the ruined the town of Springfield allowing that facility to be here.

  4. Here's how it works. No one will probably read this. It is to far down in this blog. Not many comments here on this topic. So guess what, sounds like you want or will accept an addition to the facility in Springfield. And that is how politics works. You snooze .....

  5. chuck gregory3/8/17, 8:54 AM

    People in town voted TWICE to have the prison built here. Full disclosure: I worked in the campaign for the call for a second vote.

    I think it passed because Wall Street had destroyed Precision Valley, causing our property taxes to rise 247% in 1983. A LOT of people were hurting, and we grabbed at the first illusory life ring that was tossed to us.

    Now we have finally realized that simply getting some business into town that brings in $12+ million in wages and retail business income has some baggage with it that we have to deal with. We are in general unwilling (it's an inertia thing) to readjust our attitudes, norms and behaviors to improve our town's quality of life.

    Until such time as we look at how to protect and enhance our economic base, we are going to continue to fall for the next proposed quick fix.

    1. Any new prison facility built in the state should be constructed in Montpelier or Waterbury. Expanding corrections facilities in Springfield will utterly doom the town, cementing its reputation as the social sewer of southern Vermont. How can the town possibly attract new businesses, optimistic citizens and middle class tax payers if we hang another "dead skunk" around our neck?

  6. Well ain't that a fine ideee, let's see if we can't find more clients fer those loverly folks at Springfield Sustainable Housing to assist. Why them folks have model women associated with dem who provide fine upstanding chillin fer our scools to scool. Why I was jus sayin the other day to the missus, how much it has halped the police department to hav something to do, and it has been just a wonderful boon to this here roomin house business that everyone is so excited about.

  7. Face it; Springfield is Vermont's garbage can. The Montpelier/Burlington liberals get to say they're saving the world one loser at a time, (without having to actually live with them) while the conservative investor class rakes in the government cash (tax free, of course.) It really is a great scam!


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