Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Springfield couple suspected of numerous business burglaries

Police say heroin addiction was behind a string of commercial burglaries that took place along Route 5 last month in the towns of Westminster, Putney and Brattleboro and on Wednesday they identified a Springfield couple as their suspects in the spree.    


  1. One way to put an end to all this <rap it to make heroin available in a supervised medical "outlet". Need your shot or pill, just stop in and the nurse will give you one, record necessary info and send you on your way. The pharms can make heroin cheaply and it could be distributed free of charge to those addicted, at a controlled medical "outlet". Dumb enough to get hooked on illegal heroin? Then you would be dumb enough. But at least you would not have to steal and endanger others if you had a place to go and get a free fix. The Swiss do this and the associated crime has dropped 80%.

    1. Taxpayers money to supply heroin. Are you on drugs?

  2. making it available sounds like a way to stop the crime and lower the body count. The security industry selling safes & alarm system along with the police supply industry is making tons of money. Company in Charleston NH makes flashing lights for emergency vehicles.
    About 1 million people have died in the 21st Century because of a generation of hacks in charge of this country.

  3. chuck gregory8/10/17, 2:51 PM

    There is too much money to be made in the War on Drugs to end it. There's so much money being made on the war in Afghanistan that it's about to be privatized-- given to Eric ("Blackwater") Prince while funded with our taxpayer dollars. The loonies who vote to continue these frauds get their campaigns financed by the people who make billions off government contracts. The people who vote for them are swayed by the ads those financiers pay for. Wish I were in on the racket!

  4. 9:18, ah, you are kidding right? As a victim of burglary committed by a couple who like heroin more than they like obeying the law, I vote no to making heroin, mary jane, or any other drug legal. How is it helpful to have a stoned population wandering around? In my case, I let them know they broke into the home of an gun owning NRA member and they are lucky there was no one home. I was treated to a wonderful tear fest when they confessed to the crime and gave my possessions back. Waaaaaa poor us, waaaaaa. Give me a break. You are the result of your decisions. Make good decisions, live a good life. Make bad decisions, suffer the consequences and receive no pity from me. Now, Chuck, let me know how wrong I am and just a few more cups of coffee will solve the entire drug problem that's caused by the evils of wall street..... Ready - Set - Go Chuck!

    1. Actually I am not kidding. The drug I am taking about is heroin, not dmt, bath salts, meth etc... In the countries doing as I mentioned, many of the addicts don't get stoned anymore, they need heroin to just to avoid the physical and mental agony. They get their fix and go to work. Just like the alcoholic ceo in the corner office taking nips of vodka all day. So I mention this alternative over the current method that does NOT seem to work.

  5. stop giving them the drug to bring them back when they OD,maybe they will take notice,learn it's not a free ride,maybe others will smarting up

  6. chuck gregory8/11/17, 8:03 AM

    In countries where use has been legalized, the addiction rates have either remained constant or gone down. Would you like to see Springfield's opioid problem stabilize or be reduced? In countries where use has been legalized, drug-related crime rates have gone down. Do you want to see Springfield's go down? In countries where taxpayer money pays for the substance, drug dealers have vanished. Do you want to see Springfield free of dealers?

    I repeat: We all know Prohibition was a massive mistake, corrupting the government and permanently establishing organized crime. Nixon used another Prohibition-- the "war on drugs"-- to neutralize anti-war and civil rights activism. How much longer are we going to continue to be stupid? We could make a drinking game out of this situation....

  7. Stop handing these addicts everything they "need". Stop making it easy on them by supplying them with "safe injection sites" and handing them needles and narcan for free! Stop slapping their hands and sending them back on the streets! Stick them in jail for 3-4 months, let them detox off all the crap they are on and let them suffer the painful effects of withdrawals and then give them some resources and send them on their way, if they make the CHOICE to pick the drug up again then do it all over. If things are harder for them and they know it is, some might just seek the help they need but making it too easy is only going to keep them addicted.

  8. Within a year, most addicts stay addicts to keep from getting dope sick during withdrawals. The thrill of it or any real high is long gone.

    IF the chronic addict could understand that there is a way they could be detoxed without significant withdrawl symptoms and with reduced cravings they would all do it but the information and access is suppressed.

    Most of us have never been told that there exists a drug called ibogaine which has helped many people to give up many kinds of addictions, including heroin and cocaine, within 48 hours and without withdrawal symptoms.

    Ibogaine treatment clinics have emerged in Mexico and Canada where the drug is unregulated. Much higher success rate than treatments here. We don't need to legalize heroin in the U.S., we need to legalize ibogaine treatment!

  9. Bob Lombard8/12/17, 6:38 PM


    Somehow that address does not bestow confidence.

  10. 4:24 spot on. Now to get liberal vt courts to see it this way. Why would anyone want to go thru withdrawals when the state says don't worry about it we will keep u out of prison so u can continue ur addiction(not disease)


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