Thursday, May 24, 2018

Meet Keith Stern

Meet Keith Stern, Republican candidate for governor, from North Springfield. His only scheduled campaign appearance in this area for the next two months. After tonight, he's busy campaigning in other parts of Vermont.

This event takes place today, Thursday May 24, from 5 PM to 8 PM at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library 573 Main St, Proctorsville. Stay a few minutes or a couple hours. (Click here for map)

Keith is a conservative constitutionalist. Here are some of Keith's positions:

100% for the Second Amendment and Article 16!

Reduce the size of government

Reduce the cost of living

Make Vermont inviting to businesses

Create an opioid prescription database

Truth in medical billing

Say NO, to acres of solar panels & miles of turbines

Say NO, to higher gas & heating fuel taxes

Say YES; to developing a new plan

Replace the State Agency of Education

Opt out of Common Core & Repeal Act 46

Say YES to School Choice, including homeschooling

Get tougher on drug dealers

Implement sentences that better fit the crimes

 "Turn to Stern"  


  1. All I can say Keith is I hope you don't support that character Trump.

    1. Given his positions on the issues, I'm sure he does! I've been hearing these same, tired, policy positions from the far right for over 50 years; it really amazes me when people think that candidates like Stern have new ideas!

    2. You need to meet Keith and experience his candid views first hand. He has a level of honesty and integrity that escapes politicians like Shumlin and Scott. Stern is prepared to address both Vermont's cost of living and lack of quality jobs fueling the exodus of ambitious young people. Have an open mind, put party affiliation aside and listen to a candidate with a plan and not just poll driven talking points. Are you happy with what we have now?

    3. 8:28, there's nothing he's proposing that I haven't heard a thousand times. It's older than I am (and I'm pretty old.) The far right hasn't had a new idea since Calvin Coolidge, the politician Stern says he most closely identifies with. Am I happy with things the way they are now? While things could be better, I'll take the status quo over the chaos that Stern will create any day! By the way, I put party affiliation aside decades ago; I was registered NPA long before it was cool!

  2. From my perspective the status quo of failed schools in spite of highest tuition per student, resident tax burden, vacant down towns, lack of high paying technical sector jobs, revolving door justice for opiate traffickers, exodus of our best educated youth, departing industry due to over regulation and non existent labor pool, all beg for a change in leadership that benefits WORKING Vermonters. Not environmental, wacko, flatlanders with trust funds that selfishly deny locals any opportunity for prosperity. Think the new vehicle inspection standards are bad? Just wait till we have a carbon tax. Stern is the alternative to this non sense.

    1. It's provincial conservatives like you and Stern with your "local is better" attitude that are responsible for the high cost of education here; ditch local school boards for one state board and you'll reduce costs dramatically. Flatlanders with trust funds denying locals opportunity? Really? Me and my fellow "outsiders" have been shovelling money into this town for years! Expensive renovation projects to fix all the decrepit properties that were neglected by locals for decades! To say nothing of the tax revenue! I think a little appreciation is in order, not blaming us for the mess you've made of the place! Stern? His ideas are the problem, NOT the solution!

  3. North and south Korea should continue talking and sort out the greviences between them. Get with Japan,France, Germany, England etc. Leave Trump out of the loop. Give Kim the Nobel Peace prize. Scru Bolton.

  4. chuck gregory5/26/18, 7:52 PM

    4:28, they'll probably do just that! The real problem will be when the two sides agree that the US forces have to go... I hear those US-NK peace talk medallions are going at a steep discount...

  5. Trump is nothing but a big bully and a blowhard. If Melania took his dumb phone away she would be doing what she has elected to do. Stop bullying. N and s Korea should tell him to stay at the WH.

    1. What does Trump's phone and the First Lady (she wasn't elected, by the way) have to do with Keith Stern's campaign?

    2. Political thinking.

  6. I had a wonderful childhood and great education back in the 70s in Springfield. My graduating class included many who went on to top colleges (Worcester Polytech, Williams, MIT, etc.). None of us returned as we were unable to find jobs in our fields in Springfield. So, now we are "flatlanders." I would have loved to return to Springfield if I could have found a decent paying job. The solution: Create more jobs! Lure some decent employers. Create incentives for higher paying industries to open in Springfield. Then, maybe those who graduate and want to return can come back and "reinvest" in Springfield. Stop dumping money on tiny business ventures and bring in some that pay well and offer ample positions. Plus, start cleaning up the streets. Stop putting all those drug addicts back on the streets. Lock them up! Those of us who want to come back to visit friends/relatives in town (and spend money in local stores, etc.) are totally disgusted by the crime and the look of the place. PS: If you think those of us who went on to college come from upper-class, privileged families, think again. I was the first in my family to go to college. I studied hard, got scholarships, worked part-time while I attended, and paid my own way (100%). So, no need to attack me as some elitist who had it easy. I worked hard to get my education and career. Too bad Springfield had no jobs.

    1. @ 12:17, I couldn't agree more. As a local employer I have interviewed many high school drop outs. Their excuse for quitting school is always the same. "I wasn't learning anything useful, and no one could give me a compelling reason to stay." I find it incredulous with the bloated staff no one could convey the life of poverty ahead. Students see the community as it is. Low paying unskilled work packing vegetables, land scaping, seasonal construction, prison guard, HCRS slackie, snow making, and mindless assembly work. From their perspective anything beyond a 5th grade education is a waste, and to be honest they're right. Springfield needs to cut SRDC adrift and create an agency committed full time to attracting high quality jobs. In conjunction, we must send fresh thinking to Montpelier that will put us on an even playing field with NH to secure these jobs.

    2. Being so close to NH, Springfield Vermont is not desirable to big business because of TAXES. Springfield had/has an inventory tax. I remember the shop I worked at would "hide" some inventory so as to not pay the tax on it. The state and their taxes certainly don't help either. It is crazy how Montpelier wants to spend a huge ball of money on teacher pensions. Businesses look at those sort of things.

    3. Thanks for your support, 5:47 & 6:40. Yes, taxes (especially considering the appeal of NH) are a huge factor! If such obstacles were removed, I am sure employers would be eager to consider VT! It has such beauty, fresh air, etc. I would have loved to have spent my career in such a context.

    4. 5:47, am I to understand that YOU'RE one of the people providing those "mindless" jobs? Why don't YOU do something about it? It seems to me the local business community is the one tasked with providing meaningful employment, so why don't you, instead of blaming everyone else? All I ever hear from people like you is griping about government, taxes, etc. You act as though the community exists solely to make YOUR lives better. What are YOU doing to make Springfield a better place? Anything?

  7. chuck gregory5/30/18, 12:37 PM

    It would benefit Springfield if people bothered to look at what motivates children to learn and took steps to put the proper supports in place. Infants take great delight in finding out they can exercise agency-- that is, make things happen: make scribbles, tip over a bottle, roll a ball, make the dog bark. The best students are those whose appetite for agency is encouraged. Teachers know what needs to change to do this, but they're at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to being listened to. Right now Vermont teachers are being shoehorned into a grading system that in effects tells kids not to bother showing up for the first three quarters of the year....


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