Thursday, June 28, 2018

Electric fencing offers protection against chicken predation

The Springfield office of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department urges poultry owners to use electric fencing and follow other precautions to protect their birds from predation.

Video: What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry – Erin Janus
Did you know the government's Humane Slaughter Act, Animal Welfare Act, and the Twenty-Eight Hour Law all exclude chickens from their protections? And the USDA warns egg producers that they may be violating labeling laws if they tout their foods as “nutritious” or “safe.”


  1. Philip Caron6/28/18, 6:24 PM

    Which is better, growing poultry for food or those birds and nothing like them existing at all, either in captivity or the wild? If people want only plants to provide food (and this video is a promotion for vegan diet,) there will be little space available for any wildlife, and there will be limits on other resources' availability and use. Cultivation will replace many other options for all societies, and transitioning will be expensive. It is not practical, or if it is, nobody is explaining HOW to get, what, 8 billion people, almost all of them poor, to eat vegan. One admires people for being empathetic to animals and wanting to at least try to make things better, but this avenue doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

    1. Using your first argument, shouldn't every woman be striving to produce 10 or more children? So many unconceived children are being deprived of the joys of life. Just think for a moment how cruel that is.

      As for agricultural space, depending on the crop and the animal, one can get up to 20 times the number of calories per acre growing human foodstuffs than grain for animals. According to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) 1999 Animal Agriculture and Global Food Supply Report, an average of 8 pounds of grain is used to produce a pound of beef in developed countries. It takes about 2 pounds of grain to produce one pound of chicken meat, about 4 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of pork.

      This does not take into account the additional fuels and other resources required to keep, transport, and slaughter the animals.

    2. Philip Caron6/30/18, 9:48 AM

      My initial question was simply a question, not an argument. The best logistical outcome (in my opinion) would be for birth rates and human population levels to go way down. I don't see that happening; indeed, most societies are geared for the opposite, i.e. "growth", essentially mindless growth and consumption.

      The point about relative calories per acre is interesting. I'll do some reading.

    3. Mindless growth and consumption are what capitalism is all about. I'm not advocating communism or collectivism, but it seems to me that in order to insure the survival of the human race, a certain level of socialism is in order. In America, we can produce more food than we can consume. We pay farmers NOT to produce food with farm subsidies. If we stopped, market forces would make food more expensive to produce than it could be sold for, which is what caused the "Dust Bowl" as well as The Great Depression. THAT IS WHAT SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS DOES! If we, the taxpayers, must pay farmers in order keep the economy from failing, perhapse we should pay them to produce, and just give the food away! (Price controls would do the same thing, but are unconstitutional.) The only alternative would be population control measures such as forced abortions and euthenasia. Not a pretty picture!

    4. Hoo doggy.....what a're in your element,that being Vermont Comrade Commie!!!

    5. Yeah, I'm in the right place, 3:45. It's you who doesn't belong! Get the picture?

    6. Enjoy the Cannabis Festival in Johnson today there Puffy. Maybe try preaching to your munchie afflicted comrades as they wolf down their hot dogs.

  2. Buck-buck-buck-ZAP! MM-MMM, fried chicken!

  3. chuck gregory6/30/18, 11:28 AM

    A rule of thumb is ten calories of energy input will produce one calorie of energy in the food one consumes. Thus, eating getting 100 calories of energy from an apple results from eating 1,000 calories of apple from an apple tree using 10,000 calories to make it. Eating 100 calories of energy from beef results from eating 1,000 calories of meat which came from a cow eating 10,000 calories of hay, grass, corn, etc., which were produced by 100,000 calories of energy. A good argument for KISS....

  4. I think you people have to get back to basics and answer the simple question of what came first the chicken or the egg.


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