Wednesday, November 7, 2018

In Vt. it was a good night for incumbents

With 87.5 percent of precincts reporting, incumbent Democrats Alice Nitka (Ludlow), Alison Clarkson (Woodstock) and Dick MacCormack (Bethel) were holding comfortable leads over their Republican challengers in the Windsor County Senate race.


  1. George T McNaughton11/7/18, 8:15 AM

    I want to thank all of the Republicans, Democrats and Progressives that supported me in the election, and to congratulate Alice Emmons and Bob Forguites in their victories. Also, wish to congratulate Beth Gray on her very strong performance in the election. I believe the Representatives tried to focus on the local issues, even though in the end the election really turned on the National partisan divide. Am proud that so many Springfielders came out in the rain to vote. Have great hopes that Springfield shall rise again.

  2. Good night, Vermont. It's over!

  3. chuck gregory11/8/18, 6:47 PM

    Springfield will rise again; it's just a question of whether we pay attention to what's coming at us.

    One example I learned of recently is airB&B rentals. Moneyed people look at a vacant house as an airB&B income producer. They buy houses (over 6,000,000 were foreclosed on in The Big Short of 2008), tidy them up, and then take them off the market. They're not sold, they're not rented; they're just offered as a cheap alternative to a hotel or motel. This distorts the home buying and rental market.

    Springfield's could very easily become warped by these people, with apartments only affordable for low-income families and house prices boosted too high for working families. So, we have to think about how to either discourage or profit from this trend.

    1. Springfield has too many slum rentals as it is. AirB&B would be the death blow. It's time to get rid of the parasitic slumlords, who destroy neighborhoods in their lust for easy money.

    2. airb&b has nothing to do with slum rentals, but it is a good way to take some houses that could be profitable.

    3. RE: "Springfield will rise again" (chuck Gregory)

      Chuck, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Open or heavily invest in a new business? Build or renovate a single family home? Make loans to others that would? I won't hold my breath. You like so many other liberals including SRDC only use other people's money.

      Springfield is a dead town. The demographic, blight, taxes and failed schools combine for a terminal diagnoses. Think not? Next time in a class neutral setting, i.e., grocery story, DMV office, polling station etc. take a hard look at the people you're surrounded with. It's pathetic. A legion of mouth breathing, tattooed half-wits. No successful entrepreneur would give a second thought to relocating or expanding here. The reelection of ignorant, useless incumbents clearly illustrates the insanity of it's demographic. Any young person with career goals attempting to build equity and make a successful life for themselves is a fool to stay.

    4. Hey, 6:08, many of those "tattooed half-wits" are conservatives. So, why don't you put your money where your mouth is; leave town and take them with you!

    5. chuck gregory11/9/18, 8:01 AM

      Hey, 6:08:

      Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh........

    6. If all the conservatives left town, so goes the businesses, jobs income, tax money etc. then your welfare check does not show up at the first of the month.

    7. Dream on, Roger. You all would be replaced by people who actually know how to run businesses, and not craven bloodsuckers who only know how to rob their customers, and screw their workers!


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