Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Vermonters casting state ballots voice national concerns

“What I’m hearing the most is people are upset about what’s going on in Washington,” Rep. Alice Emmons, D-Springfield, said while campaigning outside her hometown polls.


  1. After reading this article, sounds like our VT Reps should focus on VT, we are 4th highest Tax state in the US. Our representation are "trying to deflect that fact" and some how make it Trumps fault, when in fact we have been taxed out of our mind in the State for ever, and worse than CT. If Alice Edmonds was doing her job and not worried about Washington, she might get something done here where it matters. Fix Vermont first!

    Total tax burden: 10.94 percent
    Property tax burden: 5.2 percent
    Individual income tax burden: 2.32 percent
    Total sales and excise tax burden: 3.42 percent

    1. Hey Roger, those tax numbers you're showing are LOWER than nearly every state I've lived in, in many cases by a lot. A total tax burden of less than 11% is pretty small, by comparison. We also get better services, by and large, for that money in Vermont. Try living in one of those "low tax" states and see how little you get, and how fast the "fees" add up. The biggest problem I see here is that when people come up with ways to increase efficiency, and thereby reduce taxes, conservatives complain the ideas aren't "local." You can't have it both ways. Living in the past is too expensive.

    2. I was going to say, if it only costs me 11% to have the quality of life I have here in Vermont, I am all in!

    3. This is above and be on the State Income taxes, if you pay any.

    4. So, the "Individual income tax burden" is above and beyond (correct spelling) the income taxes Vermonters pay? What??? Let me guess, Roger; those are the tax rates YOU pay, which are LOWER than most pay thanks to the progressive tax rates here. Either that or you're just making up numbers because you don't actually know what the tax rates are, and you think we're all stupid. Which is it?

  2. Can anyone tell me what trump means when he uses the words "us" and "them".
    The Divided State of America?

  3. chuck gregory11/7/18, 4:22 PM

    Vermont doesn't pay the highest taxes, and its quality of life easily surpasses that of all the states that pay lower taxes. There IS a connection....

    1. I'm not saying that there isn't room for improvement, but I've paid some HEFTY taxes in other places, and gotten very little for them. All in all, Vermont's taxes aren't nearly as bad as some make them out to be. Even Burlington, with its high cost of living, is still cheaper than the Suburbs of Chicago, and it's nicer than many of them.

    2. The average median income in Chicago is $88,221. In Burlington, it's $66,367.
      The median home cost in Chicago is $225,000, while in Burlington, it is $297,000.
      The cost of transportation is considerably higher in Chicago, but overall, with all factors considered, Chicago is 2.1% cheaper than Burlington.

    3. Sorry, 7:45, but I said the suburbs, not the city. DuPage co., to be exact. According to Sperling's Best Places, the cost of living index there is 125.4, higher than Burlington's 118.5. Housing is slightly cheaper (median $282,100) in DuPage, but not very much. Other expenses raise the costs, and there's WAY more to do in Burlington. In order to reach the level of culture you have there, you have to drive to Chicago, which can be Hell on a bad day. Google "the Hillside Strangler." It's not a serial killer, it's an interchange that you can spend HOURS stuck in. I lived there for 30 years, so trust me on that one!

  4. Roger - You are a tool and bring nothing to the table, but fake conspiracy theories and right-wing nut job beliefs. Are these taxes rates suppose to shock us?

    BTW - Did you vote for Scott, he is now coming to take your guns?

  5. I'll tell you one three years when I retire I'm heading across the river. No state income tax or tax on my pension. Gonna save me $7,100 annually in today's dollars.


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