Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Police log

Recent calls for service as logged by the Springfield Police Department.


14SF03844 Foot Patrol                    00:06:45 09/01/14  COMPLETE

14SF03845 Foot Patrol                    05:26:54 09/01/14      COMPLETE

14SF03846 Noise DisturbanCE                05:56:00 09/01/14  ACTIVE
          11 PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female outside building won't leave her alone

14SF03847 Mv Complaint                   08:15:26 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          Mt View Dr, Springfield, VT  05156
Two kids on Go Carts racing up and down the road. no helmets RP is afraid a vehicle will hit them

14SF03848 Animal Problem                 08:46:45 09/01/14      COMPLETE
          Park St, Springfield, VT  05156
Request we check on an Injured Turtle

14SF03849 Foot Patrol                    10:23:29 09/01/14      COMPLETE

14SF03850 Citizen Assist                 12:53:59 09/01/14      COMPLETE
          2 WHITE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Wants to keep his child for fear of sending her back home.  Says the mother is on Bath Salts

14SF03851 Accident Pd                    15:22:06 09/01/14      COMPLETE
          Pinebrook lane; Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting after the fact minor accident

14SF03852 Property Damage                17:24:31 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          GROVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Claims veh was in her lane she swerved to avoid and blew a tire - veh towed to garage she looking for an ins claim

14SF03853 911 Hangup                     17:35:03 09/01/14  COMPLETE

14SF03854 Welfare Check                  18:54:31 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Sister reporting female contacting family and friends claiming she is
going to hang herself - is in apartment with 3 other people and sister advised probably been smoking crack or other things and has been skitzo lately

14SF03855 Suspicious                     18:59:10 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          FACTORY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Unknown walk in complainant told Officer that a young kid was on the
river side of the railing fishing felt it was extremely unsafe and was not with anyone

14SF03856 Vandalism                      20:32:25 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          Southridge road, Springfield, VT  05156
Someone cut the brake lines on his vehicle

14SF03857 Citizen Dispute                20:39:21 09/01/14     ARREST
          Mill Road; Apt  Springfield, VT  05156
Call coming in female requesting officer for domestic but couldn't give any info male subj got on line advised someone has been hit but never mind he doesn't want to deal with officers

14SF03858 Burglary                       21:57:36 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST; Apt , Springfield, VT  05156
Male subj white tank top blue jeans tan work boots just took off running thru woods when RP was alerted to his daughter screaming help me mommy
help me because the male was bumping and pushing on the window to the bedroom trying to get in.

14SF03859 Foot Patrol                    23:16:00 09/01/14     COMPLETE

14SF03860 Citizen Assist                 23:26:32 09/01/14  COMPLETE
          Grove St, Springfield, VT  05156
Elderly gentleman walking down Grove St in his boxers carrying his pants
- adv he is a regular walker and he is wearing shorts - heading home

14SF03861 Foot Patrol                    02:09:32 09/02/14  COMPLETE
14SF03862 Citizen Assist                 09:32:27 09/02/14      COMPLETE
          700 Charlestown Rd; SSCF, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting his "Baby momma" took his child out of state RP wants her charged. – Nothing in custodial paperwork prohibiting transport of child out of state

14SF03863 Vandalism                      09:39:51 09/02/14    ACTIVE
          380 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Manager at the One Credit Union reports damage to some of the screens over the holiday weekend.

14SF03864 Foot Patrol                    10:25:19 09/02/14      COMPLETE

14SF03865 Assault                        11:51:09 09/02/14    ACTIVE
          303 SOUTH ST; SPRINGFIELD HS AND TECH CENTER, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a physical altercation that has occurred at the high school and one is now at the nurse's office, the aggressive is with Bindy in her office.  Parent of one contacted and the other to be contacted.  Female  allegedly walked up and punch another female in the face.

14SF03866 Fingerprints                   13:01:29 09/02/14  COMPLETE
14SF03867 Foot Patrol                    13:14:57 09/02/14    COMPLETE
          96 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
foot patrol on Main St

14SF03868 Fingerprints                   13:30:59 09/02/14  COMPLETE

14SF03869 Parking Problem                13:40:39 09/02/14    COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Anonymous Male caller advising that there are a number of vehicles in the
handicap parking spaces without proper placards in these spots and would like it checked on

14SF03870 Fingerprints                   13:52:05 09/02/14  COMPLETE

14SF03871 Citizen Assist                 14:08:07 09/02/14  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist card requested for taking possession of a .38 S&W handgun

14SF03872 Animal Problem                 14:10:43 09/02/14      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Cat locked in car with no windows down in front of library

14SF03873 Fingerprints                   14:31:59 09/02/14  COMPLETE

14SF03874 Mv Complaint                   14:39:45 09/02/14  Uncoop Vict
          ELM ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that male operating vehicle left her residence he has open beer - Budweiser in vehicle drinking it with 2 small children in the vehicle with him is headed back to Charlestown most likely via secondary roads veh has unknown NH reg … contact made neg indicators of alco consumption while driving ...

14SF03875 Fingerprints                   15:31:55 09/02/14  COMPLETE

14SF03876 Citizen Assist                 15:50:54 09/02/14      COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Being harrassed by subj at local service provider

14SF03877 Restraining Odr                17:19:42 09/02/14   COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST; Apt  Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that male is upstairs in Apartment sleeping will write
statement if needed – violation of Conditions of release

14SF03878 Foot Patrol                    18:08:06 09/02/14  COMPLETE

14SF03879 Suspicious                     21:39:42 09/02/14  COMPLETE
          Elm street, Springfield, VT  05156
Officer & neighbor reporting can hear cries for help caller advised female on back stairs crying help me help me I'm hurt – Woman involved in fall from roof earlier

14SF03880 Foot Patrol                    03:58:40 09/03/14     COMPLETE

14SF03881 Suspicious                     04:15:39 09/03/14    COMPLETE
          ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Her dog has been barking for about an hour believes somebody is outside possibly on her property

14SF03882 Public Speaking                07:56:10 09/03/14  EJP
          13 Fairground Rd; Gateway, Springfield, VT  05156
Spoke to students at Gateway about taking property that isn’t theirs.

14SF03883 Parking Problem                08:18:51 09/03/14    COMPLETE
          11 COMMONWEALTH AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicles parked on the sidewalk

14SF03884 Welfare Check                  09:11:40 09/03/14    COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject stopped Detective reporting a possible child abuse, male subject slammed a child into a child seat

14SF03885 Foot Patrol                    11:14:48 09/03/14    COMPLETE

14SF03886 Animal Problem                 12:25:27 09/03/14  COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of dogs running loose

14SF03887 Agency Assist                  12:34:55 09/03/14    COMPLETE
          DUTTON DISTRICT RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Police standby while welfare check done with HCRS worker

14SF03888 Family Fight                   14:38:22 09/03/14    ARREST
          SUMMIT AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of yelling at residence, they have been going back and forth
with each other for an hour

14SF03889 Citizen Assist                 16:53:47 09/03/14      COMPLETE
          River Road, Springfield, VT  05156
Male Subject running away from his caregiver and out into traffic

14SF03890 Animal Problem                 17:18:52 09/03/14   ACTIVE
          SPENCER HOLLOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbors dogs running loose

14SF03891 Theft                          17:23:14 09/03/14  ARREST
          WHITNEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
$ stolen out of his safe

14SF03892 Agency Assist                  17:27:25 09/03/14   COMPLETE
          DUTTON DISTRICT RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Warrant for immediate mental health exam of subject

14SF03893 Vin Inspection                 18:29:07 09/03/14  COMPLETE

14SF03894 Suspicious                     22:07:34 09/03/14  COMPLETE
          VT Rt 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting welfare check on clerk as store following suspicious interaction

14SF03895 Foot Patrol                    01:28:26 09/04/14     COMPLETE

14SF03896 Agency Assist                  08:30:12 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subpeona service

14SF03897 Agency Assist                  08:32:25 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          MAJOR CT; Apt Springfield, VT  05156
Subpeona service

14SF03898 Agency Assist                  08:33:16 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          MAJOR CT;  Springfield, VT  05156
Subpeona service

14SF03899 Agency Assist                  08:34:08 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          MAJOR CT; Springfield, VT  05156
Subpeona service

14SF03900 Fingerprints                   08:57:02 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03901 Directed Patrol        09:19:49 09/04/14        COMPLETE
          Brook Road; Crown Point CC, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to Highway with traffic control

14SF03902 Fingerprints              09:23:30 09/04/14   COMPLETE

14SF03903 Citizen Dispute                09:46:04 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          WOODLAND DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Couple of guys outside in heated argument one appeared to have hit the other unknown who they are as so many people come and go from there

14SF03904 Fingerprints                   09:52:12 09/04/14  COMPLETE
14SF03905 Fingerprints                   10:02:31 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03906 Citizen Assist           11:26:53 09/04/14        COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF03907 Theft                          11:30:16 09/04/14  ACTIVE
          WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of his dumpster being emptied yesterday and when he went their today the dumpster is a third full and in it he found mail belonging to subjects who don’t reside there

14SF03908 Agency Assist                  12:37:31 09/04/14  ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve ECO from DCF

14SF03909 Vandalism                    13:07:10 09/04/14        COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a second vandalism to the residence

14SF03910 Service Of Apo                 13:09:18 09/04/14   COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve RFA on inmate

14SF03911 Agency Assist                  13:31:34 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Subpoena service ...

14SF03912 Agency Assist                  13:32:34 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Subpoena service

14SF03913 Mv Complaint                   13:47:17 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          PARKER HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of 2 subjects on dirt bikes riding wheelies up and down the road and flipping people off, no helmets

14SF03914 Family Fight                   14:01:44 09/04/14   COMPLETE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male calling to report a domestic between he and his sister, she keeps
pushing him around and hitting him and he has had it with this going on all the time

14SF03915 Fingerprints                   14:47:32 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03916 Welfare Check                  14:48:17 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          CLEMENT RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Request for welfare check – subject not answering their door

14SF03917 Foot Patrol                    15:00:28 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03918 Citizen Assist           15:29:34 09/04/14        COMPLETE
          SUMMIT AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Male has shown up at the house after court today and they are scared because he has guns in the camper outside.

14SF03963 Theft                          16:10:15 09/04/14        ACTIVE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting theft of EBT card

14SF03919 Suspicious               16:43:59 09/04/14        COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Female adv that an intoxicated male followed her roommate  while she was walking to Exit 7 truckstop and then back home following her slowly and then pulled into their driveway trying to get her to get in the vehicle so he could give her a ride. Officers had negative contact with any similar vehicle

14SF03920 Wanted Person                  16:55:34 09/04/14   ARREST
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Brittany Hankins here in the lobby to turn herself in on the warrant

14SF03921 911 Hangup                     17:03:05 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male adv he is being held against his will at Springfield Hospital – subject detained on involuntary evaluation warrant

14SF03922 Vin Inspection                 17:05:56 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03923 Foot Patrol                    18:54:54 09/04/14  COMPLETE

14SF03924 Suspicious                     19:07:27 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          SUMMIT AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Someone is there and she is scared to death that it is XXXXXXX and he is not supposed to be there

14SF03925 Citizen Assist                 20:04:36 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
locked his keys in his running veh so can't get into his building or his
Vehicle, can we let him into the building to get his spare keys to shut his vehicle off....

14SF03926 Welfare Check                  20:34:08 09/04/14  COMPLETE
          2 WHITE ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Female threatening to kill herself with a knife because male broke up with her

14SF03927 Citizen Dispute                00:15:20 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Male & Female actively fighting both verbal and physical

14SF03928 Burglary Alarm                 00:52:13 09/05/14  FALSE

14SF03929 Foot Patrol                    01:05:00 09/05/14  COMPLETE

14SF03930 Welfare Check                  09:23:56 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          Clinton St, Springfield, VT  05156
Blonde hair, denim jacket w/ a big purse - on something she was stumbling around and clawing at the grass, holding onto the pole at the drive thru like she was going to fall over, she is now over at Penguin Mart…Advised officer she was just waiting for a ride

14SF03931 Agency Assist                  09:26:53 09/05/14      COMPLETE
         RIVER ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve subpoena

14SF03932 Animal Problem               10:35:34 09/05/14        COMPLETE
          MINERAL ST; at State offices, Springfield, VT  05156
Female adv there is a dog in a van at the state offices and the windows are only cracked

14SF03933 Suspicious                     11:19:46 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          1 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller believes he is witnessing a drug transaction in the McDonald's parking lot at this time, one vehicle bears a transit plate and other veh is a slate gray Toyota Camry and the other vehicle just left, he is willing to give a written statement. Office made contact with the operator and passenger. They advised they were waiting for a friend. Nothing of interest was observed. ...

14SF03934 Foot Patrol                    12:54:47 09/05/14  COMPLETE

14SF03935 Suspicious                     13:04:24 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          DELL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of someone believed to have taken gas out of his vehicle as he filled it up Tuesday and went about 30-35 miles since.  Went to go out in the truck today and found it on empty.  He initially thought it was the gas gauge reading wrong so he went to fill it up and it took 15-16 gallons. ...

14SF03936 Citizen Dispute                13:39:31 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          ORCHARD LN, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a subject at swinging a bat at a subject mowing a lawn, caller advised it is pretty heated

14SF03937 Agency Assist            14:18:26 09/05/14        COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Request we check the Holiday Inn for VT reg. male subject has has been avoiding service of Relief From Abuse Order

14SF03938 Accident Pd                    14:28:55 09/05/14        ACTIVE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
2 car MVA - minor - no injuries and no fluids

14SF03956 Suspicious         14:33:00 09/05/14        COMPLETE
          Front St; near Park, ,
Report that male  who has an extraditable warrant was seen on
Front St by the Park  ...  warrant not entertained by SA Office as it is for failure to pay restitution only

14SF03939 Welfare Check                  16:52:21 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting welfare check.  According to her DCF probation she is not to have anyone in the apartment with her.  She has been avoiding them - they are looking for an unannounced visit sometime on Saturday
and any information including any other people found to be in the apartment be sent to DCF ...

14SF03940 Property Damage                16:59:10 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          Skitchewauge trail, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of concrete falling from I91 overpass 911 reported to VSP to contact AOT  Officer advising scattered concrete debris primarily from I91 NB lane  ...

14SF03941 Directed Patrol                17:50:07 09/05/14      COMPLETE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF03942 Theft                          18:04:46 09/05/14      ACTIVE
          MAIN ST; NSP, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting theft of battery propane tanks etc from RV in NSpfld

14SF03943 Threatening                    18:21:08 09/05/14      COMPLETE
          Spring street; Springfield, VT  05156
Being threatened and son threatening to come take her car

14SF03944 Found Property             18:28:07 09/05/14        COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ; Family Dollar, Springfield, VT  05156
Found Mans wallet – returned to owner

14SF03945 Foot Patrol                    18:57:07 09/05/14  COMPLETE

14SF03946 Mv Complaint                   19:35:20 09/05/14      COMPLETE
          PLEASANT VALLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint of dirtbikers racing on roadway without helmets

14SF03947 Foot Patrol                    19:58:36 09/05/14  COMPLETE

14SF03948 Agency Assist                  20:02:07 09/05/14      COMPLETE
          DAVIDSON HILL RD, Chester, VT  05143
Assist Chester at Domestic

14SF03949 Foot Patrol                    21:08:17 09/05/14      COMPLETE

14SF03950 Noise Disturbance                22:10:44 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          LEONARD AVE; Union St big red house, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbors Pool pump making loud noise keeping her awake

14SF03951 Citizen Dispute                23:00:33 09/05/14  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbor issues

14SF03952 Citizen Assist                 23:48:57 09/05/14      COMPLETE
          CRAIGUE HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Disabled vehicle

14SF03953 Agency Assist                  04:18:09 09/06/14      ACTIVE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male at the ER on a mental health warrant is getting rowdy he pushed
the guard that's there watching him

14SF03954 Intoxication             07:07:09 09/06/14        COMPLETE
          Valley St;  Springfield, VT  05156
Female has been locked in the bathroom all night has trashed the house
and is refusing to leave

14SF03955 Fraud                          08:15:36 09/06/14        ACTIVE
          OLD CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Theft of checks

14SF03957 Citizen Assist          11:16:16 09/06/14        COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male has her 4 yr old and is concerned about his welfare.

14SF03958 Citizen Assist            12:10:05 09/06/14        COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Female states she's in the lobby low on oxygen w/o any employees to
assist her

14SF03959 Citizen Dispute          12:49:59 09/06/14        COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject throwing objects at r/p's window…continuing malice between neighbors

14SF03960 Suspicious                13:00:20 09/06/14        COMPLETE
          PRECISION DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject and female were told to leave the picnic area and refused to do so.

14SF03961 Accident Pd                    13:06:45 09/06/14        ACTIVE
          VT Route 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Female advising no injuries but her veh was struck by grey veh that went North at the VT RTE 106 Deli.

14SF03962 Foot Patrol                 14:14:00 09/06/14        COMPLETE

14SF03964 Foot Patrol                    18:16:33 09/06/14  COMPLETE

14SF03965 Suspicious                     18:29:48 09/06/14      COMPLETE
          COTTAGE AVE;  Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant looked out window saw strange male subj watching 2
small children playing - she notified their parent they have brought them inside - he is now staring in her windows waving at her, blowing her kisses creeping her out – Officer made contact subj advised he was waiting for someone to let him in the residence ...

14SF03966 Foot Patrol                    19:08:19 09/06/14  COMPLETE

14SF03967 Citizen Dispute                19:37:25 09/06/14      COMPLETE
          14 MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of some type of verbal altercation for about 20 minutes out in PL of Irving Truckstop

14SF03968 Found Property                 21:18:15 09/06/14  COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ, Springfield, VT  05156
Found EBT card in Shaws bathroom

14SF03969 Citizen Dispute                21:33:23 09/06/14  COMPLETE
          UNION ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Group of subj came to his res accusing him of stealing some type of fuel

14SF03970 Suspicious                     21:34:24 09/06/14      COMPLETE
          POPLAR ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Susp activity

14SF03971 Foot Patrol                    22:08:00 09/06/14      COMPLETE

14SF03972 Noise Disturbance                00:51:37 09/07/14  ACTIVE
          11 PARK ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Female & Male arguing being very loud

14SF03973 Phone Problem                  08:42:47 09/07/14     COMPLETE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of phone scam

14SF03974 Citizen Dispute                11:25:04 09/07/14     COMPLETE
          22 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Arguing with male who is there in violation of his conditions of release – male took off on foot

14SF03975 Citizen Dispute                11:36:28 09/07/14  ACTIVE
          2 WHITE ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Trying to move female’s stuff out of the apt and male subject is smashing her stuff

14SF03976 Foot Patrol                    12:45:50 09/07/14  COMPLETE

14SF03977 Foot Patrol                    13:03:54 09/07/14     COMPLETE

14SF03978 Animal Noise                   13:44:41 09/07/14     COMPLETE
          COMMONWEALTH AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Dog barks constantly - it's been on going since Spring
spoke to the owners and the dog has been brought inside

14SF03979 Vandalism                      13:52:47 09/07/14  ACTIVE
          232 SKITCHEWAUG TRL, Springfield, VT  05156
Vandalism to her property

14SF03980 Theft                          15:43:47 09/07/14  Uncoop Victim
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Claims male subject stole a lawn chair from off her porch – subject was in process of returning same when officer made contact

14SF03981 Animal Problem                 16:17:25 09/07/14     COMPLETE
          MAIN ST NS, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting Black Pit Bull Running Loose unknown if tags caller does not want it getting into her house

14SF03982 Mv Complaint                   16:56:18 09/07/14  COMPLETE
          VT route 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting erratic op of Grey Tundra

14SF03983 911 Hangup                     17:23:02 09/07/14      COMPLETE

14SF03984 Citizen Dispute                17:59:25 09/07/14      COMPLETE
          STANLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject at her front door she wants him to leave

14SF03985 Accident Pd                    18:10:17 09/07/14  ACTIVE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 at intersection veh are in MCD Pl

14SF03986 Service Of Apo                 18:47:36 09/07/14      COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF03987 Foot Patrol                    19:05:12 09/07/14  COMPLETE

14SF03988 Citizen Dispute                20:53:55 09/07/14  COMPLETE
          Elm street, Springfield, VT  05156
Grandson accosted by bat wielding neighbor - no actual assault took place just threatening – on going dispute with neighbor regarding neighbors dog coming on subjects lawn

14SF03989 Foot Patrol                    21:50:52 09/07/14      COMPLETE

14SF03990 Animal Problem                 22:01:25 09/07/14  COMPLETE
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female res bit by dog in arm dog is caged now
14SF03991 Agency Assist                  00:06:48 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          2 WHITE ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Assisting A1 with medical call 25 y/o male broken ankle is very agitated

14SF03992 Directed Patrol                07:30:52 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          375 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Looking for operators who are traveling past school buses while stopped in the area based on a complaint generated last week

14SF03993 Wanted Person                  09:25:13 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          FRONT ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Matthew Horton SA declined extradition as the warrant was for failure to pay restitution

14SF03994 Mv Complaint                   09:57:37 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          SKITCHEWAUG TRL, Springfield, VT  05156
Susp veh MA reg claims to be taking donations for PD  contact made – subject employed by subcontracted fundraising company that works with agencies running fundraisers

14SF03995 Property Damage                10:13:43 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          50 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subj got out of their car and hit his brand new car causing a dent

14SF03996 Welfare Check                  10:23:59 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          2 VALLEY ST; Out back of Bldg, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting female sitting out back crying intermittantly yells for a
phone been out the for a couple of hours now...identified as someone who went of roof a week or two ago

14SF03997 Burglary                       11:02:22 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          2.5 Valley Street, Springfield, VT  05156
Male advising female (from above call) has broken into his apartment via a window he is barricaded in a bedroom

14SF03998 Foot Patrol                    12:56:14 09/08/14      COMPLETE

14SF03999 Mv Complaint                   13:23:17 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a red large cadillac driving with his driver's door open, causing traffic issues for oncoming vehicle - when complainant went by and got home subject went by yelling and flipping him the middle finger - unsure if intoxicated or what issue is  ...

14SF04000 Burglary Alarm                 13:38:09 09/08/14  COMPLETE

14SF04001 Vin Inspection                 13:59:28 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          BRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04002 Parking Problem                14:57:55 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          Prospect Street, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint Vehicles parked along both sides of Prospect Street making the roadway exceptionally narrow

14SF04003 Welfare Check                  15:26:10 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting welfare check on female subject possible domestic violence issues

14SF04004 Directed Patrol                15:56:31 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          371 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint of subj passing school bus at stops

14SF04005 Citizen Assist                 15:57:58 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Issues of harassment from ex reportedly in the springfield area

14SF04006 Suspicious                     16:39:08 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          MORGAN ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Signs of someone camping out fire pit and Shaws Cart with items in it

14SF04007 Suspicious                     17:24:45 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          GARFIELD AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting susp male -25 yo  no shirt seen lurking around his porch today around 1400 hours when RP no home

14SF04008 Citizen Assist                 18:04:22 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          Grove Street; Springfield, VT  0515
Subj in red car parked at blue house int of Grove & Mineral yelling at him statements that make him sound like a pedophile advised it's upsetting to him

14SF04009 Foot Patrol                    18:12:14 09/08/14  COMPLETE

14SF04010 Unsecure Premis                19:30:11 09/08/14  COMPLETE
          BEECHWOOD LN, Springfield, VT  05156
Forclosed home up for auction side door wide open

14SF04011 Citizen Assist                 19:32:58 09/08/14      COMPLETE
          WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Custodial issue father not returning child father is out in weathersfield

14SF04012 Foot Patrol                    20:37:05 09/08/14      COMPLETE

14SF04013 Agency Assist                  02:25:09 09/09/14     COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD; SSCF, Springfield, VT  05156
Requesting possible assistance for a driver male subject in his 70's

14SF04014 Mv Complaint                   08:10:37 09/09/14    COMPLETE
          River St, Springfield, VT  05156
VT reg vehicle all over the road from Fog line to center line last seen heading up RT 106

14SF04015 Agency Assist                  08:23:18 09/09/14    COMPLETE
          Rt 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist HCRS with walk away

14SF04016 Assault                        08:47:25 09/09/14      COMPLETE
          390 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject out of control spitting at staff, this is the same subject that M609 just worked with

14SF04017 Mv Complaint                   10:05:27 09/09/14      ACTIVE
          Valley St, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle passed a stopped school bus which had its Red Lights on Monday 9-8-2014.

14SF04018 Sex Offense                    10:20:50 09/09/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04019 Vin Inspection                 11:12:28 09/09/14    COMPLETE

14SF04020 Foot Patrol                    11:30:33 09/09/14    COMPLETE

14SF04021 Fingerprints                   13:03:40 09/09/14  COMPLETE
14SF04022 Fingerprints                   13:24:12 09/09/14  COMPLETE
14SF04023 Fingerprints                   13:32:50 09/09/14  COMPLETE
14SF04024 Fingerprints                   13:49:30 09/09/14      COMPLETE
14SF04025 Fingerprints                   14:40:10 09/09/14      COMPLETE
14SF04026 Fingerprints                   14:45:39 09/09/14      COMPLETE
14SF04027 Fingerprints                   14:51:02 09/09/14      COMPLETE

14SF04028 Theft                          15:19:06 09/09/14    ACTIVE
          11 PARK ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Claiming someone stole her suboxin - 16 doses.  Yesterday afternoon when she to the bus stop right at the post office left door unlocked

14SF04029 Theft                          15:52:38 09/09/14      COMPLETE
          266 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting Assist manager dealing with 3 shoplifters attempting to leave Store

14SF04030 Citizen Assist                 15:58:05 09/09/14      COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting can't seem to get any help from crisis - in tears advised not feeling emotionally or physically well looking to go to ER for screening

14SF04031 Found Property                 16:30:01 09/09/14      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST; Baptist Church, Springfield, VT  05156
Huffy Bike possible Howler Model left at Baptist Church

14SF04032 Escort                         16:56:20 09/09/14  COMPLETE

14SF04033 Agency Assist                  17:29:04 09/09/14   ACTIVE
          ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist constable with paperwork service

14SF04034 Theft                          18:11:24 09/09/14  COMPLETE
          14 MISSING LINK RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Thinks female subj who was in office took the keys to her car - car was locked when she was out on break now car is unlocked - woman some disgruntled ex of male subj who's car it is that she is driving to work

14SF04035 Foot Patrol                    19:20:23 09/09/14  COMPLETE

14SF04036 Overdose                       19:42:11 09/09/14   COMPLETE
A1 enroute

14SF04037 Foot Patrol                    19:48:07 09/09/14  COMPLETE

14SF04038 Suspicious                     20:53:21 09/09/14  COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST; Hallway of old Bowl Alley, Springfield, VT  05156
2 strange males out in hallway - don't live there one is "Tim" and other is 5'8 Skinny Dark curly shoulder length hair

14SF04039 Citizen Dispute                21:14:58 09/09/14   ARREST
          FAIRGROUND RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject allegedly in bathroom doing heroin 5/3 yo barricaded in bedroom so they don't see what is happening after threats of domestic violence

14SF04040 Citizen Assist                 21:52:50 09/09/14      COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ; Laundra Matt, Springfield, VT  05156
Verbal altercation with boyfriend of of ex-girlfriend in front of son looking for documentation and DCYF told him to call us

14SF04041 Suspicious                     22:37:56 09/09/14  COMPLETE
          EATON AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting banging from back of res turned on light saw shadow of subj run across back lawn thinks they were trying to break into his bulkhead

14SF04042 Noise Disturbance                00:21:41 09/10/14  COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Hollering, banging slamming stuff around - woke her and her daughter up
and the daughter has school in the morning

14SF04043 Directed Patrol                07:40:18 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          375 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Directed patrol for school bus issue

14SF04044 Vin Inspection               08:18:51 09/10/14        COMPLETE

14SF04045 Complaint                      10:00:53 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
VT van went through her reds lights while she was picking up students

14SF04046 Animal Problem                 10:18:02 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          MM40 I 91, Springfield, VT  05156
Located two dogs running on the Highway

14SF04047 Service Of Apo                 11:14:18 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of RFA

14SF04048 Burglary                       11:17:19 09/10/14        ACTIVE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Call advising that someone just stole stuff from him and he is behind the vehicle on Valley

14SF04049 Citizen Assist                 11:51:35 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          GOODYEAR AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller requesting to speak to an officer in regards to her son moving to Manchester, NH with his father - she called to find out
if his school records got transferred and found out they have not been
requested.  She then talked to her son and found out he and his father are in Florida ...

14SF04050 Custodial Int.                 12:26:04 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          ELM HILL, Springfield, VT  05156
Request to speak to an officer in regards to custodial interference

14SF04051 Burglary                       13:19:37 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          KIRK MEADOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Saw male subject leaving the neighbors house.  Thinks he was inside the

14SF04052 Agency Assist                  13:21:49 09/10/14  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to DCF with cursory interview at CAC

14SF04053 Juvenile Prob                  14:00:46 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of male student having walked away from the school - headed towards main road, mother contacted

14SF04054 Directed Patrol                14:40:20 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          357 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Directed patrol near 357 River St

14SF04055 Agency Assist                  15:21:40 09/10/14  COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
ER requesting officer assistance female escalating in behavior
threatening to hit people

14SF04056 Citizen Assist                 15:24:38 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Bought and pays for cell phone for his son - ex paramour has taken phone away refuses to return it to the complainant

14SF04057 Theft                          16:17:44 09/10/14   ACTIVE
          22 MINERAL ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting theft of EBT card – someone authorized card - then used card in Shaws

14SF04059 Missing Person                 16:43:33 09/10/14      COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting 12 yo daughter missing - NCIC form filled out - LT
responded to Riverside MS for follow up parents then called about 20 minutes later and advised that child had called from local residence

14SF04058 Suspicious                16:44:38 09/10/14        COMPLETE
          BACON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting little 4 yo red-haired girl showed up at her door no idea where she came from or who she is - when asked her name she replies "me"

14SF04060 Foot Patrol                    18:22:59 09/10/14  COMPLETE

14SF04061 Welfare Check                  18:32:11 09/10/14   COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Female sitting out front picking at her wrists with something has a
towel next to her - took to ER for eval yesterday

14SF04062 Unsecure Premis                19:32:36 09/10/14   COMPLETE
          0 FAIRBANKS RD;  Springfield, VT  05156
Report of an open bay door - delivery van was there a short time ago - has since left door is open and car in driveway – Employee still at work

14SF04063 Suspicious                     21:25:36 09/10/14   COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Concerned party seeing what appears to be dark car out front and someone going thru the vacant apartment building wearing a head lamp of sorts going in and out and up and down the stairs

14SF04064 Suspicious                     22:03:33 09/10/14     COMPLETE
          VT ROUTE 10; Main St Int, Springfield, VT  05156
Female jumped out in roadway trying to flag her down

14SF04065 Foot Patrol                    22:33:43 09/10/14   COMPLETE

14SF04066 Agency Assist                  22:34:46 09/10/14  COMPLETE
          I 91 N MM42, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to VSP

14SF04067 Diabetic Shock                 23:01:16 09/10/14     COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Female down on the floor unconscious possible diabetic issue

14SF04068 Medical                        23:48:09 09/10/14     COMPLETE
          WHITE ST; Springfield, VT  05156
45 y/o male - has had a few beers, "not feeling right, falling all over, defecated and is on the floor in the shower"  -  A1 enroute

14SF04069 Foot Patrol                    00:38:53 09/11/14     COMPLETE

14SF04070 Welfare Check                  03:36:54 09/11/14     ARREST
          Springfield, VT  05156
b/f threatening to commit suicide, cut himself in the car and then kicked her out and left driving ...

14SF04071 Accident Pd                    07:28:24 09/11/14        ACTIVE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that a kid cut out in front of him and made contact with his car.  Kid says he is not hurt
14SF04072 Directed Patrol            07:56:57 09/11/14        COMPLETE
          389 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Directed Patrol

14SF04073 Cond of Release                08:48:48 09/11/14  ARREST
          MORGAN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female keeps contacting him by phone and in person. 

14SF04074 Fingerprints                   08:58:15 09/11/14  COMPLETE

14SF04075 Child Abuse                    09:11:52 09/11/14  ACTIVE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04076 Fingerprints                   09:15:07 09/11/14      COMPLETE
14SF04077 Fingerprints                   09:38:09 09/11/14      COMPLETE
14SF04078 Fingerprints                   10:17:26 09/11/14    COMPLETE
14SF04079 Fingerprints                   10:38:59 09/11/14    COMPLETE

14SF04080 Suspicious                     10:58:04 09/11/14    ACTIVE

14SF04081 Vin Inspection                 11:46:06 09/11/14   COMPLETE

14SF04082 Theft                          14:55:26 09/11/14  ACTIVE
          PLEASANT ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of $550 stolen from a nightstand sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning

14SF04083 Search Warrant                 15:22:24 09/11/14    ACTIVE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Execution of Search Warrant

14SF04084 Animal Problem                 15:58:41 09/11/14  COMPLETE
          REED ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Golden colored dog roaming Reed St Area

14SF04085 Suspicious                     16:30:56 09/11/14  COMPLETE
          2 SPRINGFIELD PLZ; Rite Aid, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting susp incident male & fem enter store in store about 5 seconds male makes 20 sec phone call few minutes later a male comes in meets him they go down an aisle together then male & female leave in VT reg veh- think it may have been a drug deal advised to pull all video possible showing subjects  ...  Officer advised after watching video no clear indication this was drug related

14SF04088 Mv Complaint                   18:10:11 09/11/14  COMPLETE
          1 WALL ST; bridge street, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a subject being towed around on a tricycle by a big older model gold colored car

14SF04089 Foot Patrol                    20:14:20 09/11/14   ACTIVE

14SF04090 Welfare Check                  22:40:09 09/11/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Suicidal female

14SF04091 Trespassing                    00:01:08 09/12/14  COMPLETE
          180 CLINTON ST; Edgar May, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male subj sleeping in chair out behind health center would like him moved along

14SF04092 Foot Patrol                    03:16:42 09/12/14    COMPLETE

14SF04093 Utility Problem                08:47:23 09/12/14  COMPLETE
          100 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
911 reporting 3 subj stuck in elevator at Community Health Center possibly between levels 2 & 3 were on 2 headed to 3 elevator stopped felt like it slipped down a bit – subjects extricated and elevator resumed functioning without incident

14SF04094 Mv Complaint                   12:52:07 09/12/14     COMPLETE
          MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a subject stopping at the stop sign at the Mineral Street
intersection getting out and leaving in another vehicle

14SF04095 Welfare Check                  13:49:56 09/12/14     COMPLETE
          591 PARKER HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Request for welfare check on female

14SF04096 Animal Noise                   14:16:09 09/12/14  COMPLETE
          BRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Dogs bark in a pen all day and night whether owners are home or not, caller can't take it anymore.  NOTE:  could hear dogs barking while talking to the complainant  ...

14SF04097 Sex Offense                    14:40:22 09/12/14  ACTIVE

14SF04098 Traffic Hazard                 14:49:50 09/12/14     COMPLETE
          14 MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Passerby advised of a tree down near Spfld/Rockingham line

14SF04100 Foot Patrol                    15:30:57 09/12/14  COMPLETE

14SF04101 Directed Patrol                17:55:18 09/12/14      COMPLETE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156
Football game patrol

14SF04102 Found Property                 18:20:30 09/12/14      COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Wallet turned in - returned to owner

14SF04103 Foot Patrol                    18:24:27 09/12/14  COMPLETE

14SF04104 Agency Assist                  18:57:05 09/12/14      COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
DCF juvenile - mental health juvenile, assaulting people at the house would like officer assistance

14SF04105 Foot Patrol                    20:05:15 09/12/14  COMPLETE

14SF04106 Foot Patrol                    21:04:39 09/12/14      COMPLETE

14SF04107 Suicide Attempt                22:39:18 09/12/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Male adv he is suicidal

14SF04108 Theft                          22:53:31 09/12/14      ACTIVE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Got home and his stereo is gone

14SF04109 Burglary Alarm                 00:02:46 09/13/14      COMPLETE

14SF04110 Noise Disturbance                00:18:39 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          2.5 Valley St, Springfield, VT  05156
Female subject crying and banging on door being very loud

14SF04111 Noise Disturbance                02:29:47 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          11 PARK ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Female & Male are arguing and being loud

14SF04112 Untimely                      02:47:17 09/13/14      COMPLETE

14SF04113 Welfare Check                  07:19:08 09/13/14      COMPLETE
          WESTVIEW TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Female neighbor has not been heard from this morning and is
not like her, would like her checked on - she is fine..

14SF04114 Untimely                      09:22:28 09/13/14      COMPLETE

14SF04115 Citizen Dispute                11:57:01 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          Church St; Central St; School St  NS, Springfield, VT  05156
Female adv possible domestic/custody issue in this area, can hear it from their backyard on Central St, profanity and telling someone to get the xxxx out.  2nd caller lives on School St adv they could hear it as well, not sure of location  ...

14SF04116 Welfare Check                  13:46:18 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          MINERAL ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Spoke with apt resident who adv they have not been there

14SF04117 Traffic Hazard                 13:50:04 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          Valley St; Trailer park area, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller adv there are kids throwing rocks at cars as they are going by

14SF04118 911 Hangup                     14:13:34 09/13/14  COMPLETE

14SF04119 Citizen Assist                 14:34:52 09/13/14  COMPLETE
          River St; Black River Produce, ,
Safety standby while motorist made quick auto repair

14SF04120 911 Hangup                     17:41:12 09/13/14  COMPLETE

14SF04121 Burglary                       17:51:31 09/13/14  ACTIVE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Apt was burglarized. No one in the apt and unk what if anything was taken.

14SF04122 Phone Problem                  19:07:35 09/13/14      COMPLETE
          WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Females making threatening calls to juvenile male

14SF04123 Animal Problem                 21:20:49 09/13/14      COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Bear going back and forth in the neighbor's back yard across the st.

14SF04124 Noise Disturban                00:38:24 09/14/14      COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Party going on music has been turned down but the girls are outside being loud

14SF04125 Property Watch                 01:01:26 09/14/14  ACTIVE

14SF04126 Accident Pd                    05:26:23 09/14/14  ACTIVE
          105 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting crashed vehicle just beyond the H&R driveway veh is running unoccupied

14SF04127 911 Hangup                     08:09:08 09/14/14  COMPLETE

14SF04128 Family Fight                   08:31:08 09/14/14     ACTIVE
          CRAIGUE HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Verbal fight with husband, he threw a glass at her and it shattered on the floor would like an officer to respond

14SF04129 Animal Problem                 11:18:32 09/14/14     COMPLETE
          LEONARD AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Adv her birdfeeder has been vandalized in her backyard - metal pole is bent and damaged, husband is trying to fix it. I adv her I would tell an officer but there have also been reports of a couple of bears up in that area at night or wee hours of the morning, I adv her to take the bird feeder down for a few days.  ...

14SF04130 Animal Problem                 14:03:26 09/14/14     ACTIVE
          BRIER BROOK LN, Springfield, VT  05156
They have tried to handle it on their own but nothing seems to work, neighbors dog roaming around and digging up their lawn and defecating on the lawn and the owners don't seem to care and keep letting it run loose.

14SF04131 Suspicious                     14:31:31 09/14/14     ACTIVE
          CONNECTICUT RIVER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Would like an officer to meet him at the residence, daughter is in rehab and there is drug paraphernalia all over the place. He is on his way there and would like an officer to meet him

14SF04132 Foot Patrol                    15:02:31 09/14/14  COMPLETE

14SF04133 Suspicious                     15:42:30 09/14/14  ACTIVE
          Grove street, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male subj in tan jacket short buzz cut grey hair was sitting roadside on Grove Street rubbing the back of his head caller in traffic couldn't stop concerned he may have fallen and hit head

14SF04134 Theft                          16:18:02 09/14/14  ACTIVE
          VT ROUTE 106, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male Stole a ring off the Ring Lady Display price $6.31

14SF04135 Foot Patrol                    19:27:50 09/14/14  ACTIVE

14SF04136 Agency Assist                  20:01:52 09/14/14  ACTIVE
          I91 SB on Ramp, Springfield, VT  05156
Checking on report of TT Unit & car parked on On ramp unknown reason why

14SF04137 Foot Patrol                    20:12:00 09/14/14      COMPLETE

14SF04138 Suspicious                     22:17:05 09/14/14  ACTIVE
          SUMMER HILL ST; Commons Area, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller can hear a strange noise coming from off of hill behind his res not sure if human or animal

14SF04139 Agency Assist                  22:55:36 09/14/14      ACTIVE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Service of Warrant for Immediate Mental Health Exam

14SF04140 Agency Assist                  09:07:06 09/15/14  COMPLETE
          307 SOUTH ST; TECH CENTER, Springfield, VT  05156
Issue a citation for Chester

14SF04141 Suspicious                     09:45:24 09/15/14      COMPLETE
          SPENCER HOLLOW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Multitude of vehicles appearing on property

14SF04142 Foot Patrol                    10:05:57 09/15/14      COMPLETE

14SF04143 Vin Inspection                 10:38:10 09/15/14  COMPLETE

14SF04144 Agency Assist         14:50:30 09/15/14                 ACTIVE
Request for service of subpoena

14SF04145 Agency Assist                  14:52:02 09/15/14      COMPLETE
Request for service of subpoena

14SF04146 Citizen Assist                 15:35:48 09/15/14      COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Concerns someone is getting ready to burg his house again - advised someone had dug dirt out around the post to the gate to his driveway until they hit the concrete piling and then stopped found that a tool that had been laying in the grass had disappeared and just odd things seems to be occurring ...

14SF04147 Directed Patrol                16:05:33 09/15/14      COMPLETE
          371 RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
School Bus stop patrol

14SF04148 Juvenile Prob                  16:15:40 09/15/14  EJP
          Springfield, VT  05156
8 yo out of control - clearly screaming in background

14SF04149 Directed Patrol                17:13:43 09/15/14  COMPLETE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156
Soccer Ganme

14SF04150 Welfare Check                  17:36:25 09/15/14  ACTIVE
          SKITCHEWAUG TRL;  Springfield, VT  05156
Welfare check on resident at Campground

14SF04151 Suspicious                     17:49:50 09/15/14      ACTIVE
          2 WHITE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting Tenant has abandoned apartment at 2 white street and has been told there is drug paraphernalia in the building

14SF04152 Foot Patrol                    17:59:35 09/15/14  ACTIVE

14SF04153 Citizen Assist                 18:04:32 09/15/14      ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist with a custodial issue

14SF04154 Suspicious                     18:29:29 09/15/14  ACTIVE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting went down over the bank and looked at what appeared to be an abandoned camper with no door on it ran into a guy told him best stay away or the owner would shoot him...a little while later guy showed up at his door and told him to stay away from it, that he owns it and he will shoot him if he finds him around it ...

14SF04155 Foot Patrol                    19:34:54 09/15/14      ACTIVE

14SF04156 Threatening                    19:50:19 09/15/14      ACTIVE
          Spring street; Springfield, VT  05156
Received a call according to the caller ID on her TV from local establishment male who she believes was xxxxxxxxx said After I get done with you I'm going to kill your son ...

14SF04157 Noise Disturban                20:50:54 09/15/14     ACTIVE
          RIVER ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Down Stairs children are being excessively noisy running around keeping her child awake

14SF04158 Mv Complaint                   02:36:00 09/16/14     COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD; by the prison, Springfield, VT 
Consent Search

14SF04159 Drugs                          05:02:58 09/16/14    COMPLETE
          ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Advised her skin is burning because her neighbors are making drugs again there was drug smoke outside earlier. She does not want an ambulance just to speak to an officer because one of her old neighbors said that somebody has a "hit" out on her now.  ...

14SF04160 Found Property                 12:15:42 09/16/14      COMPLETE
          CONNECTICUT RIVER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a shotgun being found when digging on US Route 5 North about a mile and a half North of tollbridge - it was in the area of the pull off, working for state highway at the time

14SF04161 Unsecure Premis                12:42:25 09/16/14      COMPLETE
          Valley St, Springfield, VT  05156
Old brick house that is boarded up has a missing window and a foot path from the sidewalk to that window

14SF04162 Foot Patrol                    13:07:45 09/16/14    COMPLETE

14SF04163 Citizen Assist                 13:51:58 09/16/14    COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve trespass notices

14SF04164 Fingerprints                   13:55:04 09/16/14  COMPLETE
14SF04165 Fingerprints                   14:13:06 09/16/14  COMPLETE
14SF04166 Fingerprints                   14:33:42 09/16/14  COMPLETE
14SF04167 Fingerprints                   14:37:36 09/16/14  COMPLETE

14SF04168 Foot Patrol                    15:06:18 09/16/14      COMPLETE

14SF04169 Recovered Prop                 15:29:28 09/16/14      ACTIVE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Was cleaning out res at Summer St found Sterling Silver silverware he is concerned may have been stolen as it seemed to be hidden away down in the
basement of the residence

14SF04170 Suspicious                     15:53:39 09/16/14    ACTIVE
          SOUTHRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting large camper parked beyond Meals & wheels complainant has tenant reporting they are partying in there, not specifically at the time of the call, he felt officers should investigate it/check it out (it's been parked there all summer (on the RPs property) and has never shown signs of anyone around it).  Appears transient male subj may be residing in there and no one seems to know who owns it. 

14SF04171 Agency Assist                  16:11:37 09/16/14    COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04172 Mv Complaint                   16:25:20 09/16/14      COMPLETE
          WALL ST;, Springfield, VT  05156
Complaint cars gathering in PL of wellness center come from house adjacent to same...another complainant reporting dirt bikes up and down
street and other vehicles with loud mufflers ...

14SF04173 Citizen Assist                 18:15:48 09/16/14  ACTIVE
          MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Try to get transient female with mental health issues back where she came from

14SF04174 Foot Patrol                    18:24:16 09/16/14  COMPLETE

14SF04175 Citizen Dispute                02:31:16 09/17/14   ACTIVE
          VALLEY ST; Main St, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04176 Noise Disturbance                03:20:20 09/17/14  COMPLETE
          FRONT ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Kids shooting off fireworks and hollering

14SF04177 Family Fight                 11:53:58 09/17/14        COMPLETE
          LINHALE DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Calling to speak to an officer in regards to a domestic that took place last night between she and her boyfriend - she is 9 months pregnant
and feels she should get a report on file

14SF04178 911 Hangup                     12:11:07 09/17/14      COMPLETE

14SF04179 Agency Assist               12:16:04 09/17/14        COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Request the PD come pick up a Pipe and a baggie

14SF04180 Foot Patrol                    12:18:22 09/17/14      COMPLETE

14SF04181 Agency Assist                  14:58:34 09/17/14      COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Calling to report an accidental knife wound that occurred on 09/02/14 – patient indicated that he and a friend were sparring and he
got cut

14SF04182 Foot Patrol                   15:25:07 09/17/14        COMPLETE

14SF04183 Drugs                          16:15:43 09/17/14      COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Found Heroin materials roadside

14SF04184 Agency Assist                  16:32:46 09/17/14      COMPLETE
          FRONT ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to DCF home vist

14SF04185 Assault                        17:11:38 09/17/14  COMPLETE
          105 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Documentation Purposes required to report patient on patient contact considered aggressive

14SF04186 Animal Problem                 17:20:16 09/17/14   ACTIVE
          BRIER BROOK LN, Springfield, VT  05156
Small Terrier running loose

14SF04187 Drugs                          17:40:41 09/17/14   COMPLETE
          1 MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Hype needle in park at 1 main street

14SF04188 Weapon Offense                 18:11:55 09/17/14   COMPLETE
          SCHOOL NS; Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that 2 males went out drinking last week came home and burst into her apartment (room) and held a gun to her head because her
and her fiancé had broke up she advised it was a handgun .380 and
that she had notified landlord/property owner of the incident and he is now telling the subjects they have to vacate ...

14SF04189 Foot Patrol                    18:18:09 09/17/14  COMPLETE

14SF04190 Threatening                    18:21:55 09/17/14  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Son is being bullied and harassed both at school and out in public

14SF04191 Suspicious                     18:57:19 09/17/14   COMPLETE
          Mountain View; Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting 4 young males all in Hoodies smoking what she believes was drugs on bench outside apartment bldg they don't live there

14SF04192 Vin Inspection                 19:00:31 09/17/14  COMPLETE

14SF04193 Citizen Assist                 19:03:57 09/17/14  COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Wants officer to call her ref subj whom she claims have warrants out of ME and other things about them

14SF04194 Citizen Assist                 20:15:07 09/17/14   COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Speaking to officer ref domestic issues involving an ex-paramour he's concerned might escalate

14SF04195 Heart Problem                  21:27:32 09/17/14     COMPLETE
          COTTAGE AVE Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to A1

14SF04196 Foot Patrol                    22:43:23 09/17/14   COMPLETE

14SF04197 Suspicious                     01:21:01 09/18/14     COMPLETE
          ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Air is really bad up there they would like an officer to respond and get out of the vehicle and really sniff the air.

14SF04198 Theft                          01:43:47 09/18/14     ACTIVE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Approached by an employee adv something had been stolen

14SF04199 Fingerprints                   08:50:03 09/18/14    COMPLETE

14SF04200 Background                     09:29:56 09/18/14    ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04201 Fingerprints                   09:31:04 09/18/14    COMPLETE
14SF04202 Fingerprints                   09:36:42 09/18/14    COMPLETE

14SF04203 Missing Person              09:54:09 09/18/14        COMPLETE
          CHERRY HILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 yo child missing from last night at around 8:30 – custodial parent had retrieved child

14SF04204 Fingerprints                   10:02:40 09/18/14    COMPLETE
14SF04205 Fingerprints                   10:28:13 09/18/14    COMPLETE

14SF04206 Agency Assist                  11:06:43 09/18/14  COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve RFA

14SF04207 Foot Patrol                    12:45:56 09/18/14  COMPLETE

14SF04208 Accident Pd                    15:45:52 09/18/14   ACTIVE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Off Duty FF reporting 4 car MVA no PI middle of plaza intersection - one veh is inoperable

14SF04209 Mv Complaint                   19:31:44 09/18/14   COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Subject reporting veh all over the road going fast then slow then in the
break down lane

14SF04210 Foot Patrol                    23:49:06 09/18/14  COMPLETE

14SF04211 Burglary                       01:29:16 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          SOUTH ST; Jakes Market, Springfield, VT  05156
Anon male called advised someone at Jakes south st market out front appears to be trying to break in - keeps looking around caller hung up when I attempted to radio units to get them headed that direction he did state he didn't want to be involved  ... no signs of entry no one found in the area

14SF04212 Noise Disturbance                02:17:09 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          SUMMER HILL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male called to report noise coming from large apartment house near Summer Hill Cemetary – information vague unable to locate source of noise – all was quiet upon arrival of officer

14SF04213 Agency Assist                  03:59:17 09/19/14  COMPLETE
          2940 VT ROUTE 103, Cavendish, VT  05142
Assist to VSP Rockingham female subj trespassing at Cavendish Pointe Hotel & Spa

14SF04214 Animal Problem              07:39:03 09/19/14        COMPLETE
          1 MAPLE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
3 Horses out near the road across from the Irving station.  RP thinks all belong to the house on the corner

14SF04215 Welfare Check                  09:20:40 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS; Gateway, Springfield, VT  05156
Male student is reportedly doing drugs and has not been in school.  RP would like a call from an officer.

14SF04216 Accident Pd                    09:35:31 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          River St, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting a two vehicle accident with no PI

14SF04217 Agency Assist                09:54:36 09/19/14        COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject at HCRS in his underwear acting up

14SF04218 Suspicious                     09:56:17 09/19/14        ACTIVE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Received a suspicious message on the answering machine.

14SF04219 Agency Assist             11:28:36 09/19/14                 ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Subpoena to be served on Officer

14SF04220 911 Hangup                     11:32:40 09/19/14        ACTIVE
14SF04221 Suspicious                    11:51:26 09/19/14        COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of an older male with gray hair and a brown jacket sitting on bench at Jonathan's Summer Place drinking beer

14SF04222 Vin Inspection                 12:11:08 09/19/14        ACTIVE

14SF04223 Disorderly                     12:19:39 09/19/14      ACTIVE
          PERLEY GORDON RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of subjects on her property banging on her door attempting to talk
to her and refusing to leave when asked, would like assistance in getting them to leave

14SF04224 Foot Patrol                    14:46:35 09/19/14  COMPLETE

14SF04225 Agency Assist         14:46:40 09/19/14                 ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Serve subpoena on Officer

14SF04226 Citizen Dispute                17:15:56 09/19/14        ACTIVE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Violation of RFA

14SF04227 Directed Patrol                17:55:57 09/19/14      ACTIVE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; RIVERSIDE MS, Springfield, VT  05156
Football game

14SF04228 Mv Complaint                   18:06:12 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          Chester Road; French Meadow, Springfield, VT  05156
Abandoned vehicle off the roadway, she adv she stopped to see if they needed help and didn't see anyone around it

14SF04229 Citizen Assist                 18:28:34 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          2 CHESTER RD; Rite Aid, Springfield, VT  05156
2 males are in Rite Aid appear to be extremely high and frightening customers.

14SF04230 Foot Patrol                    18:41:11 09/19/14  COMPLETE

14SF04231 Agency Assist                  19:12:47 09/19/14      ACTIVE
          Chester Road; Pleasant Valley, Springfield, VT  05156

14SF04232 Medical                        20:43:14 09/19/14  ACTIVE
Assist to A1

14SF04233 Agency Assist                  21:38:56 09/19/14      ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Deliver Selectboard packets

14SF04234 Foot Patrol                    21:41:33 09/19/14      ACTIVE

14SF04235 Agency Assist                  22:52:19 09/19/14  ACTIVE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Located BOLO out of Weathersfield following an assault

    Total Incidents for This Report:   391

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