Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Photos: 2017 Springfield High School graduates

Brittany Aley

Marcus Allen

Taylor Ambrose

Emily Antonovich

Kohl Azarigian

Emilia Battista

Nicholas Bedi

Garrett Benson
Cassidy Blake

Christian Blake

Kolbi Briere

Edward Bromley

Karlee Brown

Georgia Caldwell

Andrew Czwakiel

Rebecka DelBove

Taylor Drinker

Amanda Ferguson

Gjerrhald Fernandez-Scheringtond

Conor Foulois 

Lina Geyer

Kyndra Hains

Candace Hadwen

Michael Gurney

Makenna Goodrich

Bradley Goodrich

Caleb Hunter

Quadale Jackson

Kelsie Johnston-Fraser

Karlygash Keefe

Kiana LaPlante

Madeline Macie

Taylor Lyles

Danielle Marasa

John Mobus

Brandon McCutcheon

Amanda Matteson

Kayla Marrone

Remington Morancy

Katherine Moulton

Jacob Muse

Alexander Naccarato

Cheyenne Olney

Cassidy Otis

Benjamin Parent

Patrick Parillo

Aunna Parker

Kyra Peoples

Elijah Pianka

Matthew Power

Kayla Quimby

Ericka Schoff
Quentin Scheffler

Jasmine Sanville

Giovanni Sanborn

Alexander Richardson 

Katelyn Relihan

Joshua Sherman

Sawyer Shumski

William Singleton-Lord

Meara Small

Marissa Stack

Mariah Steiner

Emily Therrien

Andrew Towne

Isabelle Vogell

Nathan Wardwell

Alexander Warner

Katherine Worth

Alexander Woychosky

Dakota Young


  1. Congrats, take this advice... run, don't walk away from Springfield.

    1. Perhaps the most responsible advice they'll receive. There is no future here for bright, ambitious, young adults. Springfield has failed to retain and attract skilled trade employers. There is no entertainment or social life for singles. No accesses to legitimate, (technology/medical) college classes. Spreading blight and makes it impossible to build home equity. Disproportionate property, state income taxes and fees make saving difficult. Arguably the worst school system in the state makes raising a family here irresponsible. Like flies to fesses, a myriad of redundant social service has attracted the dregs of the Earth. Parasites that prey on the most vulnerable, bankrupt our healthcare and destroy neighborhoods.

      Yes, looking back, having left Springfield was the single most, wise choice I ever made. As Frost said, "And that has made all the difference."

    2. And when potential families look at this area in which to move or buy a property, they see stupid comments like this - and they go somewhere else. My neighborhood is nice. I have access to amenities I wouldn't get in some other towns. I see businesses doing well. Industrial park is doing well, as are many other places. We are within a 30 minute drive to Dartmouth if you want a "legitimate" college experience - that is if you're too good for nursing courses at the state of the art Dean Center and CCV. Movie theatre, Community Theatre, restaurants, a taxi service, bus service - and the town is large enough, that nobody even noticed you left. We even have a fantastic library with books by Frost in which to quote from.

  2. Or, remain here, constantly complain about it, yet....stay? Idiot. Houses are call a realtor, put your place on the market, complain on here on it's value (bet you've done nothing to improve it...or actually, you probably rent) - and with a hearty pat on your tushy....head any direction you want on your way out of town. BYE.

    1. Actually, I own my home in Springfield. After replacing the plumbing I built a 2 car garage, then put a standing seam roof on the house. Currently I'm rebuilding my porch.
      Once the house is where I want it, my wife and 2 kids will be selling and moving elsewhere.

  3. Or use your education and/or talent to IMPROVE our town!

  4. Good looking graduating class. No tattoos, no piercings in the face. A nice looking group of young adults. Let your life begin. Let it start in the right direction. Good luck to all.

  5. Please stay and help rebuild this great town.Look around and see potential,buy a home and invest in it get involved and help make it a better place for everyone.Study the history and what Springfield use to be and can be again,don't go and put your energy into some place that you have never been a part of.Alumni is coming.Hang around and see and feel the excitement,listen to the storys about how this town was and can be again.I really don't think that it is a bad town.Not much different than other towns.The reason that people are unhappy lately is that everyone that remembers knows that we have been no ordinary town.This town has been the extraordinary.We were once the wealthiest town in the state.Hold your head up high and stake your claim right here in Springfield.Good luck.

  6. chuck gregory6/13/17, 7:40 PM

    Leave. Experience the wider world. Come back when you want to, and bring what you've learned. We'll be the better for it.

    Meanwhile, if we're lucky, the graduates from other high schools across the nation will live and work in Springfield as part of their life's journey. If they're lucky, they'll take to their home towns what they learn here.


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