Monday, July 10, 2017

Man allegedly sold heroin by elementary school

A Springfield man is facing felony charges alleging that earlier this year he sold heroin from his room upstairs in a house that sits right next to the entrance to the Union Street Elementary School.    


  1. Pretty sad that a speeding ticket carries a more burdensome consequence than whatever joke of a consequence this smelly looking waste of life has ever gotten. Pathetic.

  2. One more time, We get the government we deserve.
    Welcome to our progressive utopia. How did you vote?

  3. It is absolutely disgusting that this man is still walking the streets. When are Windsor County authorities going to do the responsible thing and start protecting VT citizens this monster continues to take advantage of?

  4. RE: "When are Windsor County authorities going to do the responsible thing and start protecting VT citizens...."

    Never. You idiots keep voting in the same liberals expecting a different result. Think the epidemic is bad now? It's accelerating and no one able to affect change has a workable plan. The electorate in Vermont is profoundly ignorant and selfish. As long as phony, liberal politicians keep promising favors they can't deliver on, voters will respond by saying the hell with everyone else, I want my free stuff.

  5. It amazes me that you people haven't learned a thing about the Heroin problem in 5 years. You elect idiots who prevent people who REALLY need the pain meds and do nothing about the drug dealers. All the blame being placed on doctors is ridiculous. Why go thru the process of getting it legally when everyone is selling it on the street?

  6. chuck gregory7/15/17, 7:45 AM

    Thinking like much of the above is why we elected Donald Trump leader of the free world. How's that working out for us? There are plenty of local people who would do just as well in local and state office as he is doing for us nationally-- and padding their own wallet just as he is.


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