Friday, August 11, 2017

Free clinics predict increase in number of uninsured

Vermont’s free clinics say a reduction in state funding to help people sign up for health insurance could force the state’s rate of uninsured people to go up in 2018.    


  1. how by any means are these clinics free,the taxpayers are footing the bill for them,i pay over $300 a month for my health insurance,then i have to pay for people that don't have it

  2. chuck gregory8/12/17, 7:16 PM

    Of course you're never going to get sick or be unable to pay for your health insurance, so you don't have any worry about how you might have to pay for medical care.

    The rest of us, unfortunately, happen to be mortal. Several centuries ago, some really smart people found out that if they pooled their money together, they could protect themselves against disaster by using the money to help one of the group recover. Recently some other really smart people found out this principle could be used to protect healthy people against the effects of mortality.

    The immortals in Springfield of course don't believe in their money being used to protect themselves against a fiction.

    Then there are some Springfielders who are not immortals, but who think like the immortals because they believe they will always have health insurance or that the insurance companies deserve to make a profit off people's mortality. But that's a whole 'nother story...

    1. The problem with that theory Chuck is that there is more people expecting the handout in springfield then those that are paying for it. See the problem??? U can't expect the same taxpayers to keep footing the insurance and welfare and WIC and whatever other programs there is. Springfield is at the tipping point of becoming just what the govt wants...completely dependent on state/federal aid. Anyone that doesn't require assistance is running as fast as they can. I mean there's only every other house for sale in town

    2. Springfield is just one of many Vermont town's where the only thing keeping people there are gifts from the state. The cost of living for people who actually work is insane. The bubble is going to burst soon. There are more people taking from the State then giving.

  3. chuck gregory8/13/17, 5:45 PM

    For a decade before he ran for president, Mitt Romney paid no taxes whatsoever. The year he ran, he released his most recent tax return which showed his tax rate was 14%-- every deduction he took (including one for the family horse (an Olympian entrant) and some very illegal IRA's for some of his children-- were the government giving him money the same way it gives homeowners money for mortgage interest deductions. And on, and on, and on. So don't swallow that garbage about Americans becoming "completely dependent on state/federal aid." It's just a complex part of an incredibly complex system that makes this country work, even as one of the wealthiest rips off the system to his benefit. And we CAN expect taxpayers to keep "footing the insurance and welfare" just as they do in the 36 other countries who provide better and cheaper health care for ALL, despite the fact that we have the best medical technology in the world. Why do we want to stay stupid?

  4. Nevermind that the top 80+% of the all of the high school graduating classes in VT leave to never come back. There's nothing here for them. Springfield is no longer recognizable to me since I graduated 25 years ago. The hard working Vietnam veteran era of working adults; children of the greatest generation have vanished as they saw the writing on the wall and left the day after their child graduated from HS 20 years ago. It's been all downhill since then. I love reading the comments and have the agree with the most cynical conservatives on here....because they're correct despite how un-PC they come off.

  5. chuck gregory8/14/17, 8:26 AM

    It's easy to forget that for most of history most children never went more than five miles from the village/hamlet/city they were born in. This makes monarchy, tribalism and theocracy possible, but not democracy. It is essential that our children see the bigger world. If they stay in their home town all their life, all they'll know of the bigger world is what they get on TV. I don't think you'd like that.

    Their places are taken by other people's children. We need the mix.

    We can't live in the Truman show; we live on a surfboard in the curl of a wave, focusing on the need of the moment and mindful of trying to reach some goal we've set. Nobody is going to freeze the world to keep us happy.

  6. Wow, it appears that our neighbor to the west, and the regions biggest advocate for recreational drugs has finally cooked his own gourd. We all saw it coming..... hang ten bro?


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