Friday, March 22, 2013

Police Log

Recent calls for service logged by the Springfield Police Department.

STOLEN VEHICLE: 2000 green Subaru Legacy station wagon with black pod carrier on roof and last seen bearing MA registration 981BH4. Vehicle was taken from driveway on Wall St. some time last Tuesday evening, early morning. If you see this vehicle, please contact your local law enforcement agency. (Photo is of a similar car.)

March 1-15 Calls for Service

by Springfield Police Department, Springfield, VT

Number    Nature                          Date               Disposition

13SF00707 Noise Disturbance                01:54:07 03/01/13   COMPLETE
          Summer St; Springfield, VT  05156
Lots of short term foot traffic in and out of Apt and they're being very loud slamming doors been going on for a few hours now.

13SF00708 Foot Patrol                    03:18:13 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol on Main St

13SF00709 Citizen Assist                 03:20:05 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD; Circle K Truck Stop, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject was brought to the ER by A1 earlier from the TK stop and doesn't have a ride back to get his vehicle

13SF00710 Agency Assist                  06:48:38 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          Eureka Rd; Springfield, VT  05156
Service of RFA denial paperwork

13SF00711 Agency Assist                  07:39:52 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          PINE ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Service of Citation for outside agency.

13SF00712 Accident Pd                    07:44:31 03/01/13   COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 on South St. No injuries and not blocking traffic

13SF00713 Property Damage                11:34:27 03/01/13   COMPLETE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Unkwn veh ran into RP's vehicle at Shaws-left green transfer paint

13SF00714 Vandalism                      11:46:58 03/01/13    ACTIVE
          80 MAIN ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Rp is advising that some time over night an unkwn subj broke her windshield wipers on the front & back of her vehicle

13SF00715 Accident Pi                    12:26:29 03/01/13        ACTIVE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
10-50 vehicle into the bridge

13SF00716 Theft                          12:44:10 03/01/13        ACTIVE
          Main St  North Springfield, VT  05156
Her debit card, checks, license, and gas card was stolen from her apartment and she knows who it is that took it.

13SF00717 Suspicious                     13:10:40 03/01/13  ACTIVE
          SUMMER ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Rp called to advise that she lives in apartment x - the people that used to reside there now live in the apt beneath hers. Caller advises that she stepped out her apt for a few moments and when she returned she noticed the subjs that live beneath her were on her floor and believe they were in her apartment

13SF00718 Welfare Check                  13:23:20 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
3 children in a veh with no adult present-veh is a blk Nissan Altima unkwn tag -  veh is running

13SF00719 Drugs                          14:32:23 03/01/13  ACTIVE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Customer dropped 5 bags of heroin in store at the register.

13SF00720 Stalking                       15:17:07 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          Park STREET, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male subject outside his apartment in his veh – Caller then
called back and advised male exited veh and is outside his apartment door

13SF00721 Juvenile Prob                  16:16:54 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          75 MAIN STREET, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting group of juveniles ages 10-12yo outside the library causing problems for patrons

13SF00722 Fraud                          16:46:44 03/01/13       COMPLETE
          WHITE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Claims female gave her a money order for $550 but could not recall why she would pay her this money and that the money order was declined at the bank. Money order was reportedly issued by local financial institution.

13SF00723 Custodial Disp.                16:50:17 03/01/13       COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Custodial issues involving out of the area parent and return of her daughter

13SF00724 Citizen Dispute                19:29:03 03/01/13       COMPLETE
          33 Main STREET, Springfield, VT  05156
Officer requesting another unit some form of dispute in front of 33 Main St – letter of Trespass issued on male subject found sleeping in stairway

13SF00725 Suspicious                     19:58:42 03/01/13       COMPLETE
          COOLIDGE RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Subj reporting suspicious activity involving a vehicle

13SF00726 Agency Assist                  20:44:48 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          22 PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist to Probation and Parole

13SF00727 Phone Problem                  21:41:03 03/01/13  COMPLETE
          WALL ST;, Springfield, VT  05156
Calling to complain that Female subject keeps texting her

13SF00728 Suspicious                     22:16:46 03/01/13       COMPLETE
          ORCHARD LN, Springfield, VT  05156
Officer reporting vehicle into snowbank on Orchard Lane no one around it

13SF00729 Mv Complaint                   00:34:29 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          PARK VIEW RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Officers performed consent search on vehicle yielding marijuana paraphernalia and fraudulent inspection sticker.  MV Citations were issued for no license and no inspection.

13SF00730 Agency Assist                  02:53:05 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          VT RT 11 E, Chester, VT  05143
Assisting Chester A1 with a male subject down on the ground unconscious but breathing

13SF00731 Agency Assist                  04:45:44 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject has been at the ER for 6 hours and is refusing to leave now getting very agitated

13SF00732 Accident Pd                    08:47:28 03/02/13  ACTIVE
          GROVE ST; Mineral st, Springfield, VT  05156
2 car 10-50 no injury

13SF00733 Agency Assist                  09:43:22 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          MINERAL ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Female banging on her wall asking for help – medical issue

13SF00734 Citizen Assist                 11:10:24 03/02/13 COMPLETE
          242 TOWN FARM RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist w/child custody issues from earlier in the a.m. --- Continuation of above custodial issue

13SF00735 Accident Pd                    13:14:31 03/02/13  ACTIVE
          2 CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Minor 10-50 in Shaws lot Kia and Subaru

13SF00736 Burglary Alarm                 15:07:46 03/02/13  FALSE
          Springfield, VT  05150

13SF00737 Intoxication                   16:02:24 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          93 VT RT 106, Springfield, VT  05150
Reporting Male subject and another unidentified male are at her residence they are heavily intoxicated and she wants them removed from the property – they have been passed out for the past 45 minutes

13SF00738 Mv Complaint                   16:05:17 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of MV into snowbank

13SF00739 Mv Complaint                   16:41:35 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          HILLTOP DR, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting male showed up grabbed RPs daughter by the hair dragged her
to his veh and took off high rate of speed. There are 2 small children in veh as well 6 & 10yo possibly headed to Cavendish

13SF00740 Noise Disturbance               16:45:34 03/02/13   COMPLETE
          70 VT RT 106;  Springfield, VT  05150
Reporting 3 males in room drunk and being disorderly loud annoying the
Neighbors - party broke up no response needed

13SF00741 Theft                          18:49:44 03/02/13  ACTIVE
          WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Called and reported suspicious veh around 4:30 - he now advises that
they stole gas out of his car approximately 1/2 a tank worth

13SF00742 Suspicious                     19:18:01 03/02/13       COMPLETE
          MT View; Area of Main Office, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting older male subj seems to be creeping his way towards the main office alcove area not sure what he's up to

13SF00743 Mv Complaint                   20:58:22 03/02/13  COMPLETE
          PADDOCK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Kids in cars on Paddock Rd not sure what they are up to partially obstructing roadway

13SF00744 Welfare Check                  00:03:25 03/03/13  COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
RP just got off the phone with his cousin she’s upset and stating
she wants to end her life because if she can’t be with her ex boyfriend because nobody else will have her. He said she's intoxicated and may have a bunch of pills in her purse.

13SF00745 Agency Assist                  13:24:28 03/03/13       COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist with Domestic Assault Victim

13SF00746 Vin Inspection                 14:54:54 03/03/13  COMPLETE
          RANDALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Requested a Vin inspection

13SF00747 Agency Assist                  17:17:31 03/03/13  COMPLETE
          CUTLER DR, Springfield, VT  05156
VAPO * VCOR citation service for Woodstock PD

13SF00748 Threatening                    21:57:26 03/03/13       COMPLETE
          25 MAIN ST; Movie Theater, Springfield, VT  05156
Thru the SPD webpage tip line it was brought to the attention that there
appeared to be a vague threat possibly aimed at the Springfield Movie Theatre - Copies of the webpage this appeared on have been printed out

13SF00749 Theft                          09:35:35 03/04/13      ACTIVE
          SPOONERVILLE RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Item stolen out of a vehicle he had parked at the end of his driveway sometime over the past 2 months

13SF00750 Agency Assist                  11:40:05 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          CUTLER DR; Burge, Springfield, VT  05156
Serve a Final Order of Protection

13SF00751 Citizen Assist                 14:08:52 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          Summer St, Springfield, VT  05156
Needs ride to the ER

13SF00752 Found Property                 14:24:55 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Anonymous male turned in a Debt Card

13SF00753 Vin Inspection                 15:52:42 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          WHITCOMB ST, Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00754 Found Property                 17:19:36 03/04/13       COMPLETE
          VT RT 35, Athens, VT  05143
Found a chainsaw along rt 35 on her way home from Kindle farms in the roadway

13SF00755 Agency Assist                  18:20:48 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of Subpeona

13SF00756 Welfare Check                  18:21:59 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Welfare check on male subject with medical issues

13SF00757 Citizen Assist                 20:37:59 03/04/13       ECV
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Permitted male subject to use her EBT card reportedly to by $10 in groceries he has since maxed out the card to $160 in groceries and $38 cash

13SF00758 Service Of Apo                 21:44:46 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          VT RT 106; Springfield, VT  05156
Relief From Abuse paperwork service

13SF00759 Welfare Check                  23:26:28 03/04/13       COMPLETE
          WHITCOMB ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant called repeatedly claiming child’s father is intoxicated wanted a welfare check on child in his care – child was fine.

13SF00760 Trespassing                    23:27:52 03/04/13  COMPLETE
          33 Main St, Springfield, VT  05156
Advised that Male is passed out in the stairway and has a no trespass against him.  Male fled scene before police arrived

13SF00761 Noise Disturbance                02:20:24 03/05/13  COMPLETE
          NORTHFIELD DR;, Springfield, VT  05150
Complainant advised that her downstairs neighbors were loud and she told them to shut the ---- up and they turned the TV up really high.

13SF00762 Burglary Alarm                 03:44:22 03/05/13   COMPLETE

13SF00763 Agency Assist                  05:13:05 03/05/13  COMPLETE
          RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject left the hospital. He is an HCRS patient brought in from another town.

13SF00764 Suspicious                     06:29:46 03/05/13  COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant advised she is driving and there is a male subject in another vehicle following her.

13SF00765 Assault                        10:14:48 03/05/13  ECV
          Main St, N Springfield, VT  05150
Mother was assaulted by a male subject who has left

13SF00766 Agency Assist                  10:28:01 03/05/13  ACTIVE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject giving the hospital staff a hard time – subject damaged various pieces of equipment when he started throwing things around

13SF00767 Fraud                          13:22:38 03/05/13  ACTIVE
          270 RIVER ST; Conn River Bank, Springfield, VT  05156
Two females came into the Bank and cashed two checks that were found to be forged.

13SF00769 Agency Assist                  15:12:14 03/05/13      COMPLETE
          390 river STREET, HCRS Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject made threats to doctor they now want officer to be there at
4pm when he comes in for an appointment

13SF00768 Citizen Assist                 15:24:34 03/05/13  COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female claiming to have been assaulted by husband not sure where this occurred

13SF00770 Weapon Offense                 15:37:13 03/05/13  ACTIVE
          44 UNION ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Advising subjects identified as Jersey boys were banging on hallway door
subjects reportedly have guns one in black vest no other descriptions unknown if they left on foot or in a vehicle

13SF00771 Drugs                          16:25:04 03/05/13   ACTIVE
          PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Drug paraphernalia

13SF00772 Medical                        16:50:43 03/05/13  COMPLETE
          Main STREET, Springfield, VT  05156
Report 12 yo girl down on a bike no helmet unconcious brief period of time – subj was actually 17 yo – transported to ER via ambulance

13SF00773 Juvenile Problem               17:20:32 03/05/13      COMPLETE
          Main St; Alley Library & Apron Strings, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting juveniles playing with some form of accelerates & lighters in alley between the library & Apron Strings

13SF00774 Threatening                    17:54:45 03/05/13  UNCOOPERATIVE
          SUMMER ST;  Springfield, VT  05156
Advising that male just came to Black River Produce threatened him
with a bat over money he allegedly owed him and then advised he was heading to the complainants home where his wife and baby are there were 2 other subj in the veh

13SF00775 Wanted Person                  18:00:20 03/05/13      ARREST
          WOOLSON AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
Keith Destromp Active Warrant

13SF00776 Robbery                        18:46:24 03/05/13  ARREST
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Black River Kwik Stop – additional details deleted due to active prosecution of case

13SF00777 Property Damage                19:07:45 03/05/13      COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
After the fact accident report

13SF00778 Agency Assist                  23:09:38 03/05/13      ACTIVE
          13 FAIRGROUND RD; Riverside MS, Springfield, VT  05156
Election Ballots

13SF00779 Suspicious                     09:56:12 03/06/13  COMPLETE
          38 Pleasant ST; Gateway School, Springfield, VT  05156
17yo male did not arrive at school this morning

13SF00780 Drugs                          12:06:21 03/06/13      ARREST
          303 SOUTH St; Springfield High School, Springfield, VT  05156
Two students were found with drug items

13SF00781 Drugs                          14:20:09 03/06/13      TRA
          303 SOUTH St; High School, Springfield, VT  05156
Took drugs off a student

13SF00782 Theft                          16:05:11 03/06/13        ACTIVE
          WHITCOMB ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Claims someone who was staying with her stole over $4000 in electronics

13SF00783 Agency Assist                  22:02:14 03/06/13      COMPLETE
          Main STREET;  Springfield, VT  05156
ECO paperwork - Kids are already with DCF

13SF00784 Foot Patrol                    02:36:08 03/07/13      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Out on Main Street for foot Patrol

13SF00785 Suspicious                     02:58:40 03/07/13      COMPLETE
          WHITCOMB ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Saw two people wearing dark clothing in hoodies

13SF00786 Fingerprints                   08:56:03 03/07/13   ACTIVE
13SF00787 Fingerprints                   10:21:12 03/07/13   ACTIVE
13SF00788 Fingerprints                   10:21:58 03/07/13   ACTIVE

13SF00789 Found Property                 11:47:37 03/07/13   COMPLETE
          FACTORY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Found a purse and everything all over the ground

13SF00790 Accident Pd                    14:58:09 03/07/13  ACTIVE
          25 RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting her car was backed into

13SF00791 Suspicious                     15:06:29 03/07/13  ACTIVE
          MISSING LINK RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Guy at the park & Ride with a mask and hoodie.

13SF00792 Welfare Check                  18:29:26 03/07/13      COMPLETE
          Main Street,  Springfield, VT  05156
Wants us to check on his daughter because she wasn't in court.
He can not have contact with her.

13SF00793 Agency Assist                  19:00:50 03/07/13       ARREST
          CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of paperwork

13SF00794 Suspicious                     23:11:43 03/07/13      COMPLETE
          Summer STREET; , Springfield, VT  05156
An anonymous caller called to say male has left his
apartment (moved out or got evicted) and his brother is now trying to break into it.

13SF00795 Suspicious                     08:36:52 03/08/13   COMPLETE
          SPRINGFIELD PLAZA, Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant saying she is watching people snorting pills that are smashed up. Right outside of her store.

13SF00796 Accident Pd                    09:43:37 03/08/13        ACTIVE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 car accident with no injuries.

13SF00797 Theft                          13:16:03 03/08/13  ARREST
          SPRINGFIELD PLAZA, Springfield, VT  05156
Theft at family Dollar.  Candace Alberti arrested and charged with Petit Larceny.

13SF00798 Fraud                          14:08:01 03/08/13   COMPLETE
          ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
He has been getting a charge every month for from some company he doesn’t know.

13SF00799 Drugs                          15:25:40 03/08/13        ACTIVE
          303 SOUTH STREET, Springfield, VT  05156
Call rec'd on previous shift regarding juvenile with Drugs at school

13SF00800 Suspicious                     15:50:14 03/08/13    COMPLETE
          RANDALL HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Van parked at cabin most of the day – guy come out with his hands loaded with stuff not sure what was concerned he might be stealing piping

13SF00801 Assault                        17:39:10 03/08/13  ARREST
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting son was allegedly assaulted by Matt Neathawk.

13SF00802 Assault                        17:39:52 03/08/13       ACTIVE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
13 yo son beat up by 3 other kids

13SF00803 Burglary                       18:05:03 03/08/13       COMPLETE
          Summer STREET;  Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting that thru a 3rd party someone is allegedly attempting to break into apt that should not have anyone living in it

13SF00804 Theft                          18:32:24 03/08/13       ACTIVE
          RIVER ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Theft of laptop computer after being delivered by postal worker

13SF00805 Citizen Dispute                20:35:22 03/08/13       COMPLETE
          Summer St;  Springfield, VT  05156
More issues between Landlord & Tenant

13SF00806 Mv Complaint                   01:07:17 03/09/13       COMPLETE
          PRECISION DR, Springfield, VT  05150
Box truck driving around in circles around Jeld-wen and the parking lot keeps passing by an employee that's parked in an 18 wheeler in the parking lot seems suspicious not sure what his intentions are.

13SF00807 Vin Inspection                 10:59:11 03/09/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00808 Alarm                          11:01:34 03/09/13  COMPLETE

13SF00809 Parking Problem                12:04:22 03/09/13  COMPLETE
          COOLIDGE RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbor’s car is parked blocking his drive way

13SF00810 Mv Complaint                   15:21:49 03/09/13  COMPLETE
          SPRINGFIELD PLAZA, Springfield, VT  05156
Complainant advising operator of vehicle all over the road currently out behind the plaza

13SF00811 Animal Problem                 16:32:01 03/09/13        ACTIVE
          Eureka ROAD, Springfield, VT  05156
Black Boxer running loose no collar or tags

13SF00812 Vin Inspection                 17:23:32 03/09/13       COMPLETE
          242 TOWN FARM RD; lot 28, Springfield, VT  05156
Vin checks x2

13SF00813 Welfare Check                  20:46:30 03/09/13  COMPLETE
          PARK ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of male subj in dark clothing walking in middle of roadway on Park
towards Mineral

13SF00814 Suspicious                     21:15:39 03/09/13       COMPLETE
          SOUTH ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting younger male subject heading up South St hill appears intox almost stepped out into road in front of her stumbling

13SF00815 Mv Complaint                   21:18:02 03/09/13       ARREST
          RIVER ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle headed toward Mt Vernon believe to be intox

13SF00816 Foot Patrol                    01:14:39 03/10/13       COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol on Main St

13SF00817 Theft                          08:45:45 03/10/13  ACTIVE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting a theft from the store around 7:30 pm last night.  Has it on video

13SF00818 Suspicious                     11:35:43 03/10/13  COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject parked out front of complainant’s wife's business sleeping

13SF00819 Property Watch                 12:55:01 03/10/13  COMPLETE
          Springfield, Springfield, VT  05156
Home checks

13SF00820 Suspicious                     14:10:52 03/10/13  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male subject broke the basement window and enter the building

13SF00821 Citizen Assist                 14:47:52 03/10/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Drug intel

13SF00822 Mv Complaint                   17:29:25 03/10/13  UNCOOPERATIVE
          PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
VT reg vehicle racing back & forth on Pearl St vehicle is operated by young male – 2nd Complainant called to advise same when neighbors yelled for him to slow down he would flip them off

13SF00823 Suspicious                     23:01:22 03/10/13  COMPLETE
          CHARLESTOWN RD; Conn River Rd, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting subj with yellow snowmobile looks like he has it hung up on some logs down at Boatlanding store – subject subsequently arrested for burglary in VSP coverage area

13SF00824 Suspicious                     23:28:56 03/10/13       COMPLETE
          ELM TER, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller advised that there are 3 people walking behind the guardrails in the woods

13SF00825 Mv Complaint                   02:48:14 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          PLEASANT VALLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Gray Honda into the ditch, nobody around it. On the top of the hill.

13SF00826 Agency Assist                  06:30:11 03/11/13      COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of a Subpoena

13SF00828 Theft                          08:04:22 03/11/13  ACTIVE
          Spring St, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle stolen from the driveway sometime after 3am this morning. Keys in
the vehicle

13SF00829 Citizen Assist                 09:21:27 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle turned over by female subject for retrieval by another party

13SF00830 Vandalism                      09:46:29 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle entered last night

13SF00831 Public Speaking                09:57:43 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          Springfield, Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00832 Found Property                 10:07:41 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          MORGAN ST; Turning Point, Springfield, VT  05156
Found Debit Card

13SF00833 Animal Problem                 10:28:58 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Found a dog hooked to his door this morning

13SF00834 Theft                          10:59:50 03/11/13      ACTIVE
          DEWEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle entered last night, coins missing and also the Video Camera from the house

13SF00835 Agency Assist                  11:47:31 03/11/13      COMPLETE
          FURNACE ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve Final RFA

13SF00836 Threatening                    12:28:13 03/11/13      COMPLETE
          OLD CONN RIVER RD;  Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00837 Service Of Apo                 15:29:05 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Abuse Prention Order Service

13SF00838 Theft                          15:38:51 03/11/13      ACTIVE
          1124 CHARLESTOWN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting break-ins to Self Storage units on Charlestown Road

13SF00840 Weapon Offense                 16:25:10 03/11/13      COMPLETE
          PELKEY RD; Carley Rd, Springfield, VT  05156
Advised shooting at end of Carley Rd - pretty heavy firepower heard in

13SF00839 Welfare Check                  16:30:18 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          Main STREET;  Springfield, VT  05156
Someone called Mental Health hotline advising not feeling safe has key to his ambien in cabinet thoughts of ODing

13SF00841 Theft                          18:01:56 03/11/13       ACTIVE
          DEWEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Theft of items from wife's minivan

13SF00842 Theft                          18:04:45 03/11/13       ACTIVE
          DEWEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Items stolen from her vehicle

13SF00843 Burglary                       18:16:08 03/11/13  COMPLETE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Caller advising 3 teens breaking into 47 Union St no
descript reportedly breaking windows according the complainant’s 16 yo daughter – officer response found no such activity taking place and no vandalism had occurred – neighbors were unaware of any activity of that nature

13SF00844 Agency Assist                  03:44:06 03/12/13  COMPLETE
          I91 Southbound, Springfield, VT  05156
VSP requesting assistance with trooper transporting subject who became out of control

13SF00845 911 Hangup                     05:39:14 03/12/13       COMPLETE
          BROCKWAY MILLS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Open Line static.

13SF00847 Traffic Hazard                 09:48:39 03/12/13  COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Traffic control at LoveJoy Tool

13SF00848 Agency Assist                  10:30:09 03/12/13   ACTIVE
          PEARL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist with arrest of Corey Betit by Probation and Parole

13SF00849 Fingerprints                   12:54:30 03/12/13  COMPLETE

13SF00850 Threatening                    13:42:26 03/12/13      ACTIVE
          WALNUT HILL COURT, Springfield, VT  05156
Text messages left by his ex

13SF00851 Fingerprints                   14:12:24 03/12/13  COMPLETE

13SF00852 Accident Pd                    17:48:24 03/12/13      COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
2 car 10-50 minor damage

13SF00853 Suspicious                     21:51:05 03/12/13      COMPLETE
          Springfield, VT  05156
Suspicious activity in and out of apartment

13SF00854 Accident Pd                    22:47:27 03/12/13  ACTIVE
          BRIDGE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle sideswiped by red PU that took off - a pickup came into pd lot prior to her arrival driver appeared to get out and check passenger side of his veh then got back in and drove away

13SF00855 Mv Complaint                   22:58:09 03/12/13      COMPLETE
          WOOLSON AVE, Springfield, VT  05156
DUI Screening and consent search of vehicle

13SF00856 Mv Complaint                   23:57:28 03/12/13      ACTIVE
          MAIN ST; South St, Springfield, VT  05156
Traffic Stop with NJ registered vehicle – consent search conducted

13SF00857 Welfare Check                  00:43:22 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          Massey Rd, Springfield, VT  05156
Having diabetic issues needs to get in touch with her daughter to come over and take her dog.

13SF00858 Fire                           05:58:23 03/13/13  COMPLETE
          396 WOODBURY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of a barn fire with livestock inside no other information at this time

13SF00859 Agency Assist                  12:33:44 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist with a male subject at HCRS throwing furniture

13SF00860 Mv Complaint                   13:14:18 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          100 MINERAL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Check on a report of vehicle leaking gas – FD contacted

13SF00861 Theft                          13:27:43 03/13/13      ACTIVE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle broke into last night

13SF00862 Citizen Dispute                13:36:17 03/13/13      ARREST
          RIDGEWOOD RD, Springfield Hospital Springfield, VT  05156
Out of control male subject – Subject arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assault following allegations of same by staff.

13SF00863 Public Speaking                14:02:03 03/13/13 ACTIVE
          MAIN ST; Congo Church, Springfield, VT  05156
Presentation on personal safety as presented by the LT

13SF00864 Citizen Dispute                14:38:01 03/13/13      ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male female arguing in the parking lot

13SF00865 Sex Offend Reg                 15:31:56 03/13/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Advising that a male subject appears to be out of compliance with address last listed as his place of residence

13SF00866 Agency Assist                  15:36:59 03/13/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST; Springfield, VT  05156
Service of a Relief From Abuse Order

13SF00867 Suspicious                     15:52:37 03/13/13  COMPLETE
          CARLEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Reported by the Town Office that there is a bag of needles in the road.

13SF00868 DLS                            16:34:00 03/13/13  ACTIVE
          PINE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
David Fuller arrested and charged after allegedly operating with a suspended license

13SF00869 Welfare Check                  16:39:17 03/13/13       COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Advised that female is in an abusive relationship and wants her checked on because she has been unable to make contact with her.

13SF00870 Accident Pd                    16:57:45 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Two car accident no injuries.

13SF00871 Agency Assist                  17:23:11 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD; Jeremy White, Springfield, VT  05156
Service of a relief from abuse order

13SF00872 Citizen Dispute                17:41:40 03/13/13       ARREST
          SPRINGFIELD PLAZA, Springfield, VT  05156
Report of two females fighting in front of the Peebles.

13SF00873 Accident Pd                    18:09:08 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Subjects called advising they had an accident on the Chester rd, and they have both gone home already.

13SF00874 Theft                          19:08:52 03/13/13      ACTIVE
          OLD CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Her EBT Card was lost or stolen.

13SF00875 Citizen Dispute                19:34:55 03/13/13       ARREST
          CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female came into the lobby advised two males fighting outside of PCM.

13SF00876 Animal Problem                 20:40:20 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          OLIVE ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Neighbors dog in her yard barking.

13SF00877 Drugs                          23:54:08 03/13/13       COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Has information in reference to drug activity

13SF00878 Foot Patrol                    23:56:23 03/13/13      COMPLETE
          MAIN ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Foot Patrol on Main Street

13SF00879 Noise Disturban                00:51:40 03/14/13      COMPLETE
          NORTHFIELD DR; Apt, Springfield, VT  05150
Neighbors are arguing, being very loud, and have the volume turned way up on their tv its been going on for a while now

13SF00880 Family Fight                   04:52:45 03/14/13      COMPLETE
          MOUNTAIN view;  Springfield, VT  05156
Sounds like two males are fighting upstairs apartment being very loud
stomping and thrashing around woke up the complainant

13SF00881 Agency Assist                  08:51:48 03/14/13  COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00882 Fingerprints                   09:21:48 03/14/13  COMPLETE

13SF00883 Welfare Check                  09:41:50 03/14/13       COMPLETE
          SUMMER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Concerned about baby and it being neglected

13SF00884 Suspicious                     09:45:01 03/14/13      COMPLETE
          WILL DEAN RD; , Springfield, VT  05156
Bad smell coming from apartment.  Subjects allegedly were smoking marijuana yesterday

13SF00885 Fingerprints                   11:12:53 03/14/13   ACTIVE
13SF00886 Fingerprints                   11:23:07 03/14/13   ACTIVE
13SF00887 Fingerprints                   11:27:52 03/14/13   ACTIVE

13SF00888 Theft                          14:06:20 03/14/13       ACTIVE
          SUMMER ST; , Springfield, VT  05156
Rp advised that her Percocet was taken some time overnight.

13SF00889 Theft                          14:33:51 03/14/13      ACTIVE
          UNION ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Rp advises that sometime over night an unkwn subj went thru her vehicle

13SF00890 Threatening                    15:09:57 03/14/13       ACTIVE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Male came into PD wanting to speak to an officer in reference to a
harassment issue.

13SF00891 Agency Assist                  15:29:35 03/14/13      ACTIVE
          700 CHARLESTOWN RD; Springfield, VT  05156
Serve a Citation at SSCF for VSP.

13SF00892 Agency Assist                  15:35:06 03/14/13      COMPLETE
          MASSEY RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Assist the ambulance with a male subject who collapsed. With Cardiac history.

13SF00893 Citizen Dispute                20:46:23 03/14/13       COMPLETE
          WALL ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Female’s stuff was left out on the porch.

13SF00894 Noise Disturban                23:15:35 03/14/13      COMPLETE
          Summer STREET; Apt Springfield, VT  05156
Advising Male 7 Female are yelling at each other fighting slamming things
around being very loud its been going on for about an hour now

13SF00895 Mv Complaint                   01:23:52 03/15/13      COMPLETE
          CHESTER RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Consent search of vehicle on the bridge by Mcdonalds

13SF00896 Mv Complaint                   01:27:07 03/15/13       COMPLETE
          BROCKWAY MILLS RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Consent search on vehicle

13SF00897 Agency Assist                  10:44:15 03/15/13      COMPLETE
          COMMONWEALTH AVE;, Springfield, VT  05156
Notice of Hearing paperwork service

13SF00898 Vin Inspection               11:45:20 03/15/13        COMPLETE

13SF00899 Welfare Check                  12:22:31 03/15/13  ACTIVE
          BUENA VISTA PLACE, Springfield, VT  05156
Welfare check on male subject that has a history of using heroin and has recently begun using again

13SF00900 Background                     12:31:38 03/15/13      COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Background Check

13SF00901 Agency Assist                13:31:05 03/15/13        COMPLETE
          PRECISION DR, Springfield, VT  05156
VSP would like us to put an injured deer down.

13SF00902 Animal Problem                 13:41:27 03/15/13  COMPLETE
          WILL DEAN RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Rp is in the parking lot in a yellow veh-she found a friendly black lab with no tags

13SF00903 Vin Inspection                 13:48:45 03/15/13   COMPLETE
          VALLEY ST, Springfield, VT  05156

13SF00904 Mv Complaint                   15:15:06 03/15/13  ACTIVE
          RIVER ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Vehicle swerving squealing tires making bad decisions

13SF00905 Welfare Check                  16:39:52 03/15/13       COMPLETE
          201 CLINTON ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting he is an HCRS worker and he was speaking to his client who made comments of wanting to harm himself - he advised subject was walking down
the sidewalk

13SF00906 Medical                        16:44:28 03/15/13     COMPLETE
          NORTHFIELD DR; Apt  Springfield, VT  05150
Subject Cutting herself - unknown extent of injury or actual device being used to inflict injury

13SF00907 Threatening                    17:20:58 03/15/13       ACTIVE
          LITCHFIELD ST, Springfield, VT  05156
Reporting threatening text messages

13SF00908 Citizen Assist                 18:34:05 03/15/13       COMPLETE
          ELM HILL RD; ELM HILL RD, Springfield, VT  05156
Advises her staff is not listening to her and she is going to flip out if someone doesn't come up that there are 3 staff there and she only needs 2


  1. These things are the best.

    There are some really unstable people in this town.

    Like the guy that wanted to check on his daughter because she missed a court date, but he can't have contact with her so he asked the police to do it.

    Classic Springer show material.

  2. Is this the police log or the annual town report???

  3. David Fuller again? I see him driving everyday! His kid isn't much better smoking pot in the yard right next to a school.

    1. And how does this effect your life? Everyone smokes pot, he's on the verge of 18. Don't be upset because he can keep a WOMAN...and you have to settle for less. Ya might want to not slam another persons family........some people really do not like that.

  4. What kind of a society have we become when our police have become glorified baby sitters and are spending a disproportionate amount of their time dealing with citizen's personal(and it appears drug related)problems?

  5. chuck gregory3/23/13, 11:17 AM

    Well, having once had a homeless person die outside my office window, I tend to value a society in which everybody knows somebody is there for them. One of the world's great religious leaders, a fellow named Jesus, had a lot to say about that. You could, 9:49, relieve the police of "baby-sitting" work by undertaking it yourself as an unpaid volunteer.

    Bill Lee, the best philosopher ever to become a pitcher, once said, "Under Communism, everybody's expected to help everybody else, even if it means giving up some stuff, but there is no God. Under capitalism, it's every man for himself, but there's Christianity, which says they should care for one another. So how come the Communists are the atheists and the capitalists the Christians?" Or words to that effect. So, is Springfield going to be atheist or Christian?

    1. The issue is there are too many "brothers" and not enough "keepers" I don't know about anyone else but personally I am sick of working my butt off and watching people make a career out of welfare.

  6. re: Chuck 11:17am

    You say " So, is Springfield going to be atheist or Christian?"

    Fortunately, the people of Springfield can be whatever they chose without being their brothers keeper.

  7. Here you go Chuck ...

  8. chuck gregory3/23/13, 10:27 PM

    Well, 12:19, Cain wasn't his brother's keeper, and he paid big time for it, if the Word of God is anything to go by. I just hope with that attitude you're not a Christian; it could get you in trouble with the Man Who Really Counts.

    9:14, I believe you meant to direct that address to 9:49 AM. I've done my bit volunteering to help without pay.

    1. Chuck,
      God does not exist. If you want to believe in god fine, but do not insinuate that those of us that do not believe are less worthy, or less willing to be compassionate individuals.

  9. re Chuck 11:17 am

    My comment (9:49 am) was addressing the issue of personal responsibility, which seems to be in short supply among some segments of the population. A lot of the incidents memorialized in the police log are not only misdirecting our policemen's valuable time, they are an abuse of local taxpayers who ultimately have to fund our community services.

    1. chuck gregory3/24/13, 12:55 PM

      Totally Agree...

    2. Marshall law it is!


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