Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Raid on apartment results in trafficking charges

Eddie Cruz, 54, of Springfield, pleaded innocent on Friday afternoon to felony heroin trafficking and to two accompanying misdemeanor counts of crack cocaine and narcotics possession before he was returned to the Springfield jail for lack of $25,000 bail.

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  1. Please let this man go free. I am sure that the liberal "justice" system and Chuck Gregory agree. He is a victim of the current drug laws making it illegal to sell drugs. A couple of weeks in one of Springfield's "Get out of jail free" agencies will fix him right up. Please let this man go free because he is a victim of the "Drug Wars" that have failed.This man is a casualty of the system and laws that are damaging America. We need to make every thing free. Free food, free health care, free education, free retirement, free cell phones, free TV and free drugs and booze. Right Chuck?

    1. You missed Free CLEAN Air.

  2. chuck gregory4/6/16, 8:52 AM

    Glad to see you feel no need to punish a man who profits by encouraging people to become addicted to any substance, 9:17. I'm sure you were in the forefront of the campaign to jail the tobacco company executives back in the 90's. You weren't? Oh, sorry; my mistake. How did you miss that one?

    Of course you remember how well Prohibition worked out. When alcohol became legal the sales of Tommy guns dropped precipitously. . . After Portugal decriminalized ALL the illegal substances, addiction rates DROPPED, and people like Mr. Cruz had to go into more profitable lines of work.

    You'd spend a lot less of your energy generating bile if you took more time to understand why the "War on Drugs" doesn't work, and you'd save on your taxes if you started to oppose it.

    Excellent lead you wrote on the Game Birds article, by the way.

  3. Disgusting! This COUNTRY has gone down hill in a handbasket!

  4. You are right on 9:17 pm and the word is that this man was being paid by the state to care for someone's else's kids, and was receiving $4000 a Month in state aid! Be assured Chuck will respond with some overly long liberal excuse for supporting all the liberal programs he supported which got us where we are.

    1. Yes, probably his wife's grandchildren who get taken away from their unfit mother......$4000 a month?

  5. This can't be true, ask Chief Johnston and read the town report, crime is down in Springfield....we may need more sand in which to bury our heads though

  6. This guy was out of jail on Friday afternoon doing the same old same old. I saw him in front of his apartment talking to people in a car. He made his bail money back by lunch... This state is a joke!


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