Friday, August 12, 2016

Family center participates in regional ‘Back to School’ drive

The Springfield Family Center is taking part in a first-of-its-kind regional drive, along with six other organizations, to bring in school supplies and food for families in need ahead of the upcoming school year.    


  1. chuck gregory8/12/16, 2:18 PM

    We Americans really don't value education very much, do we? There are some school systems that have to ask parents to send toilet paper to school along with their kids.

  2. So because our schools provide toilet paper for our kids it means we don't value our schools.. You've gone off the deep end know Mr. Gregory..

    1. chuck gregory8/13/16, 7:36 AM

      9:01-- ????????????????? Re-read my post.

  3. According to my research, the Vermont public school system spends more money per student than any school system in America.....on administrative expenses! It also has one of the lowest student/teacher ratios, and yet nearly half of all high school graduates are unprepared for the workforce or college. Graduation rates mean nothing if the kids haven't learned. SOMETHING needs to be done! Consolidating school districts, increasing class sizes, and actually teaching kids HOW to think instead of WHAT to think would be great places to start. (Before you all start screaming, may I remind you that the "antiquated cookie-cutter" school system put men on the moon, and created our modern computers!)

  4. chuck gregory8/14/16, 12:01 PM

    What put men on the moon was a massive infusion of money into America's educational system. What we have today is a bunch of people whining about infusing money into America's educational system, and they have been so effective about it that public schools (where 40% of the students just happen to be non-white) sometimes have to ask their parents to supply the school with toilet paper. We in Springfield should be asking our principals and teachers, "What do YOU need to bring out in each one of your students the things they never knew they had within them?"

    Undoubtedly some of their replies would include the materials the Springfield Area Parent-Child Center hopes to collect without taxpayer assistance. But a lot more of their responses would mean spending m-o-n-e-y, which can only be done by inflicting more pain on the middle class rather than asking those who have gotten almost all of the gains of the last 40 years. So, better we should stay stupid and grouse about public education rather than invest in the future of both our children and our country.

  5. I agree with 9:04. I went to school back in the last century, 1970, although in another state, was I attending a school /education that was broken? My senior class was only 50 since it as a small town(ship). But I believe 80% or more of us went to college. Why did the system / methods of educating change ?

    1. The system changed because the political left began using our taxpayer funded public schools to indoctrinate our children, rather than educate them. They "dumbed it down" so as not to "injure the self esteem" of underperforming students, began promoting leftist social issues, and started focusing more on "inclusion" than education. I briefly taught in the public schools, and my kid went to them, and that's what I saw. America has never achieved better than a 75% literacy rate, and we are behind EVERY other industrialized nation in almost every area. The radical left has taken the job of raising our nations children away from their parents, and is doing a miserable job of it. Transgendered bathrooms??? How about teaching our kids to read, write, and do arithmatic, and allow parents to raise their kids as THEY see fit!

    2. chuck gregory8/16/16, 7:53 AM

      I suggest you look at what the other industrialized countries spend on their school systems-- they clearly value public education-- and most if not all of those countries are run by the scary liberal governments that have me cowering under my bed.

  6. chuck gregory8/15/16, 1:14 PM

    8:50, Springfielders love to dump on the school system. Since roughly 1990, the town budget has been passed by voters 100% of the time, while the school budget was rejected 48% of the time. This is, I think, because it gives us a sense of potency that we feel is lacking in the rest of our life.

    Nationally, Americans have been sold on the idea that public education is cr*p. It's false, but we've bought it. The people who have sold us on it are making millions off our credulity.

    Vermont spends more than many, many other states on education, but look at our rankings:

    Residents with High school completion: Vermont 5th
    With Bachelor’s degree: Vermont 7th
    With Advanced degree: Vermont 6th

    As for college completion rates:
    Vermont (7th)— 65.3% graduate within 6 years and 52.4% within 4 years
    (source: Graduation rates by state | College Completion)

    As for preparing students for college or other further education, US News and World Report ranked:
    Vermont #12
    (source: How States Compare in the 2016 Best High Schools Rankings | Best High Schools | US News)

    Not bad for a state whose GSP puts us about 46th and whose population is maybe 49th! Let's keep valuing our public education system.


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