Friday, March 10, 2017

Morris: Springfield will focus on downtown plan

The Select Board again unanimously elected Kristi Morris as its chairman.    


  1. Re: Working with the town’s nongovernmental partners, Springfield on The Move and the Springfield Regional Development Corp., on a better marketing strategy for the town would also be a goal, Morris said.

    Both of the above organizations need to be cut loose. Their cozy "partners" status is largely failing the town, but it continues to throw them money. It's high time the town looked elsewhere for assistance.

  2. Between the Police Administration and now Morris, both are a day late and a dollar short. The chief finally makes a statement that something needs to be done with drug dealers and Morris finally says there needs to be a change in planning. SO FINALLY they are going to something differently, why today and not so many many years ago, the problems and lack of real leadership remain the same. The real problem is those two and the prevailing good old boy network.

  3. Aethelred the Unready3/11/17, 8:56 PM

    Much of this could be done by the Town itself, the Selectboard finally got the ball rolling, along with the Housing Authority. Whether they can keep it rolling remains to be seen, if Martin is a pusher like the man he replaced, then there is hope that he and Martone can keep the pressure on the Town Manager. If not the Selectboard may go back to sleep like it did the first nine years that Morris was on the board.

  4. This is why voters have to keep their eyes open + hold the selectboard accountable. Our town manager is having to clean up after years of neglect.

    1. Ha! Cleaning up after his predeccesor, who hopped, skiiped, and jumped his way to a seat in the state legislature after having managed the town deeper into the ditch.

    2. The Selectboard will have to keep pressure on the Town Manager. We cannot expect a 12 year veteran of the Selectboard to maintain pressure on the Town Manager, that pressure will have to come from the two Selectboard members who were not on the Selectboard while the mess accumulated.

    3. You got that right! The Movers+Shakers: Martone-Martin.

  5. The Goat Rustler3/13/17, 9:52 AM

    For this town to have a marketing strategy, it must first have something to market. "When I hear "looking for investors" to fund improvement projects, I hear "please come here and fix up our town for us, we can't do it ourselves." Things like tearing down unuseable, blighted buildings, renovating useable ones, and paving roads MUST be done FIRST! Investors want to invest in a town that has its act together, not a "fixer-upper." I've seen a lot of progress in the three years I've been here, but it's been mostly individual property owners taking a chance on renovating run-down homes. The town needs to continue to improve infrastructure, and take a tougher stance on blighted properties, and their owners. And, yes, IT WILL COST MONEY! Relying on outside investors created a lot of the problems here; the proliferation of "low income" housing being a big one. I recommend we all stop looking for the "ideologically correct" solution and just get busy! We ALL live here, let's make it better for everyone!


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