Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Longest running community theater in VT in need

My name is Todd Hutchinson and I’m the Vice-President of The Springfield Community Players. We are looking for your help. But, before you can help us, first you must get to know us.



  1. "If we could get 53,000 people to donate the minimum $5, we would make our goal and be on our way to upgrading so much."

    This is a joke isn't it or maybe a pipe dream? Maybe the drug dealers in town will fund this albatross. Sometimes its better to walk away from a money pit especially when it is just another non-profit in town fighting for the few dollars remaining to be fleeced from the sheeple. Let it die and come up with a real business based upon real revenues and profits. The town can't afford to subsidize any more egos that want someone else to pay for their "acting careers".

  2. You are blaming the prison and "all the bad things that come with it" for the downfall of the town? Until I read that, I was all for the theater as a person who was involved with theater all through college and who has seen wonderful shows in town. But the prison had nothing to do with the theater losing the interest of the people of this town. Please stop blaming the prison for all that is wrong here. The prison provides jobs and economic growth for this town. Think about how many businesses profit from the prison (restaurants, hardware store etc). The prison is NOT the problem.

    1. What planet do you live on? If in healthcare, education, law enforcement, or any public service, there is no confusion the horrific impact the prison has made on our community. As Springfield has redundant, bountiful benefits for low lifes, hundreds of welfare dependent families have moved here to be near their incarcerated bread winner. (Most often a heroine dealer or thief.) Additionally, hundreds more set up camp here upon release. The prison has been a curse beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Oh, the staff turn over there paints a pretty foul picture of career employment.

    2. I live on a very nice planet! As a person who retired from The Department of Corrections after 25 years and who worked at the Southern State Correctional facility since opening day, I can assure you "hundreds of welfare dependent families" have NOT moved here nor have "hundreds have set up camp here". Know your facts. The only people allowed to move into Springfield after release are ones WHO ALREADY LIVED HERE prior to incarceration. That was the deal the town made when the prison was built. Also, families did NOT move here to be near their "incarcerated bread winners" as inmates are moved around from prison to prison for various reasons so just because someone is incarcerated in Springfield doesn't guarantee they stay here. Call the superintendent to get the numbers, go to one of the town forums, talk to the Police Chief..... they will tell you your facts are incorrect. As far as staff turn over, yes it may be high but this type of job isn't for everyone and many don't find out until they are actually immersed in their day to day work.

    3. You must live on the planet of Fantasia, where the figures always lie and the liars always figure. The jig is up for the deniers of reality. The prison IS a huge liability and detriment to the town. It DOES attract the worst elements of society. It IS an impediment to Springfield's future. I think at least one member of the community players should receive a standing ovation for having the courage to tell it like it is!

    4. As a person who retired from The Department of Corrections after 25 years and who worked at the Southern State Correctional facility since opening day...

      Dude, you are too close to the problem to be objective.

  3. chuck gregory8/7/17, 8:19 AM

    To our detriment, we are going to let the existence of the prison distract us from one of the basic problems of every American community-- the loss of industry to cowboy capitalists. As any former shop worker will tell you, a Chief Financial Officer is not qualified to be an industrialist-- yet that's one of the cowboys who destroyed Precision Valley.

    So, stop kvetching about the impurity of our economic fallback position-- the prison-- and start thinking about protecting our other businesses from rapacious takeovers. Had the laws been in place, we could have kept Precision Valley-- but we didn't think Wall Street might view as as lambs for the slaughter.

    It would also help us to make decisions if we knew the relative sizes of payrolls here in town (but apparently it is not public information). Right now the biggest employer in town is not the prison, but Black River Produce. However, how much of a hit will it be when it gets sold again? In terms of economic impact, it matters less to lose 300 $10/hr. jobs than to lose 150 $30/hr. jobs-- and without knowing how badly the next Wall Street raid might be, we're just setting ourselves up to date the rapist.


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