Monday, November 6, 2017

Group wants to expand religious drug treatment options in Vermont

Springfield resident Matt Dunn has struggled with addiction for more than half his life and never sought treatment until this year.


  1. As one who has been clean and sober for 26 years, and who was once a counselor at one of the top treatment centers in America, I have considerable experience with recovery. I've heard of Teen Challenge; one of my friend's daughters went to it in the 80's. She thought it too religious, too controlling, etc. Seemed to be a more Christian fundamentalist version of AA. These programs are, in reality, a rather crude form of thought process modification, akin to brainwashing. (AA is considered a benign cult) They DO work for some people, but for others, the results can be devastating. I once sat at a meeting where a man proclaimed how much the "program" had done for him, and then went home and committed suicide. I would scrutinize Teen Challenge VERY CLOSELY before letting them operate in Vermont.

  2. I've been thru teen challenge, and make no mistake about it, it is a CULT. I'm not sure what is worse, a life of vice and addiction, or a life of delusional bliss.

  3. chuck gregory11/7/17, 2:25 PM

    Privatization is everything! Set up a program that ostensibly provides a public benefit (e.g. charter school, mental health services, low-income housing) and apply for the public money meant to encourage public betterment, then avoid the regulation that used to come with it. If or when regulation is threatened, claim bankruptcy and disappear with the money. If I find out anything about Teen Challenge, I'll pst the link(s).

    1. Ah, the public-private partnerships, the greatest scam in America today! They are the reason this town never seems to turn it around. There are far too many people making far too much money off of the poor, the addicted, the criminals, etc. The irony is that if they were ever successful, they would go out of business. They ALL have a vested interest in the continuation of the problems they claim to be eliminating!

  4. Don't drink the kool-aid.

  5. chuck gregory11/7/17, 6:13 PM

    Wikipedia has an entry on Teen Challenge.

    All Wikipedia articles are open to further editing, so each one of them has two tabs in the upper left corner of the text, next to that globe graphic, "article" and "talk."

    It appears that the original article was a PR release, with no citations. I've linked to the "talk" section FYI, and you can go to the article by clicking on its link.

    The fact that the state of Texas thought TC should be required to employ licensed counselors, a recommendation shot down by then-governor W, says a lot about the quality of their operation back then. Maybe it's different now.


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