Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Historical floods program

The Springfield Art and Historical Society will present “The Flood of 1927 and its Three Predecessors: 1869, 1883 and 1884,” at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19. at its facility on 65 Route 106 in North Springfield.



  1. But we were told extreme weather is a modern, man-made event, and it's killing the polar bears! Surely these liberals haven't resorted to sensationalism and fear mongering to promote a politic agenda? Heck just look at Shumlin's butt boy McCormack cringing in hopes this nonsense never gets published.

  2. The Machinist -- if you were really listening, you'd know that you are NOT being told that extreme weather is a modern, man-made event. Scientists fully acknowledge that extreme weather events have happened throughout history. However, climate change appears to be happening at an increased rate (based on historical referencing) due to some human activities. One problem I have with both conservatives and liberals is the tendency to over-simplify the facts to support their own slogans and agendas. As always, situations are far more complex than any political agent wants to full admit.

  3. chuck gregory8/9/17, 4:31 PM

    If you'd like, I can again look up the record of frequency of major storms. I assure you, globally it's about ten times higher than it was a century ago. One of the things global warming has already caused in Vermont is an increase in annual rainfall.

    Besides an increase in the severity of storms, another of the predictions of global warming's effects is an increase in their number. Vermont's annual precipitation has risen in the last couple of decades from 42 to 54 inches-- an increase of 28%, no small amount.

    The Grand List for Springfield at this time values properties in the areas affected by the flood to '27 at about $84,000,000. In today's dollars, that flood caused $6.7 million (in '27 dollars, it was $500,000). Does anybody know what the Grand List was for those areas in 1927? I would imagine it wasn't more than about $2 million, which means if the flood control dam failed, we could face losses around $20 million.

    Of course those socialists in government had to waste our tax dollars building that dam, so we should vote their kind out of office!

  4. You have to be careful when saying annual rainfall has risen because we only have about 100 years of good data regarding precipitation events. Therefore, statistically, we are still getting a handle on what actual rainfalls are. You can do stuff with paleo floods, but you'll note that the floods preceeding the 1927 flood pre-date our consistently acquired data. There may be anecdotal information available, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt.


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