Friday, September 8, 2017

A tale of 2 states: Panel talks living wage in Vermont

The Vermont Democratic Party, chaired by Faisal Gill, held a forum on livable wages, and how to achieve them, at the Springfield Town Library on Thursday evening.    


  1. A misguided lecture in how not to attract businesses to your area that would employ many people with many of them receiving wages far above the forced $15 per hour idiotic goal.

  2. chuck gregory9/9/17, 7:42 AM

    Some of the audience received a Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    chart of livable wage requirements in Windsor County and a graph of income distribution among Springfield households. Forty-three percent of households in Springfield don't make a livable wage

  3. Livable is relative to ones expenditures so this argument is mute.

  4. chuck gregory9/9/17, 6:38 PM

    No, it's based on averages. Some people for example do not own a car, while others own three cars. But on average a person owns one (or 1.2) cars, and it will cost thus-and-so-much to own that car (and .2). So, on average, the livable wage in Vermont is a sum certain for a household of a certain size.

  5. Gee I wonder why people are fleeing the state in droves. Who would want to do business in a place like Vermont??

  6. chuck gregory9/13/17, 7:26 PM

    People are not fleeing the state in droves. As a matter of fact, I heard the actual outflow is balanced by an equal influx.

    1. RE: "I heard.....blah, blah, blah, blah"

      In the past 10 years, 2/3 of Springfield's residents have put their homes up for sale. Rarely does a Springfield, college graduate return. The demographic has starkly deteriorated from a prosperous, middle class, blue collar community, to multi unit, low income rental properties inhabited by welfare mothers, disability scammers, dropouts and addicts. No one relocates here for an upward, career move. No one.

    2. chuck gregory9/14/17, 7:00 AM

      Well, what can you expect when Springfield's capital base gets raped by cowboy capitalism? Granted that nobody at the time had an idea of how to protect us against it, but now that we've seen how it's done, we can protect ourselves against a repeat, if we want to.

      Rather than gripe and moan about a sorry state of affairs, let's decide to step up to the plate and protect and empower Springfield's businesses and workers.


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