Friday, March 25, 2016

Downtown television could be possible

Getting the word out about positive activities in town may be coming to a TV screen in downtown Springfield.    


  1. RE: Thompson said it was possible the town could get a grant to pay for the costs.

    Does nothing happen here without wasted, taxpayer dollars? Stephanie, if the video monitor is such a great idea, why don't you and the Rev. sponsor a fundraiser and solicit donations? By the way Stephanie, any kid in Vermont that says there's nothing to do is the lazy product of lousy parents. Here's some hints sweetheart;
    Get a job.
    mow lawns
    shovel walkways
    town pool
    skateboard park
    join a band
    library, read a damn book
    School sports/athletics
    boxing club
    after school activities
    jr rifle team
    church youth groups (A moral compass is a good thing.)
    volunteering/community service
    ride a bike
    go hiking locally
    roll pumpkins
    hunt vampires
    Learn to make your own fireworks, and blow stuff up.
    learn to ski
    best astronomy club most anywhere
    best fishing in Southern VT

    Now do you really need a foolish monitor to steer kids where generations before seamed to manage just fine without?

    1. The suggestion at the meeting was to seek grant funds. It was not for the Town to fund it. This quote was misworded. Funding would need to be secured and would NOT involve tax-payer dollars.

    2. @2:27 Where pray tell do you think grant monies come from?

  2. Keeler and Stephanie Thompson, one of the leaders of Project ACTION, said that there are the perennial complaints that “there is nothing for the kids to do,” and the public electronic bulletin board could be one way to address that.

    When I was a kid and I told my parents that there was nothing to do my parents instantly found something for me to do. it usually involved something called WORK like mowing the lawn, cleaning my room or helping with the dishes. It didn't take me long to figure that complaining about "nothing to do" was probably not a good idea.

    In today's world children and likewise the parents are too busy to talk and do things because they are constantly on their phones, texting and playing games. It is not the role of a parent nor the community to constantly provide entertainment for the phone zombies. Take the phones away and have the kids join an athletic team or some other worthwhile endeavor. If the kid is old enough and does not want to do so then tell him to get a JOB. That's what we did and the kids turned out just fine. Grow up and become a real parent.

  3. Questions:
    1) will we be able to play games on this monitor?
    2) has a consultant been considered to do a feasibility study?
    3) did you know that you can go to Walmart and get the hardware for under 400 dollars?
    4) did you know that many of us really old people made use of sticks and stones for entertainment?
    5) have you considered having the monitor laying on the side walk facing up so we can stand around it and text?

  4. Isn't there SAPA tv, newspapers and that sign down by the PD to let people know what is happening in town? Why is this being talked about on taxpayer time? Don't most people have tv or computers in the house or in hand to be kept aware of happenings? TEXT and TWEET? Isn't a public tv kind of an antiquated idea? Kind of backwards and dumb.

  5. I imagine, that all the people these usual snarky posters hope to insult, either 1.) do not read this site, or 2.) chuckle at them. Perpetual and predictable whining. Each and every post - it's unending and no one gives a flying crap what any of you think.

    1. Your right 8:44, meet you downtown to watch TV.

  6. chuck gregory3/28/16, 7:14 AM

    Consider the effects on kids of our media environment. When they are being exposed to 3,500 daily references to commercial products, it's going to be very difficult to get them attuned to some behavior other than buying something they hope will make them happy. Until businesses find out they can make a lot of money flooding them with advertisements that urge them to live productively and actively, they're not going to shift gears, and neither are we.

  7. Billy says to Sally: " Lets go downtown and watch the TV monitor tell us what we can do tonight"!
    Sally says to Billy: "Good idea Billy, what would we do without the downtown TV monitor".
    Springfield just keeps getting more rediculous by the minute.

  8. James Wormstead3/28/16, 9:37 AM

    Once in a great while Project Action does in fact act, we may think that having a TV monitor downtown listing activities is a pretty lame idea, but we should be ecstatic that they have actually proposed doing something.

  9. What did families do before smart phones and computers? It was not that long ago. Most families ate dinner around a table (wood thing with top and chairs for eating food at) not sitting in front of a TV or staring into a cell phone. Dad and mom read the paper (thin stuff with ink text, sometimes in color.) Events for all could be found amongst the pages. Fortunately these news papers still exist. Dad and mom would discuss these activities the kids. But things are different today....

  10. I would add:
    Green-ups and Clean-ups - we have the tremendously wonderful Steve Aikenhead and Kelly Stettner to thank!

    I'd also like to point out that Claremont is fundraising for a Makerspace - something I'd really really like to see on our side of the river. Believe that RVTC was looking into it. Much better use of taxpayer/grant monies than another freaking screen.


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