Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Projected school tax break shrinks almost in half

Residents who were anticipating a 6-cent decrease in the school portion of their property tax bill will likely have to settle for about half that amount.    


  1. chuck gregory4/6/16, 11:05 AM

    It is really sad that we would brag about saving 6% by laying off 34 school staff. What dynamic drives us to believe that the way to improve Springfield education is to produce near-ignoramuses?

    It doesn't have to be like this. One of the best-- if not the very best-- educational systems in the world is in Norway, which used to have a system no better than ours.

    In a movie that's playing in town right now-- "Where to Invade Next," a visit to that country shows that their high school students are bi- and tri-lingual, the system rejects the idea of teaching to standardized exams, and the children spend only 3 to 4 hours a day in school-- yet they are probably the best-educated children in the world. Their minister of education reveals their dirty little secret (which I leave for you to find out).

    For only $2,000 more than we spend on our special ed population, there is a school system in Chicago which produces graduates who will readily be accepted by any US university. Why don't we turn our school district into a magnet for families who want a good education? Why do we have this pinched and niggqardly attitude toward what is supposed to be a fundamental investment in the future of our families and our town?

    1. It's called Unions. They are ruining education.

    2. Chuck, we can now brag about laying off 34 and getting a three percent savings.

    3. Hey Chuck,, attend a School Board meeting would ya..

  2. A country that turned out people that don't know the difference between cents and percent has no chance of educating the children. It's evident the adults aren't educated in this country considering the supposed cream of the crop is running everything and the economy, schools and society is a total mess. The delusional people in charge believe they went to good schools back in the good old days before the unions had much power.

    My WW2 Generation parents went to bad schools, baby boomers went to bad schools. The schools where designed 100 years ago by the robber barons to keep the working class down. It worked real well considering how many people actually believe their child goes to a good school and how many people believe in a worthless school system that is screwing them.

    Suckers believe they are educated if they mastered trivia about grammar and spelling that was made up by the robber barons to pretend it was education.

    Look Biff & Muffy got A's in English class so think they are educated but don't know the difference between cents and percent.

    1. Cents and percent are the same thing, Einstien.

    2. Ummm, you misspelled Einstein. That kinda detracts from that little barb of yours. Oh well, just proving Forrest Gump correct I suppose.

  3. House forsale
    25 cents off
    25 percent off
    it's the same thing ?
    The schools might as well be closed down.

  4. Chuck, please put all your money where your mouth is and donate it all to the school system so happiness can reign supreme by using it to hire as many people as possible - whether they're needed or not. Before you deplore how sad it is that others desire to curb wasteful spending, please take the lead in irresponsible behavior and waste your money first!

    We know you won't, because you're a good socialist who advocates the spending of other's money before their own.

    1. chuck greogry4/11/16, 8:31 AM

      12:59: Warren Buffet (I trust you know who he is) has challenged all of America's other billionaires to donate half of their wealth (as he has) to charitable purposes. Guess how many of the 4,000 have taken him up? Last number I heard was FOUR.

      Clearly, there is a systemic problem affecting how we value education. I could put about half my annual income toward the school system without affecting my lifestyle, but it wouldn't change the system. We need to change the system. If you understood the inequity of the tax system, you'd change your mind about funding schools.

      I would recommend you take up the offer of the late Rod Toulinen, formerly Riverside principal, and teach their for a day. It will open your eyes.


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