Friday, June 23, 2017

State charges VT slaughterhouse with violating law

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture has charged a North Springfield slaughterhouse with six counts of violating the state's humane slaughter laws and will impose a $1,500 administrative penalty.    


  1. One of the few successful industries near Springfield that isn't built on solely stripping money from the tax payers. No wonder the state officials and the screaming looney left are trying to destroy this business and its employment base. Having a successful business is a bad example that must be destroyed to further existence of the dole industries that are thriving in the state and Springfield.

    1. Any business that makes money from the enslavement, exploitation, abuse and murder of sentient beings deserves to be destroyed and far worse. We are living in modern times now and there is absolutely no excuse for this behavior.. If a business were exploiting,, enslaving, abusing and murdering you – I don't think you'd be complaining about the destruction of that business nor of it's "employment base ". In fact you'd be grateful for that "loony left" for going after them wouldn't you.

    2. Its your choice whether to be a carnivore or not. Throughout history most of the human race has been. Its not your choice to prevent other humans from being carnivores. Stop trying to enforce your chosen lifestyle on the rest of us by nonsensical harassment and frivolous lawsuits. You have made me so mad that I am going to eat two steaks tonight instead of one. That's right, two dead cow steaks and I am going to enjoy them. After that I am going to kill a chicken for dinner's tomorrow. Try joining the human race instead of trying to reinvent it for your misguided whimsical ideals.

    3. Philip Caron6/27/17, 12:25 PM

      Careful about citing the history of the human race. Throughout history humans have basically been fearful, grasping, violent monkeys. Not a great standard to follow. You'd think with our gift of brains we could rise above our dead-end instincts, but history keeps repeating.

  2. This isn't about eating or not eating meat. It is about HUMANE treatment of animals. Why would anyone be against HUMANE treatment of animals especially those who bring their animals to be killed! I am glad to see this slaughterhouse being investigated and hopefully proper HUMANE measures will be followed in the future.


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